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    Different people have different values, different traits that they hold important, and different personalities that they find bothersome.
    What do you look for when you make friends?
    Do you think of what type of friends your characters would make?
  2. I need to make sure that they're going to stand by me through thick and thin - goodness knows I'd do it for them. Even if I hate their guts with the fury of a thousand suns, I will help them through thick and thin, as long as my moral code allows it.
    It's just... i don't want them to give me up, let me down, I don't want them to run around and desert me.
  3. What do I look in a friend?

    -The ability to take a joke
    -Tough skin (doesn't offend easily)
    -Can deal with my beliefs and leave me alone with them
    -Has an honour code I could agree to
    -Likes to have fun

    That's all. As for my characters...depends.
  4. I like sincerity, whimsy, orneriness, adventurousness, and the ability to ask awesome questions. I also like doers more than sayers. And an open mind is always welcome, nearly required (haha).

    I often think about what sort of friends my characters make. It's important in deciding how they interact with others, which helps to develop them more deeply.
  5. I tend to avoid people who are selfish or overly immature. I've had too many 'friends' who never want to hear what's going on with other people, never want to help others' problems, act like everyone should always be intensely interested in them, etc, and it's just a poisonous relationship.

    As for what I DO look for, I like to have friends with common interests, good listeners, mature people who can ask for help, but don't rely on others for everything.

    And above all on the topic...

  6. I never look into people when making friends, and that's a problem.
    I have social anxiety and I should make friends, although people are always making me feel mistaken, like I picked the wrong friends, and my mum doesn't help too. She wants to "pick" my friends for me. I can't let that happen.
    Whenever I start to argue with a friend I begin to cry because I feel like it's my fault, they make me feel like that. I once went to run around my school because I was having a social break out, when all the feelings are stuck in you and you begin to feel the need of adrenaline. I skipped most of the classes because of that.
    At least, my on-line friends never disappoint me. On the other hand, I should have -real- friends.
    I just don't look at people's personalities because I think nobody is perfect, although I have to be careful.
  7. Thick skin and patience.

    Cause I fuck around a lot and constantly say offensive things. Also I drink too much.
  8. People who don' judge you because of your looks.​
    (But let's face it with these looks, it's amazing I'm not in playboy.)​
    And also if you speak Dragon Tongue, that works too.​
  9. I have to hold them in some fashion as an Equal. It's a touch bias, but it's kind of my only rule.
  10. I just look for friends. /foreveralone

    I don't need a resume. Just any person. I think I won't get a long with some of my characters. :c
  11. I don't really look for friends... If I did, I'm not totally what I'd want. I guess they'd just have to be smart and like similar movies, shows, and music to me. Oh and they'd have to be ok with me being an atheist, I'm so done with having to keep my thoughts to myself in order to avoid a fight. I live with people who are religious, and although I love them to pieces I'd love to be able to talk about science with them.

    My primary characters wouldn't like most people I've met, they're even less tolerant and social than I am. There are however a few exceptions that would be so happy and fascinated with this world that they'd be pretty open to all sorts of friends. Any characters of mine that are in between those two extremes haven't gotten much attention in a long time.
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  12. I don't like people who follow the crowd, because they tend to be douchebags. I support individuality, kindness, and charity. I tend to make friends with the hypergoth, the autist, the computer geek, the outsider, the nice jock, and the outcast. As long as they are good people, I care not. Let them be my friends, for they are my hope for the future.
  13. Wants to make friends D:<
  14. Hmm. I'm not sure I actively go about trying to make friends, but I tend to be more interested when a person has good conversational skills with something interesting to say. I also can't be friends with someone who can only tear others down to make themselves look or feel better.
  15. My few on friends is someone who will be there for you know matter what , Someone who makes you smile and laugh and there's never a dull moment someone you can spill your heart to .

    But what I don't look for in a friend is someone who always tells you , you can't do this or you to stupid to do this or your wrong someone who belittles you.