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    Be it history, pop culture, or anything else, making these references or getting them can be really cool.

    Name some references you have made in the past.​

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    A few years back, I was in a convoy of trunks in the army. The convoy callsign was "Red", and soon after we started rolling, the convoy commander asked all trucks to report status on the radio. I was in truck 6, the last one.

    "This is red one, we're good"

    "Red two is up"

    "Red three is up"

    "Red four is up"

    "Red five, up"

    (me on the radio) "This is Red leader, all units lock s-foils in attack possition and commence attack on the Death Star's main reactor!"

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  2. PLEASE tell me one of the other Reds replied, "We lost Tyree and Dutch! They came from behind!"

    One of my colleagues goes up to my office and says, "Hey, did you know that the pain clinic in town got raided?" He was referring to an FBI raid for inappropriate prescription narcotic practices by a sketchy anesthesiologist.

    My reply was, "Who raided them? Level 85 paladins?"

    WoW reference in the hospital. Woot.
  3. I was recently playing airsoft with a few friends and as we came across a large field covered in grass we decided to split up. Before moving out I got to yell "Stay out of the long grass." which gave away our position. But it was worth it for the Jurassic Park 2 reference.
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  4. what, no "Clever girl" during the game?
  5. he he.

    I get in trouble for it some times, but my best references are made in the army. Like playing the opposition force while an infantry platoon is attacking our position. I'm the group medic, so I'm not heavily armed, but I was one of the last people alive. Some of the guys gave me a few mags full of blanks and two of their rifles and I prepared for war.

    From within the compound, the attacking platoon heard me go me go "FOR AZLAN! AND FOR NARNIA!", and I poped out of the window, duel wielding with the weapons on burst.

    Or my first ride in a blackhawk, and my squad leader played this on his phone when we took off.
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  6. or you can say "NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE WHITE MAGE!"
  7. Seeing as it our position was guarding a larger postion I could have gone with the classic: "YOU! SHALL NOT PASS!"
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  8. @Cpt Toellner DUDE! What a missed opportunity! Quality fail right there!
  9. I'm a fuckmothering vampire :D
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  10. Last night I wanted a candy bar, and after several 'no's from my dad, sending him a gif of the green fish from the episode of Spongebob when they're selling chocolate did the trick <.<
  11. I need a moment in life where I can throw in, "All the squares make a circle."
  12. XD
    OMG XD
  13. Me and my friend always, ALWAYS quote BIll and Teds exellent adventures and Waynes World when we are out drinking. Nobody but we get it, becouse we are old, and sweden doesn't like to spend more then 3 minutes dwelling on the greatness of the 80's - 90's
  14. Am I right in saying "Dude!" Is a predominant reference? XD
  15. Benjamin is nobody's friend. If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.
  16. That and air guitar. And "SHWING!"
  17. I watched like half an hour of it and understood very little XD
  18. i used bah weep grah nah weep nini bong as a greeting once
  19. I seem to quote Team America a lot XD