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  1. The year is 1866, and the United State of America is prospering, blissfully unaware of the upcoming conflict within their own borders. During this time period, outlaws were all too common, and the law enforcement officials were often incapable to capturing or incapacitating many of these men and women. However, this would bring about the birth of the bounty hunter. Men and women who would hunt down these criminals and turn them in for an often substantial reward, dead or alive.

    Our story follows a group of these bounty hunters, allied with a common cause of money, as well as their own personal reasons for the bloody job. These reasons were often very diverse, ranging from vendettas, justice, blood lust, and basic greed.

    As for an overall plot, I am presently undecided. I have a couple ideas though.

    1. The bounty hunters simply do their jobs, but discover various situations that they cannot abide by, and wind up entangled in nefarious plots.
    1. The bounty hunters are somehow injured or stuck in one place. During their recovery or downtime in this town, they begin to question their occupation. They must determine whether or not they wish to continue hunting or if they wish to settle down into a common life.
    That's all I've got so far. I know it definitely isn't much to go on, but, I'm hoping we can flesh this out or just come up with a better idea. Anyone interested?
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  2. I think the problem might be in that the first lever action rifle appears to be 1860, and that's like, a Western staple.
  3. I find that interesting. I thought it was made in the early 50's. I can bump the year up.
  4. If I make it in 66 so we can have Henry Repeaters and still avoid the Civil war part. Although, it could definitely build into the characters.
  5. Might make a few in-group conflicts that way.
  6. Changed the year. (Yay) So, at least I have one person interested. Thanks, BoB, you deliciously demented would-be femme fatale.

    Have any extra plot ideas? Either way, should I go ahead and put up a CS?
  7. Might be kind of cliched, but maybe someone close to a character is killed and they hire other people, or maybe it's a extremely large and hard to track down bounty, or a series of searching for someone.
  8. Well, I figured it'd be nice to tie in the people's reasons. We could combine those concepts. One character lost someone close to them because of the particular outlaw. It happens to be an incredibly difficult person to track down and kill, and one of the people is searching for someone as well. It'd be easy for one of them to be hiring help, so, that could work easy overall.
  9. Any idea for location?

    Edit: This will affect a few of my ideas for characters.
  10. I'm thinking either Mississippi or maybe Louisiana. If you have another preference, just say so.
  11. I'm fine with whatever, I was just wondering because I had a few ideas floating around.
  12. Well, I'm certainly curious and willing to accommodate. It wouldn't be difficult for characters to have traveled, after all.
  13. Well I was thinking more along the mountians, because at one point I was considering a Native American character, and I doubt a big outlaw would be somewhere relatively civilized like that.
  14. Ha, we think at least somewhat alike. The primary reason I was thinking of Mississippi was because of it's reservation, where my character was going to be from. The tension in the South would help too.
  15. Only considering at this point, but I have plenty of other ideas.
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