Makeup for Men?

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What do you think about the idea of men in makeup?

  1. Maybe in some hypothetical futureverse

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  2. Stage makup is fine, but everyday? No

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  3. Dude no, Makeup is for girls.

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  4. Maybe just, like, concealer/patching type stuff

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  5. It'd be interesting to see how the industry changed

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  6. Hell yeah! Makeup should be for everyone!

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  7. Franky my dear I don't give a damn

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  1. Thoughts? Questions? Hypotheses?

    On makeup in general, I love it. I don't think you should put on makeup with the mentality that you are 'fixing' yourself, but honestly I just find it fun. It's photoshop for your face, I can look basically any way I want to and it's a great sense of accomplishment at the end, like looking at work of art. There's this stereotype that people wear makeup because they don't want people to see what they really look like, and I'm sure there are some struggling people who do that, but it's definitely not true of makeup users in general. Some of us just like having so many options for how to look! Anxiety over what someone will think of you without makeup is to me no different than what someone will think of you in a bikini (or, pertinent to the topic, a speedo! ;P). Everyone has their insecurities, but I don't think wearing makeup and being insecure about your looks are mutually inclusive.

    Now! That said! The idea of makeup for guys, and it being acceptable for men to wear makeup!

    Personally, I love the idea. And not just because I thought Adam Lambert was hot as hell in his guyliner.

    I once saw a tutorial on makeup where a guy used a matte charcoal eyeshadow to brush over his stubble and fill the bare-er patches, and I thought that was so cool. I wondered how many dudes want to rock the stubbly/scruffy look, but don't because their hair unfortunately grows in patchy (and like of course my view is if you want to rock a look, rock it. I'm 5'10" and I once cosplayed Konata, who's the shortest person in her series, so fuck expectations. But like, if someone wanted to have a smoother stubbly look, access to cosmetics would help with that!). I bet there are probably also a few dudes who wish they could have some way to banish dark circles and stuff and not deal with "you look exhausted/like shit". Although, I guess men get less comments on average about how they look in terms of appearing fresh and attractive. Either way I feel like there are dudes who would use a concealer if they could.

    And then there's stuff like acne and razor burn....A friend of mine who was raised a sort of alternative way had never worn makeup before, so I got to teach her the ways over christmas (she asked me to). She asked if I thought she should get a concealer, and I told her basically my thoughts on hiding 'imperfections' like acne and blackheads and dark circles in general. "I mean, if you want to, go for it. I wear it pretty much every day because my sleep schedule is shit and so I always look tired if I don't. And it's not like I'm trying to hide that I didn't sleep well or I worry what people will think, I just don't feel like dealing with people mistakenly thinking that I'm not doing so great, and I don't want to advertise that I only got a catnap last night - it's nobody's damn business and I can hide it if I want to"

    I feel like this right should be extended to men.

    Even just in terms of this kind of stuff I feel like makeup for men is a cool idea. And if that took off, well, it'd be cool to see where it went from there! With women the trends are to make the eyes and lips appear large and vibrant, and the skin smooth and clear, but who knows what visuals would be promoted in men's cosmetics? Would beauty marks return in the way of artificial scars? Would the bold brow extend across both genders? I think the stubbly look would take off for sure, too. Would highlighting make jaws look wider and more square? who knows? It'd be cool to see though

    What do you guys think?
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  2. I'm one of those guys that says "I want to see your face, not the paint you put on it" and it's as simple as that. You do you, but I'll do me and me. Own who you are, though, so if you wan to then by all means, do it. I don't really like the idea of makeup on anyone, though, genders got nothing to do with it.

    Short comment is short, don't have much to say on the topic.
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  3. No! No! No! Men aren't supposed to be pretty. They're supposed to be rugged, sweaty, and covered in dirt! You know, like cowboys, and firemen! If a guy is spending more time on his appearance than I am, than we have problems.
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  4. Your comment reminded me of a preface I should put in about my thoughts on makeup in general!
    /edits OP
  5. I own more footwear than my waifu, does that count?
    Any time xD
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  6. <3
    Everybody's gonna have different preference, especially in regards to what we find ATTRACTIVE (not necessarily the same as what we find socially acceptable. I think its great that people go to the gym, but I'm not attracted to musclemen). I think if a guy wants to portray himself a certain way, that's his choice, and I think it sucks that society is limiting his options.

    I suppose if something I considered really unattractive was normalized I wouldn't be terribly happy about it either though xD I wouldn't be actively opposing, but I'd be unhappy
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  7. I personally don't like the feeling of makeup, though I've had to wear it for theater purposes and etc. But who gives a shit?

