Making the Cut: A Murder Mystery Psycho Thriller (OOC)

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    Welcome to Making the Cut, a game about desperation, distrust, and discovering just how far you're willing to go.

    Your Masterminds for the experience are Ozzie and Vay. Heavily inspired by several psychological, violent horror movies and games including Saw, Battle Royale, and Dangan Ronpa, this game will be twofold murder mystery and suspense thriller. It is not for the faint of heart. There will be gore, there will be traumatic scenarios, and we cannot guarantee that triggers won't be touched on. The only thing we can guarantee with absolute certainty is that characters will die.

    If you can't handle any of this, get out now.

    Allow me to explain the premise for those of you still reading!

    S.L. Morgenstern Academy is known nation-wide as the Ivy League of high school education. Acceptance for enrollment is highly competitive, and a diploma bearing the school's name is a guarantee into the university of your choice. This year, a special scholarship was granted to a certain amount of students across the country, and you are one of the lucky winners. Each candidate was chosen for some special talent that made them stand out among their peers, be it in academics, athletics, the arts, or even social influence.

    You arrived for Orientation with your luggage in hand, not knowing that someone was waiting for you. Planning. Laying a trap.

    If you thought you knew a thing or two about how competitive high school students can be, you were dead wrong.

    Further information coming soon! In the meantime, here are some starting rules.

    -One of the most important facets of this game is that all characters can be considered unreliable narrators. This means that even if you write out what your character is thinking or feeling, it can't necessarily be taken as truthful. You can lie. You are encouraged to lie. The only rule is that all accurate information must be disclosed to the GMs. (Note: You don't have to tell us every time you lie, hide something, or fudge your narration, as long as you have already privately given us the info that we can use to spot the contradiction in your narrative.) That's right, guys; you can't trust anything you read.

    -As said before, character death in this game is a certainty. Due to this, we allow and encourage each player to play two characters (but no more). That way everyone has two tickets to stay in the game, as well as boosting the number of characters in play. These characters do not have to have any relationship and in fact we prefer otherwise.

    -Try not to overlap talents with other characters. Read all posted sheets to ensure avoiding this issue.

    -Sign-ups will close when we hit our max number of characters. The number of players we allow will depend on how many people double up and how much interest we receive.

    -If your character is killed, they're out of the game. If you only have one character, you're done. You will not be allowed to make a new character at any point after IC starts. If you don't take advantage of the option to make a second character now, you'll get no chances later.

    -We expect some amount of craziness from your character sheets, given you'll all be playing teen prodigies, but anything too ridiculous will get you snarked out of the thread. We especially will not tolerate your character owning twelve katanas or an AK-47, much less trying to bring them to boarding school.

    -We do however really want some level of crazy from your characters. I mean, come on, how hard do we have to foreshadow here?

    Your Character Sheet Skeleton is as follows.


    APPEARANCE: Please include a brief description. Images are optional, but may not substitute for a description.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: What is your character exceptionally good at? Why were they accepted into the program?

    PERSONALITY: What is your character like?
    HISTORY: What has your character's life been like up until now? Feel free to leave out important details or lie as long as you privately inform the GMs.
    PEOPLE: Who are the major influences in your character's life? Family, friends, former teachers, pets? Where are they and what do they mean to you?

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: List everything you've brought with you. If it's not in the list, we don't want to see you with it.

    FONDEST MEMORY: Feel free to actually write this as a scene if you wish.
    PRIZED POSSESSION: This is not necessarily something you have on your person, but it should be a favorite or important item.

    SECRET: DO NOT INCLUDE THIS ANYWHERE IN YOUR SHEET. Give your character one secret that they would do anything to keep hidden. PM this secret to Ozzie and Vay.

    Will you make the cut?



    Shannon Lagorio | Peter Haul | Rosalie Hackett | Ripley Hunter | Gwenyth De Ilene


    Jacob Miner | Rani Cauvery | Gabrielle Barker | Logan Nelson | Maxamilium Cross


    Rockett Mclaurne | Christopher Eirhart | Tamela Rogerson | Alicia Braeburn | Vincent Charles


    Rory Bradlaugh | Katrin Meyer | Harrison Black
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  2. NAME: Shannon Lagorio
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: Junior/16
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: August 6th/Leo

    APPEARANCE: Shannon is America's pretty blond girl-next-door. Her shoulder-length hair has a permed-in wave and is bleached just a shade lighter than her natural honey-blond, and it's never out of place as long as she has access to products and a brush. She always looks immaculate, and she prefers classy, almost professional clothing. You'll never catch her in revealing clothes, or anything overly wild in fashion. Shannon has a winning, confident smile that easily melts hearts, and her slim frame tends to look good in whatever she wears. Her eyes are green, and she wears contacts for her astigmatism rather than glasses. She stands about 5'6".


    PERSONALITY: Shannon is self-assured, charismatic, and quick-witted. She knows just how to break the ice or coax even the staunchest introvert into joining a crowd. She's quick to volunteer or speak up when the situation calls for it, and she has a keen sense of justice. Nothing appeals to Shannon more than standing up for a cause. Some might call her an idealist, but she would simply grin and counter that she's a realist. She wins most arguments she gets into- and she loves a good argument, so she finds them wherever she can- whether through sheer force of will or through thoroughly confounding her opponent, or even through her sheer natural magnetism.
    HISTORY: Shannon was born in Albany to the Lagorio family- in other words, old money and politics. Her father is Congressman Lagorio, and her mother is a distant cousin of the Kennedys'. Due to her financial good fortune, she was sent to the best schools in New York, and there she thrived, easily maintaining one of the highest averages in her class. As early as middle school, she enrolled in AP classes and the TA program, while still being involved in extracurricular activities. Shannon was also a Girl Scout member, and her troop always had the highest sales in the area for all of their charity events. At thirteen, Shannon began volunteering at local soup kitchens and shelters as well, getting involved with a youth activist group and attracting media attention for her connection with a local politician. In middle and high school, Shannon was a member of both the Debate Team and Honor Society, making Honor Society President in her 8th grade year and winning several championships for the Debate Team. She was always part of the popular crowd and attracted plenty of attention from boys, but has only had one boyfriend; she dated fellow Honor Society member Mike Winters in her freshman year of high school. They have since split up, but remain close.
    PEOPLE: Although Shannon has a large group of friends back home in Albany, she is part of a particularly tight-knit small group which includes her former boyfriend Mike Winters as well as their classmates Chelsea Rogers, Gloria Stamos, Chad Dinapoli, and Nick Locatelli. An only child, Shannon had no siblings against which to vie for her parents' affections, and she is the apple of their eye. Ever since she got involved with the youth activist group Kids Hope for Humanity, she was taken under the wing of the group's leader, a man named Marcus Dewitt. She looked up to Marcus as a mentor, and quickly became something of his junior officer among the other members.

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: Two suitcases full of clothing, three pairs of shoes, four pairs of earrings, an electronic hairdryer, an aerosol can of hairspray and another of mousse, a stick of deodorant, a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, a rubber hairbrush, four metal barrette pins, cucumber melon body spray, hand cream, contact lens solution, a spare pair of contact lenses in a case, an eyeglass case containing glasses from an old prescription (just to be safe), a tube of chap-stick, another tube of pale pink lipstick, an eyebrow pencil, a small compact mirror, a green medium-sized velour purse, a slim leather wallet containing cash and credit cards as well as ID, an iPhone, an iPad, nail clippers, a metal emery board, two spiral-bound notebooks, six number 2 pencils and three black pens, a pair of ear bud headphones, a yellow highlighter, a plush husky puppy, and a copy of The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson.

    FONDEST MEMORY: "How would you like to be my protegee, kiddo? I've seen you with the media; they love you. And you really know how to rally the other kids. You could go far, Shannon, and I want to see that happen. You and me. We can make history. What do you say?"
    PRIZED POSSESSION: Her lucky charm bracelet. Shannon never takes it off. It's made of sterling silver, and has seven charms attached: a lizard, a snowflake, a flower, a sun, a dog, a spoon, and a heart.

