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  1. The game is simple, you make a wish, and the next poster grants it, but it will always have a bad side effect. Such as say i made a wish to become rich, then the next person grants the wish, but makes me have to donate it all to charity.(which is not necessarily bad for them, but not necessarily good for the granted.)

    So then, let's get this started!

    I wish i could have a wolf puppy.
  2. granted, but it bites you

    i wish i had more time
  3. You do. You are in a universe where one year is one thousand years is back on earth, but there is no life and no way to escape.

    I wish for world peace. XD
  4. granted. the world is at peace. in exchange, you are forever at war with the rest of it.

    i wish for a bottle of wine
  5. granted, but it's leaking so you better hurry and drink it.

    I wish to wretch away the world from the grips of anime.
  6. Granted, but once the world leaves watching anime behind, they'll turn to obsessively watching old shows featuring terrible acting and annoying laugh tracks.

    I wish to meet my favorite characters from my beloved fandoms.
  7. Granted, but you realize they are less awesome in person.

    I wish to find my diary.
  8. granted, but everyone's read all your dirty secrets

    i want a kid!
  9. Granted, but the child keeps begging you to buy toys and video games.

    I want DA: Inquisitor!
  10. Granted, but your copy is possessed and contains the soul of a mass murdering spirit that will stop at nothing to destroy the one who plays it. Hey, you might become a creepypasta one day.

    I wish to be able to teleport.
  11. Granted. It only works when you don't need it.

    I want more eps of fate stay night
  12. Granted. You will have 100 more episodes, all directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

    I want to be a real-life mermaid. (the lower part of my body being that of a fish tail proportionate to the rest of my body, being able to dive deep underwater without succumbing to pressure or cold temperature, e.t.c)
  13. Granted, but you can only be a mermaid one day of the year; February 29th.

    I wish I had more energy
  14. Granted, but with this new-found, inhuman energy, the government whisks you away to a secret facility to experiment on you in hopes to figure out how to create the perfect renewable power source.

    I wish I had the ability to immediately learn a new language upon exposure to it.
  15. Granted but you become mute

    I wish that I had infinite amount of money to use on whatever I wanted
  16. granted. you get shot about three seconds later.

    i want a cheeseburger
  17. Granted, but it's poorly made and tastes bad.

    I wish I could meet Batman.
  18. Granted, but you meet Ben Affleck as Batman.

    I wish I had a new washing machine...
  19. Granted, but it breaks down the first time you use it.

    I want an extra two hours in my day which I could use to catch up on sleep. Every day.
  20. Granted, but you still have dark circles under your eyes.

    I want to make the best sponge cake in the universe.
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Not open for further replies.