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Make up unusual names for roads.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Isabella Hime, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I saw a few in Alabama once.. "Booze Mountain Road" and "Booger" road. Yes.. a real road called BOOGER... Alabama is weird.

    We can make some too.

    I will start it off with:

    Kitten Shock Dr.!
  2. The Faggot's Forkings.
  3. I saw a sign for "Our Road" the other day.
  4. Twisted Dicks Ave
  5. There's an Ohai Street in SF.
  6. Gay street, I saw it the other day.
  7. We have a road in Petawawa that's called "New Road" .....and it's like 25 years old x_x;
  8. Puppymill Avenue!
  10. The end of the line STR.
  11. There's a street in my neighborhood called "Morningwood Drive". o_o
  12. We have "Smart Street", "Sunshine Ave," & "PidgeonMeadow Parkway"
  13. Dickwillow Avenue!
  14. Fartnocking Ave!
  15. Busternut Drive

    Smallbust Lane

    Limpnoodle Ave