    NAME: Rosalie Hackett
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/17
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: March 17th/Pisces

    APPEARANCE: The first thing most people notice about Rosalie is her hair. It's dyed bright reddish orange, chin-length and cut straight across, and often hangs in her face when she has her head buried in a book. If you can manage to get a look at her eyes, they prove to be a blue-grey. Tall and willowy at 5'9", she looks a bit like a scarecrow, and her style of fashion tends toward the monochromatic and just a bit goth-y. In contrast, her nails are almost always painted some vibrant color, often red-orange to match her hair. Many of her t-shirts and sweatshirts are emblazoned with literary humor. There's a light dusting of freckles on the bridge of her nose.


    PERSONALITY: Rosalie is sarcastic and even a bit caustic in humor. She's on the quieter side, but she'll cut into a conversation when she has a mind to. Extremely intellectual, she has an extensive vocabulary and always seems to express herself in just the right words... which at times means no words at all, merely the quirk of an eyebrow. Rosalie can be quite blunt, and succinct- especially when it comes to her dislike of a person, place, thing, or event.
    HISTORY: Due to her shyness as a young girl coupled with her advanced intelligence, Rosalie never quite fit in with the other children in school. Much of her childhood in Mississippi was spent being bullied and teased, and soon enough, she learned to fight back with barbed insults and an unwelcoming demeanor. She also lost herself in books, practically living in the library, and was constantly writing in her notebooks even during class. This habit of distraction got her notebook confiscated in fourth grade, and her canny teacher noticed that what the young Rosalie was writing was a short story. He persuaded Rosalie to finish and enter the story in a statewide writing competition, and this earned the budding author first place in her age group and the start of a promising writing career. She went on to win several more contests for both poetry and short stories, and at fifteen, her first novel was published. The book in question, entitled Hope on a Gloomy Summer Sunday, made the list of New York Times Best Sellers and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics for the story of a young girl's battle with terminal disease made manifest within her mind as a struggle against dark forces. Her second novel is currently in the works.
    PEOPLE: Rosalie's mother died when she was very young, and the closest person in her life is her father. They had no one to depend on but each other, with no other living relatives. Rosalie also owns several fish, none of which have names, which she did not bring with her to Morgenstern Academy.

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: A suitcase of clothing, a bottle of red-orange nail polish, a fine-toothed plastic comb, red-orange hair dye, a large black shoulder bag, ID, a single pair of black boots, a pair of scissors, lip gloss, a bottle of ibuprofen, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, foundation, a pack of ten mechanical pencils, an expensive black pen, four hardcover journals, a tin of Moravian spice cookies, a Blackberry, a Toshiba laptop, a slim black leather belt with a silver buckle, a lucky red rabbit's foot key chain, two headbands, and ten or so paperback novels.

    FONDEST MEMORY: "I read your book, Rosalie. It was... really something."

    The words hung like precious gems in the air between them. She could tell that he meant it, even with the slur in his words and the glassy look in his eyes. Although his words were inelegant, the sentiment rang true, and for her... that was enough.

    PRIZED POSSESSION: The original manuscript for Hope on a Gloomy Summer Sunday, written in an expensive red leather journal. It's in her dresser drawer at home.
  3. NAME: Peter Haul, better known under the stage name Cole Harris
    GENDER: Male
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/17
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: January 18th, Aquarius.


    When not dressed Peter looks surprisingly unremarkable despite the dirty blonde hair that he insists in natural and the tattoo on his forearm


    PERSONALITY: On stage he is the band jerk, constantly encouraged by the manager to perform outrageous acts to get the attention of both crowds and the media. Off stage however he is more subdued. There is no doubt he has changed since joining the life of a celebrity, before that he was a prove kind hearted boy trying to prove himself and play with his friends. Now he seldom speaks to the people he used to, and sometimes lashes out at people who don’t deserve it. He wants to return to being the boy he used to be but it’s difficult, life’s pressure change people.
    HISTORY: Peter never excelled in school, scoring poorly in maths, science, and languages. He did however with his mother’s insistence take up the violin under pressure from his father and took to it like a duck to water. Making just good enough grades to scrape through he did however enter into a high school band with his best friend Daniel, who committed suicide a short time after their auditioned together for Death Throws, but only Peter made the audition. His first few months were rough, he was overwhelmed by his ascent to stardom and foundered, but his manager and band mates helped him adjust and fill the role both the manager and marketing department required his to fill.

    PEOPLE: Grant, his father. Sophie Adams, long term girlfriend, now broken up, Daniel Peters, best friend, dead.

    Spare clothes (Jacket, jeans, shirts, socks, school-appropriate shoes.)
    Spare guitar strings. (those jerks never get the right gauge)
    Scrapbooks full of doodles and song chords.

    FONDEST MEMORY: Forming a band with Sophia, Damion, Heris, and Miranda. Five friends getting together and deciding to do something just for the fun of it in the quiet sanctity of Peter's lounge when his parents were out and Sophia had just joined the group after moving to town. It was her idea, she started all of this.

    PRIZED POSSESSION: Picture of the band when it was still together. The old, non-commercial band.

    NAME: Ripley Hunter
    GENDER: Male
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/18
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: 26th September/ Libra.

    APPEARANCE: Dark brown hair and brown eyes, with an easy smile, it's hard to guess that he is as good at extracting information and bridging connections as he is, or thinks he is. He is short for his age but by no means thinly build and in fact his brother, who is above average for his age is around the same height as him, which leads to some people being surprised when they learn the age difference, which is three years.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Journalism.

    PERSONALITY: A busybody to a fault. Everyone has something to hide, the trick is to find someone with something interesting to hide. He’ll ask veiled questions and watch how people react when legalize they’re being stealthily interviewed. Once he smells something he has to get to the bottom of it and will not quit until he has found, written down, and published the truth. Most people dismiss him as being neurotic.

    HISTORY: Ripley’s early life was been anything but a bed of roses. His parents separated when he was young and he spend his childhood living with his mother and younger brother, Damion. Damion was a problem child, always lashing out for non forthcoming attention from their mother and this often left Ripley covering for him whenever he did something wrong which in turn earned him the resentment of Damion and the two drifted apart.
    Ripley’s interest in journalism began when watching a documentary about the lives of wartime photographers and he almost immediately spent everything he had on a camera and Smartphone and joined the student newspaper.
    In under a month he had exposed an honor student of sleeping with her teacher in exchange for higher grades and in a year had uncovered a minor corruption ring in the local municipality and was published in a major newspaper and after that helped find the culprit of a homicide earning himself an interview of live TV three months ago.

    His mother, although she was constantly working she did her best to keep her boys clothed and fed, and Ripley helped where he could.
    His brother, although they drifted apart he cares for his younger brother deeply. Even though, for now, he is happy to be moving away and getting a break.


    Camera (Including charger, spare batteries, spare SD card, lenses, and cleaning cloth.)
    Spare clothes.
    Handheld gaming device.
    Several novels of varying genre.

    FONDEST MEMORY: Damion came to him with a huge problem, and Ripley was able to sit him down and talk to him. Damion had been cut from the tennis team and to the 12 year old this was a devastating blow. Ripley however took him out for icecream the two had a long talk. It was the one moment where he felt the strongest connection to Damion, and more like an older brother than a shield between him and the world.
    PRIZED POSSESSION: His camera, it is his baby, even though he doesn’t actually use it for journalism that much.


  4. NAME: Gwenyth De Ilene
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: Senior; 18
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: 3rd June, Gemini

    At five feet and seven inches in height, she tends to be taller than a lot of girls and it's been that way for most of her life. No one knows whether her hair color is really platinum blonde, but that's about the color it is now and it's always kept tidy and well-groomed but very short. She rarely seemed to do anything special with it, but it's always clean and soft-looking. She is never seen without her eye makeup, which tends to be the only adornment she wears, with no other makeup or jewelry to be found. Even her clothes are fairly simple, generally consisting of a dark buttoned shirt with a collar and a pair of light trousers.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Mathematics

    Outgoing and fun, she's generally warm towards newcomers and makes friends everywhere she goes. She's bold and adventurous, always willing to whisper conspiratorially with the person next to her and she's rarely seen without a smile on her face. She's independent and strong-willed, but always upbeat and positive. She can sometimes be a bit unreliable, but if she skips out on meeting with you, she's probably focused on some project or other and way too focused to answer the phone. She'll apologize profusely later, though!

