Male Brother Jazz.

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  1. My character will be the Some-what shy and very cautious person, whilst your character will be.. Ya know, maybe a bit shy, yet very nice and sometimes very talk-a-tive, also rather.. Dominant and possessive.

    I would like for this to be a Werewolf brother stuff.

    Somehow they're both mates, and once they find out they don't know what to do so one brother (( Me )) decides to just.. Leave the house, stating that he's going to stay at a friends house until he figures what to do about this. Whilst during the time he stays at his friends Your Character just can't stand being so far away from my Character. So finally they both just accept that they're mates. But during all that time, they both have a ton of problems and a bunch of drama.

    So, yeah. ^^' I hope someone joins!.​
  2. I'm very interested.