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Make up generic metal album names!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Isabella Hime, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Gibs and I had some fun while being bored! I made up names like Darkness of the Darkest Dark and Dark Wolf of the Darkest Darkness.

    I am sure you can come up with more and better names!
  2. Misanthropic Oblivious Armageddon

    This is obviously a Dimmu Borgir album.
  3. Black Moon Dark Sun

    >:D Yeah! Totally metal!
  4. Anna looked at him and made her burning curse even worse inside of him getting angrier
    "You act like you owe your whole life to Lilith. You at least had a life before she saved you. I was a simple servant as a human but those angels. They murdered every fucking one. My family, my friends, everyone. When I was about to die, Lilith saved me from the mortal world. I became a succubus. And that is the best thing that has happened in my life. At first I was a low life demon who was thrash. But I saw Lilith as the real ruler of this place. I looked up to her. It gave me confidence to get stronger and now I am a high level demon who is even her servant. My life was actually saved. And I want to become stronger, for Lilith, for the other succubei. I want to become like a ruler myself, to help any of my kind in need of it."
    There were tears dripping from her cheeks as she she kicked him in the face
    "Don't act like you are the only one who ever got saved by her!"
  5. Apocalypse Of Hell.

    I bet they've actually used it though...
  6. Hard as a steel ****
  7. M-any
  8. Fothermucker Circus - Kinda liek a picadilly Circus, but Fothermucker
  9. Broken Z strip.
  12. Shattered Grace
  13. Acid Lullaby

    Norotic Bloodlines

    Bloody Crosses
  14. Soulcrusher

    Freedom to die

    These bloodstained boots

    Holy blessed homicide (Quote, I want to see if anyone gets it)

    Bloody roses

    Forever Fued

    Shattered Remnants

    Forward! To the end

    Time to die
  15. Burzum - "Mein Kampf"

    "Too Extreme For Midgard, Too Geeky For Vallhalla"

    "I Wish I Was Finnish"


    "Obviously Mentally Ill People"
  16. No Light

    Self Destruction

    Napalm Bath
  17. Bloody Mop

    Fake Tits

    Busted Fists