    The youngest child born to her parents, Gwen was their only daughter with three older brothers who were two, three, and five years older than her respectively. She was constantly entertained by them and had frequent scuffles and fights, both at home and at school. Her brothers were all protective of her and doted on her endlessly as a child, despite their frequent fighting. There was never any real trouble at home, however, since her father and mother both had decent jobs and while not being rich, they got by just fine.

    However, when Gwen was in jr. high school and the other girls started experiencing puberty, Gwen found that she was both scared of it and somehow detached. She didn't feel much like one of the girls and started to realize that she wasn't gossiping about the boys like they were or starting to develop crushes and even date. As time went on, Gwen too went through puberty, but she hated it immensely. She hated her body and the changes, hated people suddenly treating her differently, and wanted them to see her like they did her brothers.

    Refusing to give in to being feminine, Gwen kept her hair cut short and wore often gender ambiguous clothes. She got into fights still when she entered high school and spent most of her freshman year in detention. However, while she was spending all her time fighting and acting up, no one ever realized that when she sat down and devoted her attention to math, she could do some pretty incredible things. In detention her freshman year, Gwen took up reading the math text books and proved a quick understanding and knowledge for the concepts, testing into taking linear algebra for her sophomore year.

    PEOPLE: Gwen's older brothers mean the world to her and she is often writing them letters to them for their various colleges as they spread out around the country. There's also a special place in her heart for the math teacher who lent her the texts and stood up for her to the school, insisting that they allow her to take advanced college courses in mathematics so that she wasn't being held back by what the high school had to offer. The same teacher recommended that she apply for a scholarship to S.L. Morgenstern Academy.

    Handfuls of pens and several pads of papers - a few pages in some filled with mathematic scribblings and ideas.
    Two calculators, a smaller one with fewer buttons and a highly advanced larger one that won't fit into her pocket, and a protractor.
    Spare clothes, all of them looking more or less the same.
    Hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, cologne, and eye makeup.
    A small bag meant to be worn in a similar fashion to a backpack.
    Cell phone and a pair of reading glasses.
    Weathered copy of Fermant's Last Theorum.
    A leather watch whose numbers are expressed with equations of pi.

    "I don't want to wear dresses or kiss boys, I don't even want people to tell me that I'm pretty."

    "You don't have to do anything that you don't want to do, Gwennie. We'll love you no matter who you are. You don't have to change anything, you know that? You just do what you want to do and be who you want to be. I'll miss you while I'm at college, but be good, all right? And don't let the other two fuck anything up."

    PRIZED POSSESSION: The watch was given to Gwen by her father, who was very proud of her for getting a scholarship into the academy. He isn't known for often showing approval or pride, but when he heard she'd gotten in, purchased the watch specially as a present.


    NAME: Rani Cauvery
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: Junior; 16
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: 28th October; Scorpio

    APPEARANCE: Standing five feet and three inches tall, Rani is fairly short but her presence seems to obscure the fact that she's so small and it's oddly easy to forget that. Her long, dark hair is nearly always flowing freely down her shoulders, often hiding her shoulders. Her clothing tends to be light and loose with vibrant colors. She often had jewelry on but very little makeup, if any.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Languages

    Pleasant and a little on the forgetful side, Rani is like a puppy who follows around those people who seem nice to her. She's not known for acting like the sharpest tool in the shed, but she's really just eager to please and willing to go along with just about anything. She loves attention and craves approval and will compliment others just in hopes of getting compliments herself.

    Raised by two very strict parents, Rani has only a younger brother to deflect attention away from herself and because he is a boy, her parents treat him much better than they have treated her. For her, they have always been very demanding, telling her that she is worthless unless she can fulfill all domestic duties and make her eventual husband happy and comfortable.

    However, much to their surprise and distaste, their son ended up being a bit dull-witted and their daughter was something of a genius for languages, fluently speaking both Tamil and English before she was eight years old. After learning these two languages, she found a love for new words and begged the teachers at the school to help her learn new languages. Complying, with some hesitation, one of the teachers taught her Spanish and she absorbed the language like a sponge.

    Throughout her years of junior high and early high school, she learned as many languages as she could come into contact with, astounding foreign language teachers and other students alike. Her parents, however, were never really proud of her and wanted her to take classes like "culinary arts" so that she could learn to be a better wife.

    Currently, Rani boasts a fluency in five languages, working on her sixth. The teacher she was working with at a local community college to learn this sixth language was the one who encouraged her to apply for S.L. Morgenstern. She chose to do it, despite the disapproval of her parents, and has no friends that she would miss from her old school anyway.

    PEOPLE: The teachers who helped Rani learn languages are dear to her and she appreciates the help of every one of them. Her parents are important to her, though they've never been anything but bitterly disappointed in her.

    Notebooks and pencils, for writing mainly.
    Bathroom necessities (her own hair products, tooth care supplies, special bubble baths).
    Lip gloss and three different pairs of earrings.
    Spare clothes and a swimsuit, hoping for a pool or something!
    A little handbag/purse sort of thing with lots of pockets.
    Shoes with a bit of a heel to them.
    Her super special secret diary.
    Vitamins, midol, and tylenol all in a little plastic bag.

    "You know, there's this school that they're talking about where talented kids can go to make the most of their gifts. I think you could go there, Miss Cauvery. I've never seen anyone pick up language like you. I'd be happy to write you a letter of recommendation or whatever you need for it."

    "Does it cost money? I don't think my parents-"

    "There's a scholarship they've been advertising somewhat. I'm sure you could qualify. You're a very bright girl, Rani. I'd hate to see you end up wasting that washing clothes and changing diapers for the rest of your life."

    PRIZED POSSESSION: A pink and blue lacquered seashell her parents bought her on a whim when they took a vacation to a beach once when Rani was fairly young. She didn't even ask for it, they were just feeling nice and thought she would like it.

  5. [​IMG]

    NAME: Jacob Miner
    GENDER: Male
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/19
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: April 6th/ Aries

    APPEARANCE: Jacob is a tall lanky redhead, standing just over 6’4 on his prosthetics. For being as young as the kid is, he’s remarkably well in shape. Never the one for formal attire, his hair is often in a scraggly mess and his clothes are never anything that’d make someone look twice. A fan of shorts and showing off his legs rather than hiding them, Jacob takes an impish amusement in the reactions received by the people around him. If he has to be in a suit or anything that doesn’t strike him as practical, he’ll complain about it endlessly. Hazel eyes dart about the surroundings he’s in at any given time and when set to one place he’ll fidget in a preoccupied manner. If he’s going anywhere, he’s doing it at least to a moderate jog.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Track Running

    PERSONALITY: Described in one word: Competitive. Jacob takes pleasure in doing things that he’s told he can’t do. He doesn’t find himself disabled in any sense of the word and enjoys overcoming the people who use the word. Often in good spirits and maintaining an “Eh, I’ll figure it out” attitude about life, Miner attacks his problems head on. Thoughts of what he’ll do after high school, or what degree plan he has for collage are distant thoughts as his goals remain fairly simple. He’s always willing to try new things so long as it doesn’t interrupt his morning running ritual. When asked about his routine, he’ll talk your ear off about the sport and try to get you to come along. Despite being cocky, he doesn’t usually loft his abilities over people’s heads unless he’s specifically challenged. In the past, Jacob has been known to mentor aspiring runners by working with them and teaching form. His competitive nature seems to take a seat on the sidelines when sharing his love of the sport with someone making the effort to keep up. Even outside of track based events, he admires achievement and the pride that goes hand and hand with it.

    HISTORY: Even back in middle school, Jacob loved to run. Track was a major part of his life and he enjoyed the feeling of being in the limelight without the hustle and drama of working with a team. He was good, but nothing that overly shined above any other kids. During the winter of his freshman year of high school however, things took a turn for the worst. While driving in a car one night with his mother, the vehicle struck an ice patch and lost control. The car veered into a nearby bank and crashed. Being an older model vehicle, the chasse crumpled from the impact. Jacob’s legs were smashed between the dash board and his seat below the knee and his mother was impaled on the steering column. Jacob was trapped in the wreckage overnight and wasn’t saved until a patrolman spotted the wreck the following afternoon.

