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  1. Hello all,

    In the middle of school and everything else going on in my life the mood hit to try this story again. I am more then willing to work with my partner and include the things that they like. Posting length I do ask for a couple paras that have a good deal of meat to them. Below are the two story lines I am looking for and I do hope to hear from you.

    Story line #1:

    When he became King it was also the day through the arrangement of his late mother that he married Lady Camilla a woman whom he had never set eyes on. Their marriage to say the least was loveless and they remained close to strangers. He would set out to explore when he could and Camilla would remain looking after the young prince. When he left on another trip it was just another trip. Another loveless kiss on the docks and another night for his queen wondering how they could continue like this. When he returned though everything changed...for the worse. True they had never been close but she had seen him to be a truly devoted king and brother. Now though it seemed something plagued him making his temper short and his devotion to his people questionable. More then once she had been on the wrong end of his verbal lashings as she privately questioned what he was doing. Through it she tried her best to smile and put on the air that everything was fine between them even as they grew further apart. Then came the revolution and his trial. All the lands gathered calling his blood only one stood by his side asking for his life to be spared much to everyone's and his surprise. It made sense to her. After all a queen always protects the king. With his life spared came an even harder question. What to do with the vow that lay between them. After so much had pass and so much time had went by could they possibly find love between them now?

    Story line #2:

    ((The main bulk of it is close to the first one but he was far more abusive and there is a part when the queen at the start of her co-rule is allowed to choice two who should they be needed would serve as personal protectors. Kinda like the Queens knights)) She hadn't went to the trial that all of the lands had gathered to see. She didn't want to see him again. It was only when she heard the guns firing and the cheering of the people that she knew he was dead and she was widow. The late queen. To be honest she couldn't say that her heart was broken. He had broken her down to the point she wasn't sure if she could smile again. Through their years together she had to be perfect to keep him from unleashing his anger once more. Small, delicate, unexpressed, every bit the lady a Queen should be. She had lived this life so long it wasn't one she could give up now. Her mind conditioned to what he had instilled in her. The only times she had cried was the death of the men she had seen as her fathers. Now her only other knight had returned to the army as she was left in a castle that only held painful memories. That was until the newly crowned king asked her if she would go to one of their colonies and compete against another in finding a way to help the colonies economy.

    He might had been known as a ladies man and much of it was true. Though the moment he laid eyes on the newly crowed queen he knew he was hers. When he along with his commander where named the queens knights it was one of the few times he was happy to have joined the army. When general and the Prince had come asking for their help they had been reluctant until they told them the queens life may lay in the balance and that was all he needed to know. The day his commander was murdered was the day she came into his life again rescued from the castle and hidden in rebellions hideout. Where once had been a beautiful vibrant woman there was broken figure bearing a gun shot to her shoulder. One last goodbye from her husband. When the rebellion was over he wanted to stay by her side but there was still the lingering traces of the the former kings men that needed to be cleaned up. When the King had sent for him to go to one of their colonies as the former queen was there and the target of repeated attacks he knew two things. One: Nothing was going to keep him from her and Two: He would never let her out of his life again.
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