Make yourself an action figure? (3D printing can!)

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  1. >> Article here <<

    I heard about this in my university's 3D printing club. We're working on some projects for using 3D printers to develop irrigation and water canals in a small village in Nigeria. Hopefully, with more funds, we plan on printing those irrigation tubes, shipping the materials, and traveling there to implement the project.

    Anyways! 3D printing is the new hype because it allows anything to be printed ! When I saw this article, I was very very interested! Imagine having a little person of yourself to keep on your table top!

    Would you like to 3D print yourself or someone else? Do you think $300 is worth having an original doll?
    And what clothes or special backpack or favorite pet would you take along for the modeling?

    I, for one, would like a miniature model of Asmodeus! Maybe I could build some kind of voice-activated technology onto the figurine so that it would tell me all sorts of wise cracks when I ask about different subjects! That would be really fun! ([MENTION=10]Asmodeus[/MENTION])
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