    The bones below his knees had shattered from the impact and when given his options he was told that while reconstructive surgery was possible, he’d never run again and would only maintain a small % of mobility. Not wanting to give up the ability to run, Jacob asked the doctors to remove his legs below the knee.
    As soon as the stiches healed Jacob was working with a physical therapist. He’d work longer and harder than anyone in the ward and learned to operate his prosthetics quicker than anyone would have ever expected. Jacob’s drive was unreal, slowing down only when friction burns threatened to keep him off his newly required feet. After less than 6 months, Jacob received a clear from the ward. The recovery was completely unexpected.

    In the absence of both his wife and son, Jacob’s father had taken to drinking. Jacob was enrolled back into school after being set back a year, but hints of abuse and mental instability on his father’s part began to be noticed by Jacob’s teachers. Shortly afterwards, custody rights were stripped from Jacob’s father and the boy was placed in an orphanage. Unlike most kids, Jacob adapted well and dealt well with the other kids.

    During the spring of his sophomore year, Miner applied for the track team. With his drive the way it was, it didn’t take the boy long to rise up the ranks of his peers. As the years past, Jacob continued to improve and began participating in marathon/half marathon events around the state. It was here that he received attention from a number of news companies, finding his story to be too good of a market not to pass up on. Jacob received more attention as he continued to rise through the ranks and was allowed to compete on the state wide level at the end of his junior year. What happened then floored everyone.
    Jacob finished a 5000 meter timed run in 13:37. The fastest recorded time in his event for anyone his age.

    Afterwards Jacob was flooded with attention from both sides. Companies were falling over themselves for the rights to sponsor him. Angered parents were up in arms trying to get the event dismissed due to a possible unfair advantage that running on prosthetics might give. The overwhelming response that Jacob’s act received was unexpected on all fronts. Whispers of his chances at future Olympic participation fluttered about chat boards and executives alike. All the while, a confused kid sat in the middle of it all when all he wanted to do to begin with was run.

    PEOPLE: While one could say that the heaviest influences in Jacob’s life are the people that tell him he can’t do any given thing due to the nature of his injury, three figures stand out the most in his life. Doug McKay was Jacob’s physical therapist back during his time admitted to the amputee ward. Because of Jacob’s drive, Doug spent long hours of overtime working with Miner and as a result has kept in contact since. Another would be Michael Fenton the track coach who had front the cost of several track events that Miner normally would have never been able to cover. Finally Jacob’s mother who love was unmatched takes the place at the top of his memories.

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: Two pairs of prosthetic legs designed for him (one flex foot style and one C leg), two suit cases of clothes with one being nothing but running apparel, a number of leg socks needed to connect the leg to the prosthetic, A thick foam dowel used to relieve muscle stress, Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush (rarely used), Shampoo, body wash, a Gerber pocket tool,100 feet of parachord, a small sewing kit (for mending tears in leg socks), a Bic lighter (for burning the ends of the parachord and polyester thread from the sewing kit), a handful of pens and pencils, two spiral notebooks and one pocket notebook that’s riddled with workout notes, a stop watch, a Garmin GPS/compass watch, a duct tape wallet with a debit card, Drivers licence and 100 dollars in it, a small netbook good only for internet and word processing, An outdated sprint flip phone, and a copy of “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall.

    FONDEST MEMORY: “Mr. Miner, I have some bad news. The result of the impact has shattered every bone in your legs from the synovial joints down. The good news is we’re able to repair the damage to the point that you’ll have function in both limbs, but your range of motion will be greatly reduced. I’m afraid it’s not looking like you’re going to be able to run again.”

    “Watch me.”

    PRIZED POSSESSION: His prosthetics, though he doesn’t as much consider them a possession as much as a part of his body.

    (Going to consider a second character, but so far this is my only one)

  6. NAME: Logan Nelson
    GENDER: Male.
    GRADE/AGE: Junior/ 17
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: October 31st/ Scorpio


    Logan (open)

    Out ofall the students, Logan's appearance may matter the least when he has access to the right materials. His hair is not always it's natural color or even style if he is in the middle of a role. He will dye it any color for a role he is taking on. As for his eyes they are often hidden behind a pair of glasses. Though he owns several types of contacts as well for changing them for a role when the character he plays is not the same eye color as himself. His clothing is determined solely by the impression he wishes to make that day. Not the strongest of young men, his athletic build is more from endurance and flexibility exercises that come with theatre training both old school and new school. The photo above was taken of him halfway through the last semester.


    PERSONALITY: Flare for the dramatic. It is the best way to describe him. He will start narrating things out loud if others appear bored just to entertain them. A performer down to every last cell in his body. It is not just his his physicality that allows him to seemingly bring people on a page out onto the stage, but his voice as well. He can reproduce accents with both subtle nuances and exaggerated stereotypes. He can even imitate someone given enough exposure to that person over a period of time. Whatever the situation calls for. Yet despite how boisterous and almost downright obnoxious he can be at times, he loves to just watch people. Loves to see all the unique flaws that make them them.

    He has a strange way of making jokes that range from witty to downright insulting depending on the situation. But more often than not he will act with a certain aloofness and eccentricity that some may find charming while others see it as attention-seeking. In truth he is rather friendly to everyone until given a reason to dislike them. Years of being around "unprofessional actors" has given him the skills to cope rather easily with any real-life drama at the drop of a hat. Almost as though the people creating drama are just other characters in a play he is the audience for.


    Logan was raised in the home of two parents who were at one point aspiring actors themselves, but lacked the support of family and their own conviction to last out in the real world where so much cutthroat competition exists. In fact they both met at an audition that for one of the few professional plays either one of them ended up getting a role in. Rehearsals served as the breeding ground not only for romance but Logan as well. Less than nine months later the pair were married. And though necessity brought them together the pair did hold love for one another beyond lust and passion. Born into a home of two people who had to put their dreams away in order to pursue careers that were more financially secure, allowing them to support their family with more ease.

    Pushed into acting lessons at the young age of eight by parents who wanted their only son to become more talented than the rest, several coaches were hired. So many that the family often sat just above the poverty line. Not just an acting coach, but a voice coach as well as a dancing coach and even a speech coach. Anything that would help him to succeed. If nothing else he had their full support. Perhaps he could have gotten out of it all if all the training did not serve to reveal he had a natural talent for doing more than just playing pretend.

    Soon enough he got into school plays and started to act there. Logan managed no less than to get cast in every single play. As time went on he even started to get lead roles after proving himself quite the actor. Professionalism that the others lacked made itself more and more evident as well, making him a favorite among the teachers and those on the cast who hated backstage drama. With every success adoration came along with even more pushing from his parents. They wanted him to reach the stardom they lacked the conviction to achieve during their own careers.

    To date, his crowning achievement was getting picked up by an acting company, with which he had his greatest night on stage in the lead role of Hamlet.

    Rave reviews were what got him noticed and caused his selection for the special scholarship.

    PEOPLE: All of his acting coaches. Plus a few famous actors that he has never actually met.


    Hair dye- Blonde, black, brown, and red.
    Contacts- Dark blue, Bright Green, Hazel, Chocolate Brown.
    Shaving Razor.
    Shaving Cream.
    Skin cream.
    Three different types of cologne.
    Eyeglass cleaner.
    A suitcase full of clothes.
    A new spiral notebook.
    Three black pens.
    A pack of pencils with erasers.
    A notebook filled with various acting notes.
    Small make-up kit.

    List everything you've brought with you. If it's not in the list, we don't want to see you with it.


    "You were amazing out there tonight. You didn't just memorize the lines and learn the blocking. You went beyond that. You brought life onto the stage. Life that was not your own. It was the character. But it still came from inside you. For the audience, the illusion was flawless. . . the transformation complete. And that is something they will take home with them. Something they will use to judge all other approaches to that character from this night on. Tonight. . . you were an actor."

    PRIZED POSSESSION: Complete Leatherbound Anthology of Shakespeare.