    Non-professional makeup should be worn to make the person wearing it happy, and not for the sake or by the standards of anyone else.
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  8. I'm against makeup in general to be honest, and it's not just on guys. I used to spend hours putting it on to get ready for school and going out, but now that I know how badly it can mess up your face in the long run, I don't see much of a reason for it. Occasionally I don't see it as a bad thing, but every day is just too much.
  9. Or football fans?





    Makeup doesn't have to be about making you "pretty", and anyway. Guys can be pretty if they want to.
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  10. A test for guys who say they prefer women without makeup: do you think this woman is wearing no makeup?


    If you answered yes, you're wrong, goddamn. I always question people who say that because when they're confronted with women who actually are not wearing makeup, they go 'uhh, are you sick?' Bruh. No makeup versus 'no makeup makeup.'

    Anyway, I say if you want to wear makeup, wear makeup. Fuck everyone else. It doesn't matter. Same goes for if you don't want to wear makeup. Wear it for yourself. There will always be someone who complains about your appearance whether you wear it or not. "You're wearing too much!" "You look sick, put some makeup on!" I have a lot of feelings about the subject.

    My stance is the same for dudes. I think men should be able to wear makeup if they want to without stigma. Makeup should be for everyone. Also super tired of the 'real men don't do this!' and 'real women don't do this!' line of thinking. As I said in the other thread, you're only not a real man/woman if you're actually a cyborg from outerspace. Everyone is a real person. Holy moly.
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  11. Personally I don't put any make-up on myself, but, I have absolutely zero qualms with anyone else using it for themselves, regardless of gender.

    You wanna pretty yourself up? Great. Have at it. Condemning it as "artificial" or some shit like that just doesn't make any sense to me. Should we tell people to stop styling their hair a certain way and that everyone should just keep it natural? No, because people like styling their hair certain ways -- and it isn't always to impress people, either. Often, it's just a way of expressing yourself and doing what you personally like to do with your hair. The same can be said about the clothes you wear. You don't always wear nice clothes because you're trying to look good for other people -- you can wear nice clothes just because you like the way you look. I see no reason why makeup should be any different in this regard.

    And I see no reason why men can't enjoy it, either, if they like the way they look in it. I mean, why should the idea of just looking good be feminized like this? It's not like makeup can only enhance feminine features, anyway -- like Mini said, there are plenty of ways you can use makeup to create a more masculine, handsome look. It doesn't have to make you look girly.

    If you're a guy and you don't like wearing makeup then that's all fine and good. No one's saying you should wear it. But, if a guy does want to wear makeup because he likes how he looks in it, then, I don't see any reason why he can't. It's his face. Let him do what he wants with it. >>

    Basically, all of this boils down to: let people do what they want with their own appearances. Guys, girls, doesn't matter -- do what you like with your own body.

    Of course, that's not to say that I'm trying to tell other people what they should or shouldn't find attractive! If you don't like the look of makeup on guys (or girls, for that matter) then that's your preference and there's no point in trying to change that -- just like I wouldn't try to tell you it's "wrong" to think that tattoos or piercings are unattractive if that's how you feel. I just don't like the idea that makeup should only be for girls and that men shouldn't wear it if they don't want to be seen as effeminate, or even that makeup on anyone is "fake" or "deceptive" and therefore it's a "bad" thing in general. Your preferences are your preferences, but I don't think it's right to shame other people for their choices. >>
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  12. As far as makeup goes, wear what makes you comfortable.
    Unless it's a formal situation of some kind where you know it would be inappropriate, like football paint at a black tie event.
  13. I voted yes, everyone should wear make-up if they want to.

    But with the footnote that I still personally prefer people without make-up, regardless of sex.
    Some people can use very minimal amounts of make-up (ex: covering a zit), so this stuff often ends up being a trick question.
    But assuming those shenanigans isn't what's going on... I'm going to say no.

    *Reads further down*

    Sweet, I was right. :3

    (Though next time I'd advise waiting for people's answers before giving them the answer)
  14. I don't really care one way or another, but I think it looks ridiculous when someone shaves their eyebrows and then draws them back on.
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  15. It'd be interesting to see how the industry changes their push to get their products out towards women and to men (if that ever happens). I would try stuff like concealer/patching type stuff to cover up my imperfections (and I have many), but I live under a religious house so that wouldn't happen until I get my own place. I personally don't see anything wrong with makeup for both genders and I don't have an single issue with people using makeup, let them use them if they wish.

