Make up generic metal album names!

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  1. Gibs and I had some fun while being bored! I made up names like Darkness of the Darkest Dark and Dark Wolf of the Darkest Darkness.

    I am sure you can come up with more and better names!
  2. Without descending to a brag Lady Sif,I have a variety of weapons I am considered expert with.

    I gesture to the bag on one of the chairs at the table.

    I did promise not to take them out. But feel free to peruse my Lady.
  3. Lady Sif, I have suffered many indignities over the centuries since most of my time indeed has been spent among mortal kind. These indignities were largely of my own making.

    Now, through the use of my own willpower and what Tony Stark calls a learning curve, I have determined there is a need for me to change. To not be a lout and a fool.

    I sigh, thinking that perhaps I have explained too much.

    I have determined that it takes more than a weapon to make a warrior. I respect you because you, Lady Sif are a warrior

    Bah... forgive me, I spout like an old fountain.

    I go back to my stew, feeling silly.

    Oh... I live in Philadelphia now, Son of Coul will have my address there.
  4. Beast of the night

    BTW,Dimmu Borgir is awesome.
  5. Apocalypse Of Hell.

    I bet they've actually used it though...
  6. Hard as a steel ****
  7. M-any
  8. Fothermucker Circus - Kinda liek a picadilly Circus, but Fothermucker
  9. Broken Z strip.
  12. Shattered Grace
  13. Acid Lullaby

    Norotic Bloodlines

    Bloody Crosses
  14. I just happened to stumble upon it and the rest is history.
  15. Burzum - "Mein Kampf"

    "Too Extreme For Midgard, Too Geeky For Vallhalla"

    "I Wish I Was Finnish"


    "Obviously Mentally Ill People"
  16. No Light

    Self Destruction

    Napalm Bath
  17. Bloody Mop

    Fake Tits

    Busted Fists