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  1. Whats your favorite kind? I'mma looking for new stuff ladies and guys who know about that kind of stuff.:wink:

    I love looooooove MAC Cosmetics, especially their long wear eyeliner. XD
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    Anyway. I'm allergic to most make up. I also just prefer to be all natural. However... I do like multiple colours of eye shadow and eye liner, both of which I can wear any brand of without swelling or breaking out. Those, I usually get from Hot Topic if I feel like spending the money on it.

  8. I am too LAZY for makeup. c_____c

    I really love those mineral power foundations. o____o It evens out my skin and makes me look young and fresh and awake! I always stick to neutral natural colors now too.

    ANd I never wear lipstick anymore. >< It wears off too much.
  9. Nyx Cosmetics. 'Nuff said.
  10. I mainly use Clinique for foundation, hawk and scoop the old lipsticks my sister bought from MAC and got Revlon gold hued lipstick and a natural pink lipstick from LancĂ´me.

    I got a Nyx eye compact Zypher, but that shit doesn't... stay. Even with a little bit of vaseline it doesn't keep vibrancy it has on the compact.
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  12. I use MAC studio fix foundation 'cause I have yet to find ANY other brand of makeup to match my skin tone.... Being pastey white isn't always the best >___>.
    But I don't settle for just one brand with other items, I use all kinds..... Though I dislike most Revlon and L'oreal products. But sometimes I have to cave when my little drugstore has such limited options.

    I am a makeup artist ( no schooling, but I do still get paid if it's not volunteer~) so for stage / effects makeup you can barely ever go wrong with BenNye~!~ Greatest brand ever! :DD

    I love makeup, I really do!
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  14. For me, I wear so little make up it's not about the brands I use but what make up I use at all...

    I have a kohl pencil eyeliner, but it's TOO soft. I know, kohl is soft, but the harder eyeliners are hard to apply, too. They tend to be too light and don't leave a nice solid black like I'd want...

    I wanna try liquid eyeliner but my mom's traumatizing me, saying it's hard to take off it you mess up and it hurts if you get it in your eye and all sorts of crazy scary stuff. Santa and the Easter Bunny will join in holy matrimony, all sorts of things, she says to me!

    But I want to. It looks less hassle and I don't have to shape the point, and it leaves a nice solid black... hmmm... Tips, guys? D:
  15. Well the best advice I think I could give for liquid eyeliner is TRY IT! If you are worried about it messing up, just dip a cotton swab in some makeup remover, or even water if the liner isn't waterproof, and just gently go over the area you messed up with. Just make sure you dry that area off after, before you go back with the other makeup. But honestly, it just takes some practice. A lot of people have a hard time with liquid eyeliner and just give up; but as they say, practice makes perfect. How else do proffessional makeup artists succeed??!

    Also as a first timer, make sure that you let the liner dry first before blinking, or else you get a messy eyelid! 0___0

    Another thing to keep in mind is that brand can sometimes make the difference, I do like l'oreal for their liquid liner. And you have the options of either going with either a brush or sponge tip applicator. I personally prefer the sponge. I find it gives better control and much cleaner line.

    So just take a day to practice, you may have to remove and re-apply a few times until you get the hang of it, but it's worth it!~

    But if you want to try something a little more adventurous, try to find a good gel liner. I love them so much! You apply it with a brush, an angled brush is the best to use. I don't know what brands you have access to, but Maybelline New York came out with a rather nice gel liner. It comes with it's own brush, and is available in black, black-brown, brown, and dark purple; and is waterproof <3 ! I love it a lot!

    Hope it all goes well!!! ^_^ <3
  16. mary kay concealer is boss. got me out of MANY awkward hickie convo's with my parents and my then gf's parents
  17. Lipstick. Usually in red or magenta.
  18. Other than being a bartender, one of my other jobs is Makeup Artist. I can give you my opinion. Personally I do not like much of MACs products. I like thier eyeliner, lipsticks, and shadows. However I do not go near anything MAC that touches the face. (IE blush, foundation, powder, etc..) This is because MAC is comedogenic. This means it clogs the pores and is likely to cause breakouts. I've had many women come to me in thier 40's who have never had a pimple in thier life and were completely broken out from it. Foundation wise, I like Studio Ggear and Cargo. The hold up like Mac but are healthier and non-comedogenic.

    Liquid Eyeliner Tip-

    When first using liquid liner you must first realize that it takes practice, practice, practice! Nobody gets it on the first try. As you apply rest your pinkie finger on your cheeck to stabalize your hand. Start from the inside corner and make a small line going towards the middle of the lid and stop when you're 1/3 way there. Reposition your hand to a more comfortable angle and do a line across the middle and stop. Reposition again and finsh the end of the lid off. Normally the end is thicker than the rest. If you do it enough it becomes second nature.


    Try coloring in your entire lip with a nude lipliner. Then put your lipstick over it. That's an old MUA trick to keep it on through a photoshoot.

    Over the past 3 years of Applying makeup, and educating people on Makeup and skincare has brought me to my list of fav's-

    Foundation- Cargo Liquid
    Powder- Cargo Hi-Def Blu-Ray,
    Concealar- Studio Gear pots
    Eyeliner- Urban Decay liquid, Studio Gear pencil, Too Faced liquid
    Shadows- Urban Decay, MAC
    Blush- Benefit Posie Tint, Sugar Bomb, and Coralista
    Mascara- Cargo Texas Lash, Cargo Lash Activator
    Eye Primer - Urban Decay, Kat Von D
    Face Primer - Cargo High Def Primer