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  1. So Ive wanted to do this for a really long time, basically it is where two kids or a group of kids are pretending. It's like when you were a kid and would play make believe so like, a really meta rp with children. Id say around 4 or 5 people max in the rp and the kids should be no younger than 5, no older than 8. Even though this is a Child rp i would prefer if you kept the responses at a decent length. I don't want walls of writing but i would rather not have one liners or super short paragraphs. Thank you.

    Please give a picture, Age and what your character will be pretending to be in this OOC Thread:
    (Boy and girl Characters are allowed)

    2._______KayLove - Raven_________
    3. ___RuKi ThAt CrAzY pErSoN - Ku___

    Charlotte-Anne (open)
    Age: 7
    MB Chara: Witch named Witch

    Charlotte-Anne stood at her door awaiting the ring of a doorbell, she had friends coming over today and the time didn't seem to want to pass fast enough. She grumbled as her mom called her to the kitchen but made her way over anyway. Despite it having been an annoyance just a minute ago, by the time she got there she was practically skipping with joy. Her pigtails bounced up and down whilst she leaped around the kitchen holding up her dress so she didn't trip. She was told that waiting by the door and staring at the clock would not make time go faster. Charlotte-Anne stopped dancing around and rolled her eyes making no comment as her mother continued by saying that if any of her friends would like to sleep over they could. Charlotte-Anne smiled happily and scurried out of the room to continue as she was doing before. Just in time too. The doorbell echoed throughout the house so she reached up on her tippy toes to open the door with a huge smile upon her lips. She finally got the door open and saw...
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  2. Raven stood outside Charlotte-Anne's door. She was too excited to stand still and rocked back and forth on her feet.
    Once the door opened Raven ran up to Charlotte-Anne to give her a hug.
  3. Charlotte-Anne hugged back before grabbing Raven by the hand, "Come on Raven... We should go upstairs to my room!" Laughing softly she pulled away from the hug with her hand still gripping tightly to Raven's. She dragged her younger friend behind her almost tripping up the stairs on the way up. The sounds of their parents talking and laughing whilst the two of them scampered off to play was heard as they did. With a grin they ran down the hall and took a turn into the second door on the left. "I am so excited, we gonna play so many things with everyone when we're all here!!!"
  4. Raven giggled as she ran behind Charlotte-Anne, practically being dragged.
    Hearing the word 'play' got Raven even more excited
    "Yay!" She jumped up and down as she clapped her hands in excitement.
    "Hm.." Raven suddenly stopped. "When will the others come? What will we play first?" Raven kept shooting out questions.
  5. Ku came up to the door and smirked his little kid smirk. He laughed a bit and knocked on the door. He quickly hid behind a bush on all fours ready to pounce when charizard [nickname for charolette] opened the door.
  6. Raven perked up when she heard the door. She couldn't and didn't want to wait any longer.
    "Charlotte someone's here!"
    Raven couldn't help but run to the stairs to wait for the door to be opened to see who was behind it.
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