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  1. So lately I have wanted to challenge myself more and play as a male character. There is a particular male character that I have been wanting to play as and he is quite handsome, rugged and dare I say... completely and utterly ripped! Attractive as all hell if you ask me... But yes, I feel like I would like to try that out now for awhile because I already have so many good roleplays going where I am my actual gender. So, why not give it a chance?

    I have actually borrowed this picture from one of my partners believe it or not. This man is beautiful and I am jealous that they got to play him with me so I would like to start a story with someone else, obviously not the same one, but a story where I get to play him as a character as well.

    I really do not have any ideas on what that plot or story may be so if anyone has any ideas then I would love to hear from you whether it be here or PM. This can be MxF or MxM I have no preference at the moment.

    Here he is in all his glory.

    Character! (open)

    Please enjoy him and if you are interested I am sure we could even base something off this picture and make it work out fabulously. Thanks to all who read this!
  2. Can this be an M/M? I want to play with him? :D
    How about we play Pillars of Eternity?
  3. I'm also very interested in this! That guy is fine! I generally prefer to play female characters for my main character though, so would a MxF pairing work for you? I'm thinking plot could be something along the lines of a wealthy (adopted) daughter of a large estate. Where your character could become a live in grounds keeper or even body guard/private servant to the lady. I'm not really too sure. I just saw the picture and thought that he looked like someone I wanted to play with. :)
  4. Yes of course it can be! Especially because you have a picture of Dean Winchester as your avatar and I am in love with Jensen Ackles. Please feel free to PM me at your soonest convenience and we can chat about it.
  5. Yes ma'am! Just PM me with your idea and we can figure something out there.
  6. That is a GREAT picture, I have to admit. No wonder you want to play him. I would be tempted to play opposite, but you seem to already have takers. ;P Have fun!
  7. you can message me and we can work something out!
  8. I perhaps have an idea for a MxM idea if you would be interested,​
  9. If your still looking I would love to do an rp with you and him! Even have an idea of sorts. :)
  10. If your still looking I would love to do an rp with you and him! Even have an idea of sorts. :)
  11. Message me. :)
  12. Feel free to message me about it.
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