  7. NAME: Christopher "Chris" Eirhart
    GENDER: Male
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/18
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: January 3rd, Capricorn
    BLOOD TYPE: O Negative

    APPEARANCE: He stands taller than average at 6'2'', with a long torso taking up most of the extra height rather than his legs. Often seen wearing his culinary jacket, he keeps short, slicked-back brown hair to ensure the cleanliness of his preparations. Light blue eyes dominate his features under his soft brow ridge, but are overshadowed by the strong jaw line. He has normal body physique, having never overindulged in his cooking nor spent an abundance of time at the gym.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Culinary. Chris shares a remarkable ability to cook, treating it as a pseudo-science. Spices, herbs, different flavors that he learned through both experimentation, practice, and a little bit of natural luck. Now, he has a wide range of virtually all foods within his knowledge, in ways to compare and contrast them against each other through his cuisine.

    PERSONALITY: Formal impressions given for a while, as expected for someone in the culinary arts. After unwinding, still retains a high air of formality, though he may allow his own opinion to be heard more often, unless on equal ground with his competitors or fellow students. Quick to work and start at planning his next creation.

    HISTORY: Son of a normal family, having watched various cooking shows as a kid with his father, normally prior to actually cooking with his mother, a quick exposure was introduced on him from an early age. Close relatives own different farms, and one favorite uncle: a tool maintenance company, setting all pieces in place for a great environment to start learning the basics of cuisine. After years of learning on his own, and utilizing the internet to fish for new creations to perfect, to put a spin on, he was discovered by an agent who wished to give the chef compliments personally, a year after having started working at a small mid-scale restaurant near his home. After meeting the agent, an interview was scheduled for the academy to demonstrate his skills and personality. With regret, Chris left the restaurant and his friends, especially Nicole, to advance his career.

    PEOPLE: His family is by far the most influential in his life, and through that association: people whom he knows from the necessity of purchasing quality ingredients, keeping his instruments sharp. The closest people to him for this reason are his mother and his uncle, along with several fellow staff members (Nicole, Alan, Dale) from the restaurant at which he worked.

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: Normal attire clothing consisting of jeans, sweatshirts, t shirts socks, belts, boxers, the like. Has several chef uniforms, all white and pressed to perfection. As a chef, he has his normal collection of sharpened culinary knives, kept carefully rolled up in a black traveling sleeve. A laptop computer for browsing the web, along with normal utilities like his toothbrush, a razor blade and spare cartridges, shampoo. A cell phone and charger. A small collection of recipes bound together in a leather-back binder. Several empty notebooks and pens, a small emergency bag: band aids, skin wrap, aspirin, decongestants, laxatives.

    FONDEST MEMORY: Chris' fondest memory was preparing an entire thanksgiving meal for his family, several months before meeting the agent at the restaurant. The murmur of enjoyment from the family as a whole and their praise he craved most.

    PRIZED POSSESSION: His paring knife. Because of its small size, it was given to him to use when he first began cooking with his mother. He's kept it well-maintained ever since, cleaning it first if he uses it.

    NAME: Alicia "Alice" Braeburn
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: Junior/17
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: August 29th, Virgo
    BLOOD TYPE: B Positive

    APPEARANCE: Upper-back length dirty-blonde hair, normally worn down and kept straight, if she has the time. She wears glasses, but not of the normal variety: Anti-reflective Gunnars, for her constant use on the computer. She normally wears an open jacket over khaki's, with converse sneakers. Bright green eyes, with freckled skin.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Programming, Alice is a computer genius. Dedicated study, bordering on obsession, caused her immersion into the virtual realm. She understands programming on at least an intermediate level for all major languages, in addition to programming of software, construction of hardware, and creation of automated spyware, often influencing websites and internet traffic where she see's fit- often involving divorcing couples.

    PERSONALITY: Her online personality is cute, residing over an elite superiority of her knowledge of computers. In person, she is somewhat impatient, inexpressive normally observational and waiting for the current task to finish so she can resume getting back to work. Not unkind, though she prefers the amount of control she can impose over the defined-limitations of the electronic world. For this reason, she highly enjoys games like "Minecraft"

    HISTORY: Born of a broken home, Alice spent much of her earlier life moving back and forth between her parents different residencies, spread three hours apart. It was her father who bought her a laptop and enabled her to escape to the world that she could bring with her, wherever she went. With some persistence, he also taught her the basics of programming, and most importantly: searching the internet. With that ability, she was given free reign to learn more about the way computers work, from how they are made, to electrical properties, to the manipulation of software. One day, Alice received an email from the academy, after several attempts to break into their servers and ensure her participation. She remains unsure if it was her ability or if she had actually been accepted.

    PEOPLE: She has few important people in her life, having disliked the clergy of her youth, at her mothers insistence. She prefers her father, only for the fact that he first brought her into the world that she utilizes so efficiently. Otherwise it has been a slew of online personalities, most notably one "Trigger", a companion hacker of the online community.

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: A modified mini-desktop frame, acting as a small server. Two laptop computers, and several pairs of Gunnar optic glasses. Clothing, Toiletries, A cell phone, several batteries for the laptops, several chargers, two empty notebooks and pens, USB cords and plug adapters, an Ipod and three sets of headphones. Two external hard-drives.

    FONDEST MEMORY: Successfully reprogramming her first laptop to her desires, between all accessories, operating system, and software. Was the first moment she felt of complete control.

    PRIZED POSSESSION: A finger-keyboard glove she uses in gaming, little feels special about it except the fact that many do not use it, makes her feel different.

  8. NAME: Gabrielle "Gabby" Barker
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: Sophomore/ 16
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: February 3rd/ Aquarius

    APPEARANCE: Gabrielle feels like she is the shortest girl for her age. She is 5'3, barely cutting the height difference between child and teenager, even though she is 16 years old. To compensate for this height, she wears her long, bushy hair down as many times as she could, framing her face to make her appear older than her height otherwise suggests. Makeup is usually worn when she has to get ready for something important or greet someone who she she would fear cringe at the sight of her naked face. Other than that, her face is normally clear of any makeup. Her eyes are a luminous hazel, a speckle or green or two mixed into them, not that anyone really notices that factor. Her attire assist of body-fitting dresses, also a habit she took on to make herself look older than she is. Oddly enough, Gabby will never be caught walking in any heel of any sort, whether it goes with her outfit or not. She simply can't walk in them.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Art (Sculptural most particularly)

    PERSONALITY: Exaggerated and quiet, letting her expressions speak for her. She is attentive to any and everything that someone relays to her, nodding, smiling, or quickly confirming that she either understands or does not. Not a bucket of bolts but more of hidden curious: the one that always raises their hand at the simplest of questions. She is always found accurately expressing what she wants to say by giving the right facial expression or body gesture for it. Animated, in short. She doesn't like being the center of attention or butt of a conversation, but is always quick to be the listener. She can sometimes be extremely stubborn, but will learn to squash the debate or argument with a quick grin.

    HISTORY: Gabrielle was born into a family of 3, being the youngest of all the children. She lived the spoiled life, receiving gifts from her parent's for absolutely no reason and being all too happy to accept them. She got along fairly with her two older brothers, though having staying in the house with that was male dominant, it made way for her to become something of a tomboy herself. When she started high school, it was time for her to drop the baggy pants and shorts and actually look the part of female more than acting it. Never having been kissed except one time at a park in which the guy nearly ate her face, Gabrielle stuck to hanging around females and females only, a direct change in how she was raised.

    With her brothers both off to college themselves, she made something of her life without the influence of the boys, starting with Art Class: A slab of plaster opened up a window of opportunity, and the talent seemed feminine enough, so she spent most of her time in a room or in a study, thinking of her next piece. From time to time, she was asked to spend time and hang out with the girls, one mostly being pleas from her best friend Katie Slocum. The only time she agreed, however, was when it involved food or movies, because Katie was guy person and Gabby was...not.

