Make up unusual names for roads.

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  1. I saw a few in Alabama once.. "Booze Mountain Road" and "Booger" road. Yes.. a real road called BOOGER... Alabama is weird.

    We can make some too.

    I will start it off with:

    Kitten Shock Dr.!
  2. The Faggot's Forkings.
  3. I saw a sign for "Our Road" the other day.
  4. Twisted Dicks Ave
  5. Christian Haak

    These guys had to go through a crap-ton of training to get the serum that he had been injected with upon arrival. Why did they have to work so hard and he just had to show up? Weren’t these people just as committed to the cause? His hand paused half-way to his mouth, the Lieutenant’s words ringing in his ears. Them. He said it like it was some grand battle he would be going into or something. Maybe it would be. Were the people who had his sister that bad? 'Can’t imagine what they might do to her?' He could feel his heartbeat quickening in his chest, anger bubbling up again. Suddenly, the ground beneath his body felt like it was shaking. The sensation stopped only seconds later and he forced himself to speak. “How much time do we have to find her before they do something that can’t be undone?”

    Tyler Haak

    In that same moment, Tyler was thrown across the room, her back slamming into a wall before bouncing off and landing on the floor with a generally pained groan. Jaques had caught her fist as she was coming at him and tossed her away like it was nothing. Damn, why was he so much stronger than her? Was she not strong? The woman pushed herself up to her hands and knees, pressing at her stomach which felt like she’d been hit by a truck. She was nursing the pain for a moment until Jaques did his best to hit her below the belt. Her eyes snapped open, her hands balling into fists to push herself up.

    But one verbal hit wasn’t enough. No. He had to keep coming at her, slamming into her with the thing she already felt the most guilty about – feeling like she’d instigated Daisuke’s death… Fearing she might let someone else perish the same way. “Shut up.” She tried to dissuade him from continuing with two simple, yet forceful, words but he wouldn’t stop. The heat beneath her skin flickered, building up until the blue of her skin receded. God, why did he have to be so cruel? Threaten her team’s life? Claim that she would not care in the slightest?

    Again she was hit by a burst of air, pushing her back against the wall once again. Then he was coming at her, throwing more wind her way, this time in a sharper form. Seeing him nearing her so close, she could only think of one move – or at least, the one she felt angry enough to attempt right now. She rolled along the wall just enough to avoid the blades, pushing herself away from it and instead of charging at Jaques, she pushed for a few steps right passed him. Her voice echoed through the room as she screamed in pained alto. “SHUT UP!” This time, her temper was sharp enough to create something lethal and she moved to take just two steps passed the teacher, arcing around his left side and letting her own power condense around her left fist into a sharpened point which she thrust at Jaques’ lower back with all her strength.
  6. Gay street, I saw it the other day.
  7. We have a road in Petawawa that's called "New Road" .....and it's like 25 years old x_x;
  8. Puppymill Avenue!
  10. The end of the line STR.
  11. There's a street in my neighborhood called "Morningwood Drive". o_o
  12. We have "Smart Street", "Sunshine Ave," & "PidgeonMeadow Parkway"
  13. Dickwillow Avenue!
  14. Fartnocking Ave!
  15. Busternut Drive

    Smallbust Lane

    Limpnoodle Ave