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  1. I'm looking for someone to play around with the Male Cousland x Alistair pairing, a guilty pleasure of mine. Now, I have a basic plot for this, and I would like someone with both the ability to write a couple or more paragraphs of good content per post and with the love for the pairing and want to chat that I have. I'm super interested in this, and would be more than willing to try it with a few different people, so if you see someone already posted, don't despair please! If the Partner Request icon is not Filled instead, this is still open!

    My plot is as such: Alistair was given to the Couslands instead of Eamon and grew with the two heirs of the Tiernir. Becoming close friend with Male Cousland, the two grew even closer when a coup by Arl Howe left them with no one but themselves and a few companies of soldiers worth of men standing. As Duncan wasn't present at that time, the two young men were forced to fight, and miraculously managed to prevent the treacherous Howe from overtaking Highever.

    A few days later the death of the King and the disappearance of Fergus reaches them, and grief stricken, they start to plan a revolution, intending to place Alistair as the new king and keep the throne away from the suspiciously unharmed Loghain. As the plot thicken, the sordid plot of the MacTir and the Howes will come to light... and a lot of Coulistair will happens.

    Please do tell me of any kink or limits you want to put on this thing, should you want to take it on with me, and know that I am up for either roles.
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  2. For this would you be interested in playing M Cousland or Alistair? Just asking because I'm quite interested, but I'm also thinking I would be colossal poop at playing Alistair. I'd be willing to try, though, if you were wanting to play Cousland!
  3. I'm good with either, so Alistair I could certainly try my hand on!

    I shall PM you to plot, a moment!
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