    Art being the only thing she could express her opinions through, Gabby submitted certain pieces she believed was fair for being worth something, the others being nothing but statues in her room as a reminder of her mistakes and potential to do better. The art somewhat got her shoved into the second lowest rung on the Popularity Pyramid, which started the influence of the clothes she wear: from tank tops to dresses, skirts, and slacks. During the third year of her ongoing crush with her fellow Art classmate, Paul Maddox, she finally succumbs to her weaknesses and goes with him to an Art Show hosted by a big time art buyer by the name of Gertrude Merxi. She took a tiny, plaster sculpture of the mocking bird with her, and Merxi immediately fell in love. Now with over 4 of her art sold to Merxi, Gabby's innate eye of art at such a young age reached the ears of more and more art buyers, though she never really made any pieces unless her Art Class asked for them.

    PEOPLE: Her two older brother's, Brad and Zachary. Her 4 year old crush with a relationship that was going absolutely no where, Paul Maddox. He was the one who persuaded her to submit her most personal items in her Art class.

    Hair necessities: A brush, A flat iron, Hairs pray, and a Water bottle.
    Portable Video Game (Nintendo DS) along with a stylus.
    An IPhone with a cracked screen and it's charger.
    2 Fettling Knives.
    A half-empty sketch book with a box of pencils and 3 Sharpies.
    All of her dresses, only one outfit being a pair of basketball shorts and a tee for sleeping.
    Half a corner of sandpaper.
    2 boxes of Animal Crackers.

    FONDEST MEMORY: "You gotta give this thing a shot, Gabbz. If you don't, who will?"


    "Probably. I mean, I like it. I think it looks gorgeous. I think everything you do is gorgeous, but noooo. You never listen to me. Hey, hey, come on. I was kidding. Seriously. Let them see it. They're gonna love it."

    PRIZED POSSESSION: A miniature plaster sculpture of a mocking bird that won first place in the school's Art Fair. It sits in a tiny glass frame on the windowsill closest to her bed.

    NAME: Tamela "Tammy" Rogerson
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/17
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: June 2nd, Gemini

    APPEARANCE: Tamela could be described as your "average girl." She has plain cocoa brown hair that reaches 5 inches past her shoulders. It is usually hacked into a bun of some sorts just so it doesn't get into her green eyes. She wears overly large glasses for her poor eyesight, though the size of the glasses were her own decision. There is a small mole above her lip on the left side of her face, though it goes unnoticed unless she is in close proximity with others. Her body is the definition of fit: taut calves, slender waist, no busts to speak of. Her attire usually consists of a nice blouse here and there complimented by either a pair of shorts or leggings, because her body allows her to get away with forever exposing her legs.


    PERSONALITY: Talkative. All the time. Tamela will talk to anyone and everyone about any and everything. She's the girl that doesn't have one set clique of friends, broadening her horizons to people she would never find herself talking to all the way to a complete stranger. She is pretty naive and gullible, believing the first thing to leave someone's mouth. Some call it a ditz and she accepts that. She's a really bad listener, always cutting through someone's story to put in her two cents or more, sometimes regardless of how the other is feeling. Its more of a 'clueless' attitude than an 'insecure one.' Intentions forever good, she will give advice whether it's needed or not, sometimes border lining 'pain in the ass.'

    HISTORY: Tamela is the only child to a single parent, her father., so she was automatically dubbed as 'Daddy's Little Girl' and had absolutely no problem with it. She was never without what she needed and she damn near got everything she wanted. Tamela, in her younger years, was so spoiled, though the items she asked for were not norm for a girl. It started with a baseball bat, eventually branching out to a football, jump rope, knee pads, a helmet. Her father quickly worried, fearing that his little princess was turning out to be a guy. Religious to the T, though he never bothered her about it at all, he frowned upon her sudden uptaking of sports and the image it made her look as a female.

    That is until she picked up a tennis racket with her own saved up money. After training herself in the gym a few blocks down from her house, more and more people encouraged her to join tournaments because of how good she was. It wasn't until she received 17 Aces in one City vs. City game did her skill open eyes of coaches in the school and the town. Her father's hatred for her sports turned into pride, showing off his precious daughter because of her skill. Tamela dropped the other sports and focused solely on Tennis, working hard to prefect her skills and break a few records in the school.

    PEOPLE: With too many friends to speak of, the only influence in her life would be a stray dog she harbored in at the age of 13. His name is Cops, his fur black and white just like the car his name derived from. He is her physical training companion, forever being there whenever she went on power walk, run, or Tennis playing spree, even training himself to retrieve the balls for her.

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: 2 Tennis Rackets.
    3 Cartriges of Wilson Tennis Balls
    Photo of her father and her.
    Photo of Cops.
    Light balm of chap stick.
    4 sets of clothing, all of them being worn with athletic shorts.
    Cell phone and its charger.
    Beach towel.
    Extra pair of glasses.
    Several bands for her hair.
    2 Titanium rings.
    Her iPod, complete with headphones, and it's charger.
    A Bible.

    FONDEST MEMORY: Announcer: "17 ACES IN ONE GAME! Folks, that's never...that...Wow! That's a record for the young rookie Tamela Rogerson! She just got her 17th ace against the 2nd round winner Harrison Winters! 17 aces! Wow....Wow...this girl is something, folks."

    PRIZED POSSESSION: The topaz, triangular ring always worn on her index finger belonging to the mother she never got to properly meet before she passed.
  9. First Character
    Show Spoiler

    NAME: Maxamilium "Max" Cross
    GENDER: Male
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/18
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: May 18, Taraus
    APPEARANCE: EdSpeleers3.jpg
    A nice lean build of a hard working man, beautiful golden hair as fair as the sun's rays. He stands at 6 foot 2, towering over the average man. His nice chiseled chin speaks of confidence which accents a smile that can break hearts. His eyes, beautiful and sparkling, shining a blue hazel hue, finishing his perfection.
    PERSONALITY: Christian fanatic, bent on saving every soul and judgmental of the sinners. He has little pride in himself and others while having the utmost faith in god, leading him to be (blindly) self righteous and ignorant of the things he does.
    HISTORY: Through out Max's life, he always went to church. Every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Life was also handed to him, leading him to believe himself to be blessed by the hand of god, making his personality pop out at a young age. He picked up archery at a bible camp, and was touched by the hand of god. During time spent at that camp, he had seen god, who gave him his skill in archery. Soon, he felt he had a great gift. He won first in every archery competition. He is acknowledge by the president and many big figures for his skill. Though archery isn't a big "thing," his skill still astounds and baffles others. He has been asked to go on hunts with big political figures such as Dick Chaney, but refuses as he does not kill gods creation.
    PEOPLE: God is his only influence. His family is second, mainly his father, whom is a priest who steals money from the church. Max does not know this, so it cannot sway his belief.
    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: 5 pairs of cargo shorts {green, blue, white, black, and khaki}
    five plain t-shirts {same colors}
    A recurve bow {was given permission by the dean, compound}
    20 steel tip arrows blessed by the church
    (On person) A cross necklaced blessed by the church (will post picture later)
    FONDEST MEMORY: It was a nice summer day. Max was playing catch with his father. The gentle breeze carrying the scent of oak tree's, the sun slightly warming their bodies to a perfect degree, birds chirping in the air. All was well. Then the neighbors dog ran out into the street, coming to greet Max and his father. The dog, oblivious of its surroundings was hit by a vehicle. They didn't stop, instead, they sped off. Max, only ten years only, ran over to the dog, whom was not breathing. Feeling the presence of god, he touched the dogs ribcage, and the dog drew breath. The neighbors thanked him and his father was astounded. Max went to bed that night, happy that god noticed him and gave him healling hands.
    PRIZED POSSESSION: The cross always worn around his neck.

    No, he does not have powers, he just believes he has powers. Like a preacher believes he can slap a man and is cured of any ailment.

    All done, I hope. I hope the description is acceptable.
  10. D'evil, I'll be sending you a PM shortly about your sheet.

    I feel I should clarify some things in general, given some questions and other things I've noticed.

    - "Unreliable narrative" means that you can fudge or omit details in your actions and have false or misleading internal narrative/thoughts.

    - Your secret should be something your character is desperate to keep other people in the dark about.

    - This RP takes place in modern-day America. While you can take some liberties with believability when making your characters, they should not be able to do something that belongs solely in works of fiction; i.e., no magical or supernatural powers, no vampires/werewolves/insert other monster here, etc.