    It helps them out to cover up all of the imperfections that they sadly have and they are happier with makeup on. And I personally think that makeup makes great artworks and there should be more artwork with makeup.

    Here are some of the samples (open)



    And I have seen a share of guys in makeup, since I am friends with most of the guys (and ladies) of my high school's drama department.

  16. Seriously. You do you, I'll do me. If you like wearing makeup, and I care about you or find it appealing, I'll offer a compliment. If I dislike it, I'll keep my commentary to myself. If you're a guy who likes wearing makeup, you're living the Hollywood dream completely free to express who you are. Be what you want to be.

    Just, you know, don't expect me to conform to whatever standards of beauty you have. Beauty is a personal thing. If you think all makeup is made by the patriarchy to convince (wo)men to objectify themselves, you're a fucking idiot. If you think all (wo)men should wear makeup and look like plastic or are otherwise ugly, you're also a fucking idiot. Come to your own decision on whether or not you like makeup, and roll with it, without forcing other people to conform to your beauty standards. (Be they with or without makeup--who the fuck elected you "pope of taste" anyway?)

    So if you're a fabulous as fuck male on the inside and want to look it on the outside, decorate your face for a few hours in a mirror. Whether that is to be a clown, a Hollywood star, an expression of your personal identity or culture, to look more sexually attractive by societal standards--whatever it is you do it for, do it cuz' you wanna do it. Or, you know, don't.

    Cuz' frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Don't expect me to find you beautiful for your use of makeup (or lackthereof), I'll cone to my own decision whether I find you attractive or not. Thanks. Stop shoving your social pressures down my throat to crusade against villainy of the left or right sort'o'variety.
  17. I can see how make-up makes things happen. Makes people pretty or ugly or whatever. That said, I think it's mostly a waste of time outside of certain applications. I think this for men and women.

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  19. My face is so perfect it don't need makeup, bro.
    Also I'm allergic.

    Anyway, despite what most people in my country think (ie girls only wear makeup and act a certain way for attention), I say everyone should be able to wear makeup, whatever their intentions and gender is. Go express yourself!
    In fact, I think all people should let loose a little bit and try out new stuff! Wanna wear makeup but you're male? Sure, I'd love to see the eyeliner you're using! You're a girl but don't like makeup? Okay, I like your freckles! Trans, but unsure how to go? There's always a blush and minimal makeup! Experimenting? Go wild! Be artsy! It's about time people start doing what makes them happy, damn it.

    I don't actually know much about makeup (I only use lip balm sometimes), but I have a few friends who just rock it!

    I'd like to try wearing makeup in the future, but I guess it's just unimportant to me at the moment.
  20. Mm, I think makeup could be used to enhance/pronounce/accentuate one's features. It doesn't have to look phony or fake looking like some people here point out - I have friends who make it into an art. Also, I don't dig into the people crying makeup 'objectifies' women or anything like that. Like any other thing, it can be used for good or bad - and makeup, maybe, can be used to just boost one's confidence and empower. Not just hide something.

    I don't even use makeup lol (only face powder and lip tint or lip balm). Alas, the subtleties of applying it to myself escape me - my best friend knows me better when it comes to fixing myself up lol

    And if guys want to put on makeup? It's their choice and I've never really cared. Sure, it might cause a raised brow -

    Hey, I actually have a classmate who's LGBT and a nice guy (I'm using that for his gender now since he says he feels like he is most of the time though not completely 'male'). He told us that he doesn't really identify as mostly male all of the time, but generally he acknowledges he is. That doesn't stop him from enjoying putting on makeup, or veering into the more 'feminine' side of the spectrum (I don't know what it's called, but he's comfortable that way). And by god, he makes a gorgeous face when made up. The sad thing is, he only indulges himself in something that clearly makes him happy by himself - his profile picture on facebook is beautifully made up and he says he feels it's his 'real self' that he can't show others often face to face.

    Also a matter of personal preference, but when I find people attractive, I find them attractive. (Any sex or gender, bruh. That doesn't deter me from finding you pretty or handsome.) It doesn't matter to me if they use make up (though yes, I think makeup done well would be what would catch my eye first), actually that might just be a sign that they like to take care of themselves (though of course that's not guaranteed). ^^

    And lastly I don't like it when people like to limit other people. Like the other people here already said, why would you judge someone to be 'masculine' or 'feminine' based on your own preferences without considering the fact that they also have their own? That they like their appearance that way, that it makes them happy and they could feel perfectly manly while doing it. I think not only a 'real man' should be comfortable with themselves as they want to be, but everyone.
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