Making assumptions

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    When has assuming something gotten you in trouble? Do you have a bad habit of making assumptions? What assumptions have you made? What has someone assumed about you? Does the whole "when you assume it makes an ass out of u and me" stand true?
  2. I have a problem with assumptions. MOST of the time, experience and instinct do me well. So when I get an impression about something, I'm usually right. Occasionally I get a little cocky about it, and I try to curb that cause arrogance is stupid and unattractive. >>;;

    BUT THEN THERE'S THOSE RANDOM CASES. Those one in a million chances where something doesn't follow the typical pattern. And with MY luck, it always ends up being one of those big deal moments. So I end up looking like a total asshole. o____o I will always admit when I've gotten something wrong, though. If I fucked up, I fucked up. I'll own it and deal with it.

    And on the flip side, people make assumptions about me A LOT. Frustratingly a lot. On both spectrum from good assumptions to bad ones. D: Like, sometimes I tend to be really ditzy and a bit of a bimbo. I also didn't graduate highschool. So that tends to make people assume I'm stupid. And then online, where I present myself as a very confident and in control person, people assume I am like that everywhere... and then you get me in real life and I am very very awkward in person. ><
  3. Omg that video was so funny! XD

    But yes, I make assumptions from time to time. Usually, I'm wrong and I shrug it off. I don't really voice my assumptions out loud except to my mom or my friends. I try to be nice about it because people make assumptions about me a lot. Especially at school. I'm quiet and shy and don't talk much so some kids at school automatically think I'm stuck-up or mean or both. I think you should make sure you actually have PROOF before you assume something.

  4. The best thing I can say here is a tiger never wastes his/her time worrying about the opinion of the sheep.

    But yes, I have made assumptions about others. Like how I automatically assume that someone is calling me a liar, or that a friend is going to up and leave when really it's not like that at all. Most of the time it's my paranoia that scares people away because they don't want to be questioned all the time.

    But in some cases this is true. some people call me liar when they don't know me (even though I am honest with people, the only time I will lie is if I have to protect someone else), and I've had a few friends use and abuse me so I have trust issues.

    It's human nature.
  5. It peeves me when people make assumptions about me, and people I care about. My family is to blame. Even though I'm the eldest sibling and the wisest of my family (my mom even admits that my soul seems older than her physical age), they assume I'm this vulnerable little baby that needs help all the time. It's insulting. I go out of my way to prove I can be independent and protect myself. I must not be trying hard enough, though. >:[ It just doesn't make sense! I'll keep that rant short, though. Ugh.

    As for me? Of course I make the mistake of assumptions. It's a flaw I have. I'm actually very judgmental due to trust issues, I just don't voice my opinions of people because I want to get to know them so I can get those negative opinions changed. (I promise, I want to be friends! v__v) I've learned from my therapist and some friends that it's a thing of my insecurity. I just immediately find a reason to hate everyone until I can get to know them better at my own pace. xD There are some people who I still think are terrible because I haven't talked to them enough, haha. I know it's bad, but hey it keeps me safe.

    Man, I hope this makes sense... I'm a weirdo.
  6. I've never gotten into trouble based on assumptions before, though i have made wrong ones from time to time. They've never really blown up in my face.

    I've had assumptions made of me though. When I first moved to the little shit town up north, most kids saw me and immediately thought I was going to be the worst bully and beat them all up. Cause, you know, media paints the "child bullies" as these tall, larger kids who don't hang around the other kids. I fit that description perfectly, and it made making friends very difficult @_@
  7. Assumptions...

    I think making assumptions is natural. It's part of our psychological makeup -- at least it is now. I believe it starts during childhood when we're developing and are information sponges. Assumptions are things that we do on a daily basis to make snap-decisions. But that suggests that there are several kinds (or categories) of assumptions. One of the things about assumptions is that they have a volatility level -- however this volatility level is based upon the social norms of the society the person is in -- and this volatility level is what makes an assumption potentially catastrophic. (At least that's my theory... O.o)

    So, in terms of me personally making assumptions: sure I do, but I'm only human.

    Has it ever backfired? Sure. But, thankfully, never in a catastrophic way...

    People frequently make assumptions about me. Weither they tell me or not, I just know they do. But who wouldn't? Haha!
  8. My god, I have not seen that video in years. Thank you!

    But back to business.

    Yes I make assumptions. It's part of being a living human. Everyone does it, everyone will do it. If you say you don't, you're lying. We are taught at a very young age to group things. So naturally when we see a person, animal, or thing that fits in with other things, we group the ducker.
    For example you see a dog that's foaming at the mouth growling. Sure he could be mad that he thought a bar of soap was just a giant pez, but more than likely he is going to be the cause of some serious stomach shots.
    Assumptions are not a bad thing, they are just the cousin of common sense. The cousin that likes to drink alot. And yes they suck when people place them on you, but in my experience sometimes there is a really good (and usually creepy) reason behind it.
    Just sayin'.