  11. Good heavens, D'ev, mind the repeat-posting; the 'Edit' function works just as well.

    Well, here's what I got so far.

    Rory ‘Rou’ Bradlaugh (open)
    [size=+1]NAME: Rory ‘Rou’ Bradlaugh
    GENDER: Male
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/17
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: August 11/Leo

    APPEARANCE: ‘Brick shithouse’ is a term often bandied about regarding Rou, and it’s a fairly accurate assessment; years of training and competitions give him the look of a teenager who’s been carved from stone, and the fact that he stands at 6’4” only adds to this. He keeps his sandy-blonde hair cropped short, to prevent it from slowing him down or giving his opponents a grip on him. It’s also fairly common to see him with a couple cuts and bruises, courtesy of his latest training session or competition.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Mixed Martial Arts

    PERSONALITY: Despite his ferocious appearance, Rou is a quiet, reserved individual, thoughtful and pensive in many ways. He’s not often heard speaking, but when he does it’s because he has something to say that he thinks is important. His stoic attitude and somewhat intimidating appearance means that Rou has a hard time getting along with people, but should he find himself friends with someone he becomes slightly more open about himself, revealing a far more thoughtful, intelligent boy than most would suspect.
    HISTORY: The eldest of a middle-class family in California, Rou found his love of sport and competition early when he starting playing football. It wasn’t until he was 11, however, that he took his first martial arts class, learning Shotokan Ryu karate at a local gym.

    Quickly falling in love with the discipline and the training he soon branched out into other disciplines, learning Muay Thai, Ji-Jitsu and Freestyle Wrestling. He began competing in mixed martial arts contests not long after his 16th birthday, breezing through the competition to take the first prize. Contests and tournaments followed, with Rou managing to place in the final of each and often winning on top of that.
    PEOPLE: Rou's coach and Muay Thai teacher, Lee, is someone who has had a major impact upon his life, inspiring his love of martial arts and encouraging him to get involved in the competition circuit. Compared to his parents, who have always been slightly concerned about the potential for injury in Rou's chosen vocation, Lee has had his back since the beginning.

    Luggage (open)
    • Rucksack
    • Punchtown MMA Gloves
    • Handwrap Tape, two rolls
    • Protective Gear (elbow and knee guards, gum shield etc.)
    • MMA Shorts
    • Spare Clothing
    • Bathroom Utensils
    • Smartphone
    • Kindle

    FONDEST MEMORY: “That first national tournament will stay with me forever. The smell of sweat and blood pouring down my face. The referee hauling my arm aloft. The roar of the crowd. It’s hard to put what I felt into words; I felt mighty, invincible. Unstoppable.”
    PRIZED POSSESSION: Tied closely to his fondest memory, Rou’s prized possession is the trophy he took home from his first tournament; it sits in his room back home.[/size]

    Harrison ‘Harry’ Black (open)
    [size=+1]NAME: Harrison ‘Harry’ Black
    GENDER: Male
    GRADE/AGE: Junior/16
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: October 8/Libra

    APPEARANCE: Small and thin, with a penchant for long hair and a love of skinny jeans and band shirts, Harry seems like your stereotypical little emo kid. His hair is long and dyed black, heavily styled and hanging over his face. He has several piercings in his ears and is working on stretching his left ear lobe. His right arm is dominated by festival passes, and he often lugs about a messenger bag covered in badges and scribblings.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Public Speaking/Fast-Talking

    PERSONALITY: Harry likes to give the impression that he’s not fazed or bothered by anything, exuding a calm, almost cocky personality. He’s at the stage in his life where he seems to think he has an answer for everything, and seems to find himself arguing or in trouble with authority figures on a regular basis.

    None-the-less, his social skills are top-notch; Harry is friendly, outgoing and in possession of a dry, sardonic wit, which means that he can get along well with most people he encounters. He’s also good at arguing his case and bringing people round to his way of thinking, thanks to years of practice and a very natural, unforced charisma.
    HISTORY: Harrison Black was reading political manifestos and the works of Karl Marx when most kids were still reading 'Harry Potter'.

    Hailing from a modest background (single mother, several siblings), Harry possessed a wry intelligence and powerful charisma that did well by him in the public education system; he made friends easily and often surprised others with just how much such a young kid understood about the political system.

    Hitting his teenage years, his political philosophy began to shift, taking a more radical libertarian tone. He started winding up in trouble at school, much to the despair of his mother, and took pride in dressing in ways that seemed to anger others. It was around this time he began to get involved with youth political groups, happily bringing controversial opinions to the table and arguing his cases with a sense of humour and an ability to get others to see his way of thinking.
    PEOPLE: The Gonzo journalists of yore are Harry’s heroes; he’s read everything by Hunter S. Thompson and can quote the entirety of ‘Fear & Loathing’ at you, as well as thoroughly enjoying the writings of figures such as Tom Wolfe.

    Closer to home (and not that he would ever admit it openly), Harry is extremely fond of his mother. Unmarried and tasked with raising three children as well as Harry, he has always been amazed at her ability to take everything in her stride and devote a lot of time to her kids. Though often he has issues with authority figures, Miss Black is one of the few people who is capable of getting her son to actually do something, and it was her who encouraged him when he was offered the scholarship.

    Luggage (open)
    • Messenger Bag
    • Smartphone (HTC)
    • Vaio Laptop
    • Skullcandy Headphones
    • Cigarettes
    • Cigarette Filter
    • Zippo Lighter
    • Spare Clothing
    • Bathroom Utensils

    FONDEST MEMORY: "You ever stolen an election right out from under someone's nose?

    You should try it some time; it's fucking hilarious.

    This was back when I was still getting into youth politics, you see; relatively unknown and untested. I was running for a regional position against this old-money brat. You know the type; private education, friends in high places, daddy's a Senator, that sort of shit. No-one suspected the way that election would turn out.

    I did the oral equivilent of beating his ass into the ground with a steel pipe at every debate. I enticed and blackmailed his supporters over to my way of thinking. Even had a friend of mine fuck with his Facebook feed so he seemingly insulted even more of his supporters. You know, all the stuff the Founding Fathers wanted for us when they created this great nation.

    Did it take a lot of work? You bet your ass. Was it worth it just for the look on his face when I won?

    You better fucking believe it."

    PRIZED POSSESSION: A photograph of Harry and his family on holiday to the Grand Canyon. Due to financial issues and work commitments, Miss Black couldn't often get her family away for a while for a holiday. Thus Harry cherishes the memory of one particularly excellent trip away, and keeps a photo of it to remind him of it.[/size]
  12. Logan, Max, and Chris are officially in the game. Davion, I'll need to bug you about Alice, but then I think you're set.

    Grumps, obviously you'll need to finish your sheets, but I know you'll need a day or two so I'm not worried.

    Iliana and Orion: Do either of you want to make second characters? If so, let me know now. As it is, once Alice and Grumpy's characters are accepted, we still have room for as many as six more characters. (Remember, CHARACTERS. Not players.)

  13. HELL NAW.

  14. I got twenty bucks says Orion's the only one that makes it out alive.
  15. NAME: Rockett Mclaurne
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: 11th, 17
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN:07/12, Cancer

    Rockett Is about "5'8" she had her lip periced. she has red hair, and always dresses in jeans and some form of tshirt, her feet only are covered by converse of some kind, but only when shoes are required. She almost always has paint on her hands.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Rockett is an excellent artist, she has been drawing since she was about 6 and loves to do it, she paints mostly, and has done replicas of very famous art work, her favorite art style is very bright with a dark twist, abstract. Rockett does mostly paintings, she was discovered at a art show, but before that Rockett has sold her art to a famous artists, she has collaborated with Famous artists and the works, she is well known in her area and in many others, she was at an Art show once competing with many others to get her art featured in big name art show, she won and was featured.

    PERSONALITY: Rockett Is very outgoing, she can be shy at first if she senses that she should be around you, she loves making friends, she loves to laugh and make others laugh, she is very sarcastic and sometimes takes it too far, she is also very secretive.

