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  1. Fuse Character Generator

    Has anyone used this? Are you going to use it and make ALL your characters and thus both love & hate me? Is this all for not?

    Show & tell time folks.
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    -acquires this immediately and is never seen on iwaku again-
  3. Aren't you all glad I wait until AFTER THE UPDATE? ... what, there were things to be fixed still? Oops!
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  4. It's too late. This bastard is downloading. DOWNLOADING. ALL THE CHARACTERS WILL BE MADE. ALL OF THEM.
  5. I need this in my life.

  6. B-but I pay my Liger artist to make my characters. She feeds my addiction. *pokes avatar*

    I had a friend use that generator once to help me find a shirt reference though.
  7. Downloading this now.
  8. Ok, just tried it out.
    The clothing options were too generic.
    I couldn't find anything that would compliment a Sci-Fi setting.
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  9. Will try it when I get home. (And probably forget all about studying for that math exam... )
  11. I tried it. It made me angry. Then it was removed from my computer.
    All before I saw this post tonight.
    (I want SIMs. It's a terrible idea but I want it anyway.)
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