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  1. A pretty simple suggestion/idea, can we make it so banners activly scroll through the rotation of various banners? I have been contemplating joining a new Rp or two, and it would be nice if i didn't have to F5 to see the different recruiting Rps.
  2. They do scroll on their own after about 60 seconds!

    But I know no one who isn't sitting in chat would want to sit and wait for that to happen.

    We've already put in a request to the mod coder for a master list of all the ad banners in the rotation. :D We're hoping they add that as a feature one day.
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  3. at 60 seconds, f5-ing is hugely more efficent. Admitedly, this is most likely a personal issue though, as I imagine most people don't look for new rps via banners.

    When you do get a master list, perhaps make it a featured page? just a subforum in the banner submissions bit that links all current banners on the rotation to their respective sign up?
  4. We're hoping it will be something like that, or a link right under the roleplay banners to "show all".

    We won't know until the modder does the request, though. O_O
  5. I also wonder which ads show up when, because currently it seems like I see some ads WAY more frequently than others.

    For example, @unanun has still never seen the Ilium banner (not a single time), and I have only seen it a handful of times since it was accepted, but I have seen other banners upwards of twenty or thirty times.
  6. All of them are completely random. o__o So it's just the luck of the draw on how often you see certain ones. There's no view tier settings for any banners.
  7. I understand that you are limited to what the coder can do, but since the revamp is on the horizon, how about adding a banner preference section to user profiles? The ability to limit the banners to only say, group or libertkne or fantsdy, etc. All depending on the user's preference?
  8. That is also something only the mod coder can do! But I can go post that request on their site, because that is a very good suggestion!
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  9. Perfect. Thanks for all the quick responses Di. Cookies for mods.
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  10. Yay cookies! 8D
  11. Yeah, I'm not sure why I can't see the ilium banner. I just saw 'bloodlines' twice. When I was refreshing to see the banner after it was first submitted, I saw maybe a total of 10 or so that kept getting rotated.
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