    HISTORY: Rockett's life, has been fine since she was little, she has always had some one there for her, until her dad died, after her dad died, she was left alone, with her mother and 2 sisters, her dad was her everything. Rockett always went to top schools, her family is very wealthy and she has always had the best for her. she was always handed things, but she never became selfish over it or spoiled, her dad was very clear about her not turning into that type of girl as she grew up. She went into her first years of high school very popular and well known, she excelled in every subject, including art. she then received a letter about coming to this academy, and she respectfully accepted.

    PEOPLE: Rockett's dad, he was her best friend, they told each other everything, they were so close.

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: Shirt's- varying types. Pant's, camera, undergarments, toothbrush, notebooks, sketch pad, paint brushes, paint, canvas's, cell phone, picture of family. Shampoo, condition, hair dye, brush, bobby pins, beanies-red, white, blue, and multi colored. Laptop, perfume, dental floss, eyeliner, mascara. flash light, teddy bear, and back pack stuffed with random items. Razors (for hair), bathroom things, female things

    FONDEST MEMORY: Rockett awoke in the morning with a smile on her face, he dad was coming home today, he had been away on business for about a month now and Rockett wanted nothing more than to jump into his arms. Rockett ran around the house, getting ready, showered, dressed, the usual. She walked down stairs and her mother asked her to help with the preparations of her dads arrival. Rockett nodded happily and began to help with making dinner and cleaning the house. The day went by so fast, it seemed like it happened in a matter of seconds. Dinner cam and went, no dad arrived at the house. Rockett sighed, where was her dad? Rockett waited by the door until she fell asleep. She awoke around % in the morning to the feeling of some one picking her up, she opened her eyes and saw it was her dad. Rockett smiled and hugged her dad. Rockett's dad carried her too her bed room and laid her in bed, saying good night and kissing her fore head. Rockett knew from then on, she would always be the first to see her dad, here and after.

    PRIZED POSSESSION: A white teddy bear she keeps in her back pack, hanging out slightly for every one to see.

    SECRET: ***********************
    NAME: Vincent Charles
    GENDER: Male
    GRADE/AGE: 12th/ 18
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: December 20th, Sagritarus

    Vincent has Black hair he is '6'0 foot and very skinny, he has some muscles but not enough to be considered buff. He slouches sort of and wears zip up sweaters all the time, he has many piercings and a tattoo of a moon and a date on his fore arm.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Vincent is very musical, he can play the piano, and sing, he has been in a number of musical groups, choir's. He went to blue moon lake academy to compete in a show, the winner got to go to California to compete in an even bigger event, and he won that as well.

    PERSONALITY: Vincent keeps to himself he is very shy and not out going at all, he doesn't talk much and he feels the only way to really know how some one feels is too express it in a form of a musical way, he is very dark, and most people tend to avoid him.

    HISTORY: Vincent's life was very poor, his parents died at a young age and left him for dead, he was found by an old man, and raised to be very proper, he followed this man every where, he was the only thing he had. When the old man, figured Vincent responsible enough Vincent was gifted with a dog, this dogs name was moon and shortly after, when the house he lived in was robbed. Vincent was the only thing left standing in the house. He had to burying the old man and his dog, everything he loved was taken from him. He was put into the system after being getting into some trouble robbing and the such. His foster parents soon adopted him and acted as though they loved him. Vincent grew up in his own world, keeping to himself and liking it that way. When he was offered to come to this school he accepted happily, he figured it would be an adventure.

    PEOPLE: Vincent's dog was a huge influence on him, this dog was always happy and meant the world to him.

    LUGGAGE CONTENTS: Clothing, his portable keyboard, picture of Moon, tooth brush, different rings for his lip and ears, lap top, brush, jacket, zip up sweaters, eyeliner, cologne, notebooks, guitar picks, sharpies, a small glass bottle filled with a black dust, Bathroom stuff, razors (for hair)

    FONDEST MEMORY: "This child will suffice" An old man said as he looked down at Vincent, the man smiled and walked away will the lady from the foster care unit. After awhile Vincent was greeted once again by the old man. "Young Man, you are coming home with me." Vincent stood and grabbed the old man's hand. They left the prison of a foster care home, and went to this old man's home, it was beautiful and nothing like the foster home, Vincent had never felt happier. Vincent was shown his bed room and he heard a soft barking. He looked under his bed and a small dog was playing with a dust bunny. Vincent smiled at the dog and he felt this sense of joy fill him, he never had to go back there and he had a best friend now, and a man who would take care of him.

    PRIZED POSSESSION: His picture of Moon.

  16. Alright! Here's my character then. (Just one... for now.)

    NAME: Katrin Meyer
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE/AGE: Senior/17
    BIRTHDAY/SUN SIGN: April 5/Aries

    APPEARANCE: She's short and rather unimposing in stature, so she often tries to make up for it with her clothes. She can most often be seen wearing a light colored blouse under a black (or other suitably professional color) waistcoat. Accompanying that are a short, tight skirt and dark tights. And of course, she's never without her heeled boots (unless she's riding, of course). Her hair is cut in a short, practical style that doesn't require much attention. She takes the same approach to makeup, only wearing it if she is making a public appearance.

    PRODIGAL TALENT: Public Speaking/Logic
    The daughter of a German lawyer, Fredrich Meyer, a prodigy in his own right. She's greatly compelled to follow in his footsteps.

    PERSONALITY: At a glance, she's aloof and intimidating. Once you get to know her, she's witty and intelligent... and still intimidating. She almost never goes anywhere without her fencing sabre sheathed at her waist, though it is mainly only used as a warning. She is very studious, and hopes to one day reach the level of success that her father achieved. She doesn't stand for illogical people or ideas, and can oftentimes be argumentative. She enjoys a good debate, though can become quite frustrated if she doesn't win. She is very competitive. She's also a skilled fencer, though she has a tendency to take that mentality with her everywhere. Those who know her often compare her debate skills to 'verbal fencing.'

    HISTORY: Katrin was born into a wealthy family. The wealth comes from a line of successful lawyers (plus some ancestral nobility), the most recent being her father. She is his protegee. From a young age, Katrin's been pushed to study hard. She's expected to join the family business and become a lawyer like those before her. She's been passed between numerous family members in different countries, including England. However, the branch she spends the most time with is her father's.
    Being from a wealthy family, she's had the opportunity to study many different topics. Of course, she studies law under her father. In England, she took private riding and fencing lessons, as well as English lessons. She also studied rhetoric in both English and her native German, as well as formal and informal logic. As such, she is very articulate in making her arguments, always saying exactly what she means to say. In fact, she strives for perfection in all areas, something she had to do in order to even reach the same level as her father. S.L. Morgenstern's is simply the latest in a series of advanced studies she's undertaking. Her family used their connections worldwide to pull the strings and allow her to attend.

    PEOPLE: Her father, who pushed her to study hard is her main influence. A variety of private tutors also influenced her to strive for perfection.

    • Clothes, including a special waistcoat she only wears on certain occasions.
    • Toiletries
    • A German-English dictionary
    • Books on American law
    • Her favorite fencing sabre:
      • (It was quite a bother bringing it with. But a little confrontation, plus a covert exchange of money, and everything was fine.)
    • A pocket watch locket (On person) and multiple chains
    • Expensive smartphone: the latest model
    • Laptop computer

    "Here you go, Katrin."
    "Wow... is it really for me?"
    "Of course, open it!"
    "A pocket watch, just like yours! Thank you Papa!"
    "Now you can always carry something to remember me by."
    "I love you, Papa."
    "I love you too, Katrin."

    PRIZED POSSESSION: Her pocket watch locket. She always carries it with her.
  17. Does this mean from the array of well rational folk we have here that we might come to a consensus diplomatically rather than tearing eachother's faces off?
  18. Alright, and with Katrin, Rou, and Harry finished up, we have everyone ready to go. The IC will be up in the next few days.

    We have room for TWO MORE CHARACTERS. Signups will remain open for a week and a week only, so if you're planning to play, RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW. This means only one or two people can play. If two people reserve a spot, it'll be one character apiece. If your characters are not finished within a week, that means no one gets to play, so only reserve if you're sure you'll be able to finish in time.
  19. Just to let everyone know the IC will be up on Monday. Ozzie is out of town and without internet.