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  1. Kyra had no clue what happened next, she heard the sound of crunching metal. She knew that Sara had crashed, but she didn't see anything...what did Sara hit? She could hear the sound of the van being tore open, her mind rapidly wondered what was happening, her vision was still hazy from the impact. So she was surprised and started to scream when she felt herself grabbed, then gave a yelp as she was thrown and hit the wall. She struggled to remain conscious, she could hear something coming toward her. The last thing she remembered was her screaming Sara's name.

    When she came to she was tied up, "Sara!" Kyra yelped attempting to hug her friend but being unable. "Whats...whats that?" She whined when she noticed the masked thing. "Whats going on? Where are we?"
  2. Without descending to a brag Lady Sif,I have a variety of weapons I am considered expert with.

    I gesture to the bag on one of the chairs at the table.

    I did promise not to take them out. But feel free to peruse my Lady.
  3. Lady Sif, I have suffered many indignities over the centuries since most of my time indeed has been spent among mortal kind. These indignities were largely of my own making.

    Now, through the use of my own willpower and what Tony Stark calls a learning curve, I have determined there is a need for me to change. To not be a lout and a fool.

    I sigh, thinking that perhaps I have explained too much.

    I have determined that it takes more than a weapon to make a warrior. I respect you because you, Lady Sif are a warrior

    Bah... forgive me, I spout like an old fountain.

    I go back to my stew, feeling silly.

    Oh... I live in Philadelphia now, Son of Coul will have my address there.
  4. Beast of the night

    BTW,Dimmu Borgir is awesome.
  5. "My practice is still in New York, but I'm teaching now, as well. At Harvard, my Alma Mater. Hence the papers. Superhuman Law is now sort of a thing, so I have a twice a week class I teach. The two hundred mile commute is easy when you still have your flying car from back in the day." She shrugged and raised her hand to hail the waitress.

    "I'll switch to actual Iced Tea and not the Long Island variety, hun. Thanks. And how's Sif doing? Still pining for the Blonde Clueless One?" No use poking the bear right? Of course, Herc did come into a bar, so maybe this was another test he was putting himself though.

    After a moment she continued. "I want you to know, I regret none of it. Well, maybe the part where I tried to bring you in- Wait... I don't even know if that even really happened, anymore. I mean officially. I get a little brain fuzz since, well, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. There had to be another you in that other place, that got squished together? I mean, I'm aware of it because well, Hell I'm one of the Magistrati, the lawyers for the Living Tribunal, and I've always had a little bit special going on in my head with regards to my grip on reality."
  6. In honor of our long friendship Jen, I would be honored to be at a fellow warrior's beck and call. My number has not changed though my city has.

    Also, our friend Steve Rogers gifted me with a magnificent Motor bike. An large engine by .. uhm.. Maserati ? and four wheels with only a few Stark tricks to keep me from crashing.
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  8. "You should go with a smaller glass." Yura stated as she took another drink. "You'll wake up with a hang over again."
    "Shut up. This won't do anything to me." Zeria growled glaring at Yura, who's returning gaze was quite uninterested. She became...a bit more apathetic after her and Zeria's fight. Zeria maintained her old hothead nature, and this annoyed Yura which often led to them fighting against each other.

    Now when Layla showed up Yura took the young dragon as a sister, finding the girl adorable. Shes not entirely noticed that Layla is jealous of the attention she give Zeria, sure shes noticed that Layla gets jealous, but shes placed that jealousy under Layla just being jealous of attention being pulled away from her, not that Layla is worried that Yura still has feelings for Zeria. Yura's feelings for Zeria pretty much died when her ex attempted to cut her throat, these contests are more her trying to make sure that Zeria knows shes not as good as Yura.

    When Yura put the fourth glass to the side and stood up, alcohol had no effect on her, something that Zeria hasn't seemed to realize yet. She felt Layla's arms around her arm and she moved her tail to wrap around the girls waist. "It was just the normal attempt of hers to out drink me." She gave a soft giggle when Layla suggested spraying Zeria with water. "I'm sure that would just annoy her more."
    Yura's eyes lit up when the beach was mentioned, she loved the beach, loved the ocean. In fact any water, lakes were nicer to swim in for long periods of time but oceans were so much larger and filled with far more unique life. "The beach sounds like a lot of fun. And of course I can breath underwater, what kind of water dragon would I be if I couldn't?" She did find it interesting that Layla wanted some diamonds or pearls, but she decided that she would get Layla the biggest she could find.

    "Some movies would be nice, and I don't mind taking a shower or bath with you." When Layla mentioned zapping Zeria's drink Yura gave another giggle before picking Layla up and giving her a hug. "That was why she suddenly jumped when she took a drink. Sure you can sleep in my room, she wont hurt you when your with me. No one will." She continued to carry Layla until they entered her room where she climbed onto the bed and started to browse through her collection of movies. "What would you like to watch?"
  9. Fothermucker Circus - Kinda liek a picadilly Circus, but Fothermucker
  10. Broken Z strip.
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  15. If a character is not finished, @chrono please submit things to the Drawing Board, not character submissions, also...

    The point level of this character is not Enhanced. Did you not read the power levels?

    Superhuman: 23 - 29 points
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