Make it a Great Day or not. The choice is yours!


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I really like this blog! With it's 7 Habits tips.

There are quite a few always-cranky, self deprecating people out there. And no one ever seems to realize that they have the power to choose how they respond to all the shitfuck crappiness that might happen. D:

When you're having a bad day - how do you respond to it? Do you find yourself wallowing in suffering? Do you assume you deserve it? Or do you find ways to see the 'bright side' of things?


I'm not saying I never have a bad day, but I do try my best to step back and go "girl you know you still have it good." Bad experiences I try to use as learning opportunities. Live without regreats and keep exploring. Life is an awesome adventure after all.


I'm responding to having had a bad day yesterday by trolling all of Brazil.

Hahah, the fuckers lost to Paraguay.


lordy do i have my share of bad days sometimes haha. Honestly though I may get down for a short bit but ya gotta bounce back. A common theme for me seems to be 'over it'. Sorta seems cocky, yes, but really. Bad things happen, it could be worse right? I'm still alive so i've got that. Live and learn and move on.

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I have been in some rough situations in my life, so I like to go with the saying "It could always be worse" That helps me cope with things. I have also found that dwelling on the bull**** that life throws at you only leads to more depression, thinking about the positive things and keeping my head up has been very helpful to me. Easier said that done, but far from impossible.

Another way I look at it: Making a bad day good is like a challenge, being the master of your own reality takes work, but is well worth it. In the end you are the deciding factor in how you feel. So when life gives you lemons? Make Lemon meringue pie!