Male and Female Help Me I Got Yoai and Cookies For the Girls And Just Cookies For Males

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  1. so Yeah i need someone to roleplay with ASAP because I'm bored everyday at home alone.

    times I'm on Eastern Time 8, 9, Or 10 am in the morning just when I feel like ti and leave around 4, or 5 pm so yeah not every long on the computer! evil mother...... but I do go on my Kobo but I will not awnser queckly as i do when I'm on my computer

    anyways my 3 rules:

    1. mind that if I go on my kobo My spelling will be sh*t!

    2. mind my grammer/ I try ok just give me credit for that ok thank you!

    3. Have fun give me a plot twist once in a while with out me knowing. I love a plot twist! it puts me on the eage of my set sometimes if it really shocks me. and it takes a lot to do that! (New Quest Found)

    Ok so lets go:

    we think of plots

    I also like Highschool type of things so yeah

    Humanx Human

    For any girls that read this

    Yoai X yoai i will do this but I must tell you I'm on the bottom
  2. mmm nice... interested
  3. realy for what?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.