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  1. I being an overly emotional piece of work, this honestly should not be terribly difficult. Nonetheless, let me present a challenge for you all. Each level will have several criteria you must follow in order to complete it; before posting, please specify which level you are taking on.

    REMINDER: Be creative! While you cannot change things such as the word count required, look for loopholes, alternative definitions/meanings, phrases, quotes, etc. to get those nouns in there!

    Level 1:
    • No more than 2000 words
    • Two characters
    • At least two metaphors
    • A crack
    • An umbrella
    • An oak tree

    Level 2:
    • No more than 1500 words
    • Three characters
    • At least one metaphor
    • At least one pop culture reference
    • A cabbage
    • An ice cream truck
    • A flag (any color)
    • A plastic ring
    Level 3:
    • One character
    • Two non-human characters
    • No more than 1000 words
    • At least two metaphors
    • At least one mythology reference
    • A ballpoint pen with no ink
    • Leopard print
    • A thermometer
    • A map of Mongolia
    • A dozen

    Good luck, and have fun, everyone! Remember, saddest stories you can write, following the criteria provided.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.