male characters needed for demon, and teacher roleplays

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  1. Okay so I have been wanting to do a good Demon x human rp for a really long time but I can't get anyone that can stick too it. Same with teacher x student, I want someone who isn't afraid to get dirty, and can play the male fairly well. I would like at least one reply a day and no less then a paragraph. I have some plots in mind for both. We can discuss through pm so let me know if you are interested ^-^
  2. I'm interested but I'll have to work out the details tomorrow
  3. I would like to do the teacher x student.
  4. cool :0 shoot me a pm or we can talk about it here whichever works
  5. What type do you primarily role play Mxm, Mxf, Fxm, Fxf.
  6. Mxf and fxm even though I'm pretty sure they are the same haha. I will try other things but you would have to bear with me if we did.