Malachai reborn

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  1. Many years had passed since Malachai had walked the Earth, his soul had slept in the darkness, oblivious of time or space. He last 'lived' five hundred years before, where he had ruled a land of peasants and serfs, no-one challenged him, no-one dare cross him.
    Malachai was a hybrid vampyre, half human, half vampyre, this combination had it's 'perks,' it gave Malachai the power of being able to walk in the daylight, although saying that he couldn't stand direct sunlight for too long, maybe half hour at the most, but he could walk in the shade. He was very tall, with black hair and a muscular body, his eyes were a very pale blue, almost translucent.

    Malachai's body was hidden in a secret chamber of an old, now derelict, mansion. A man, whose family had served Malachai in the years when he had lived, found an old book in a chest his had left after his death, it had details of where Malachai was hidden and how to awaken him. The man, his name was Jacob, decided it would be 'fun' to find the dreaded Malachai and raise him from the sleep that encumbered him.
  2. Darla ran into the mansion unknown of the secrets hidden in the walls and rooms. She was lost and it was pouring rain outside. Her gblack dress drenched amd her hair now flat and soaked.(Is this ok?)
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    Jabob had read the book over and over again, remembering every word, towards the end of the book there was mention of a key, "a key!" he exclaimed, "where's the key?" he rifled through some old clothes, throwing them upon the slated floor, when something metallic hit the floor, Jacob turned and looked at the floor, there in front of him lay a circular piece of old iron with four square holes punched into it.

    Picking it up, he held it up to the light and engraved on it words in Latin Jacob had learnt Latin in the church, the words said, "Is quisnam uses is caveo," Jacob translated "He who uses this beware," Jabob shuddered as a cold wind blew the front door of his little house open. Jacob looked at the key again and said, "all I need now is a pint of blood."
  4. Darla walks around. "Hello?! Anyone here?! I got lost and it's pouring rain! I can't go back out there because I heard a strom was coming here soon!"
  5. Jacob went outside to the chicken run, taking a chicken and his axe he decapitated the bird collecting the blood in a jar, he soon realized he would need at least another two birds, doing the deed he soon had enough blood to take with him to the mansion. Rain was soaking his clothes as he walked along a dark and muddy track, the moon was hidden from view by the clouds, but the wind blew the branches and the rustling of the leaves were deafening. Rain was streaming down, making small streams in the mud, lightning flashed making weird shadows from the trees, lightning flashed again, followed by a loud rumble of thunder, Jacob instinctively ducked, he hated thunder ever since he was a little kid.

    He walked for what seemed like hours, traipsing through the mud and water, his feet felt so heavy from the clogged mud on his boots but as he was thinking about turning back a vicious flash of lightning hit a tree behind him making it fall in flames, the raindrops hissed as they mixed with the flames.

    Now all Jacob could do was go forward and as he turned another flash of lightning lit the derelict mansion against the night sky, Jacob started to shake, was it fear? Was is the cold wet clothes that clung to his body? Or was it the fact of what he had in his mind? He was ready to raise a vampyre from his sleep.
  6. Darla now knows that no one probably lives here so she sits at the main enterance of the mansion. Hoping that also someone else who stumbles by lost comes in. That chance though is extremly thin. She hear the thunder and screams afraid.
  7. Jacob approached the massive ruin, the lightning flashed again and again, the thunder crashed around the deep valley, never before had Jacob heard such a storm, it was like someone up there was telling him to turn around and go back to the village. Jacob walked slowly, trembling, closer towards the mansion, his fingers closed around the key in his pocket, it felt like it had the lightning was going through it, Jacob shook, as he reached the front of the mansion, he turned away to go back to the village, Jacob heard a woman's voice ........
  8. Darla looks at the door. "Hello? Is anyone out there?"
  9. Jacob looked at the huge doors and saw a petite girl standing, she was bedraggled and soaking wet, "what are you doing here?" he asked, as another flash of lightning shot across the sky, "do you know you're in danger around this place?"
  10. Darla looks over to Jacob. "I got lost and ended up here. I didn't know it was dangerous but I can't go backout there in the rain."
  11. Julian ran faster through the rain every time either the lightning blindingly flashed in front of them, or the thunder momentarily deafened them. Pulling his younger twin sister, Claire, alongside him had become his second job aside from taking care of her. They had left earlier that morning in hopes of getting to the nearby village before nightfall but had failed when Claire had insisted on chasing a farmers flock of chickens and sprained her ankle. Now they were just trying to get there before they were struck by lightning. "Juliaaaaan!" she called out, pulling on his sleeve with her free hand. "Let's just stop for now... just for a short while..." He bit his bottom lip and glanced down at her noticable limp. "Very well," he conceded, nodding up ahead at a brick structure that they could rest at.
  12. "Better get inside then," Jacob said to the girl, "I'm Jacob," he walked forward and turned the big iron, circular handle, surprisingly the handle gave way, Jacob pushed the huge oak door, it creaked, then started to move, Jacob pushed hard and the door opened.
    Looking inside Jacob could see the remnants of a beautiful hallway, a huge stairway, carved in wood led to higher floors, it looked as if no-one had been there for many years. Slowly walking inside, Jacob was ready to run at the slightest sound, his heart was thumping against his chest, he looked round and the girl stood in the doorway, suddenly several pigeons flew up towards an opening in the roof, Jacob jumped at the sound and almost let out a yell, but stopped himself, he didn't want to look like he was scared in front of the girl.
  13. Darla follows close behind him. "Why are you her if this place is so dangerous?"
  14. Jacob had to think quick and blurted out, "I look after the place, a kind of caretaker," even Jacob thought that was a good answer as he lowered his bag carrying the blood to the ground, clink, the sound came from the bag, the girl looked at the bag. "Anyway, what's yer name?" he asked, getting her attention again. he walked to one of the rooms, it had a fireplace and was it was dry, the girl followed, he soon had a fire going with some old wooden furniture which he broke up, he started to strip off his wet clothes.
  15. Darla blushes. "I'm Darla. I work as a paranormal investigator. I was heading across town for a haunted family. I got extremly lost."
  16. Kate dashed through the rain. The thunder and lightning crashed, making her even more worried. 'This storm isn't right. It just isn't.' Her mind started to wonder from watching where she was going and she tripped over something and fell flat on her face. *Thunk* She rolled over and felt her arms and face. Lightning flashed and she saw the blood. 'Aww, nice going idiot.' She got back up and shook herself. 'Find a place to stay overnight, then return to home in the morning.' She nodded at the thought, then continued, this time at a fast walk, trying to hide the pain from her face. She noticed a building up ahead. The chimney letting out smoke. "Hello?!?" She called into the darkness. She started off the road and stubbed her toe on the sidewalk. 'I sear, you're an idiot!' She climbed up the stairs and stared at the front door, wondering if she should knock. 'Let's do this.' She had a bad feeling telling her to go back, but she didn't. *knock knock.* "Hello? Is anyone in there?" She called.
  17. "Hi Darla" Jacob said as his clothes steamed in front of the fire, "You might wanna not investigate here," he looked at the fire and gave it a few prods with a poker, "this place has an evil you could never imagine," a knock at the door and a girl's voice interrupted Jacob.
  18. Kate looked back over her shoulder, trying to spot something, anything. Nothing. She knocked again. "Hello?" This time, her arm hurt like crazy. It burned, unlike anything she'd ever felt before. 'I must have gotten something in the cut, or maybe it's the rain...' She thought to herself.
  19. She sat on the porch, deciding no one was home, but not daring to go back in the rain.
  20. Darla looks at him weird. "Now I'm curious what it is."