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  1. Cat placed her hands on her hips as she stared down the cluttered attic. “Why do I always end up doing the manual labor all by myself?” Moving was trouble enough, but being forced to clean out your own room without help? For goodness sake, hasn’t she been through enough already? She let out an exhausted sigh. Sadly, this was the cards she was dealt and she was going to have to deal. She had made a little progress in the attic, just enough to get her few things into the room. After the accident, she didn’t have much left. She was going to have to go out with her aunt sometime to buy some things to make to make it more like home. By the one window, a picture sat of a happy family from a much better time. “If you saw me now, mom, you would be so surprised….” She said looking back at the picture. The though caused a small smile to spread across her face. She had never knew she had an aunt this far away. Her mother did not speak much of her. It was shame because her aunt seemed to be so nice, and has been very helpful with the whole thing. It made her wonder why she hadn’t heard of her that much. Maybe she would ask later? She gave a little shrug and turned to an iPod that sat on a speaker dock. “Might as well jam out a little while I work,” she said, pressing play. Once the song started, she turned her attention to the boxes. She just need to move them to the other side of the room and organized them so that her aunt and uncle could go through them and move them to storage. She hummed to her music as she moved the boxes to a more organized fashion. She went through a few boxes. She didn’t mean to be nosey, she didn’t know much about her aunt and uncle that she thought she could learn some stuff while cleaning. One of them must a collector of antiques because there were many old artifact sitting up here that weren’t exactly good for home décor. Cat found a few of them charming, and thought about asking to take some to decorate her room with. One of her favorite sounds came on and she sang along with a small voice.

    “Like autumn turns leaves, winter will breathe, cold on our necks, snow in our paths.
    Wherever she goes, all that I know about us is that beautiful things never last,
    That's why fireflies flash.”

    She turned to move a box over, accidently knocking over another with her hip. She swore under her breath and checked to see if there was anything was damage. It was another box full of antique and none of them, thankfully, were broken. With a relief sigh, she started packing the box up. She took her time to pack the box, looking at each item. One thing that really caught her eye. It looked like an old oil lamp. One of her friends back in the city was obsessed with them. This one was much older looking then the ones he had. It was very ordinate and made of what seemed like to be copper. Cat examined the oil lamp, tossing it back and forth in her hands. It much be worth a bunch these days, especially with copper prices. Some parts of the surface was scratched and scuffed, but that could be easily fixed with a little scrubbing and buffing. She took a part of her tank top and started to rub of the dust that had settled on it. Maybe this would one of the things she asks to keep……
  2. Azel had resided inside the lamp for hundreds of years, just waiting for the right person. Cat's Aunt had bought the lamp because she thought it would look wonderful in the living room. But she never got around to decorating the living room the way she wanted, so the lamp was stored up in the attic for years, only collecting dust. Inside the lamp Azel had been sleeping and when she began to toss it back and forth, it awoke him. he began to get jostled about. Which he wasn't too happy about. After Cat rubbed the lamp, it began to glow a dark yellow light. And then the lamp began to shudder and shake as the light began to get brighter. And soon the lamp floated into the air from Cat's hands and there was what seemed like a cloud of dust. And then Azel appeared. He yawned and stretched, "Finally! I've been trapped in that cramped thing for hundreds of years!" He says and then looks around. He finally spots Cat. "You!" He says going over to her He didn't look too happy at first. "Ya know it's rude to shake someone's home and wake them from their slumber! And then jostle them about!" He says. And then he began to smile widely and then he hugs her. "Thank you for setting me free! I've been waiting hundreds of years for someone to rub that old lamp." He says to her. He noticed that she looked very confused. And then he bows. "I am Azel and I am at your service." He says and then stands straight up again. Leaning on his cane. He noticed that she was still giving him a weird look.

    He sighs, "Right...right...this day and age people probably don't know about things like this." He mutters to himself. And then with a snap of his fingers a quill and what seemed like a contract appeared out of thin air. "Well then, since you rubbed the lamp, that means you are now my mistress- meaning I belong to you. I am how you say magical..." He says trailing off trying to figure out how to explain. He then goes over and began to dig through a box and finds a book. The book title was Aladdin. "Aha! This should explain everything!" He says as he goes and shows her the book and flips open to the page where Aladdin finds the genie. He points at the genie, hoping that she got what he was trying to say or explain. "Now then, all you have to do is sign the contract and voila, I am yours." He says to her as he places the contract and quill in front of her- more like it was floating in front of her.
  3. Cat just kind of stood there and stared at the man who popped out of the lamp. Her mouth just stood open, trying to think of something to say. But nothing came to mind. I mean, what do you say when a man floats out of a oil lamp, yells at you for shaking him, and then offer you a contract of servitude? She blinked a few times, trying to swallow what was going on. When he offered the contract, she snapped to reality and waved her hands in front. "Woah, woah, woah, hold on, just a minute..." she said. She quickly reached over and paused her music. "Just give me a minute to wrap my head around this thing." She rubbed the back of her head. "So, you are a genie? And you have been trapped inside this oil lamp for....God knows how long....but that's not the point. What I am trying to understand is the fact you are real." she said, crossing her arms, trying to think hard. "I mean, magic isn't even suppose to be real, let alone magical creatures, it's just really strange and I am not sure if I fully understand..." She examined him, leading her eyes up and down. He didn't look a day over twenty, and dressed up in the weirdest clothing. If she didn't know any better, she would say that he was just from hallucination brought on by grief. She wasn't feeling particularly sad right now, though the thoughts crossing her mind now felt heavy. She rubbed her face and looked at the contract. "So what? I just sign this contract and you give me three wishes? What's your side of the deal? Do you get to eat my soul in the end or something?" she said, looking up at him.
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  4. Azel shakes his head, "No, no've got it all wrong. Stop thinking of those old stories and fairy tales." He says to her. "I just don't give you three wishes and poof you're on your way. I give you as many wishes as you want. You become my mistress until you either decide to release me from my service with you or I could be with you for your entire life and I am release once you pass on." He says to her, trying to explain things a little better."Who ever came up with the idea that Genie's only give three wishes was very unwise." He adds. "And no, I don't get your soul or anything like that in the end. It's harder to should I explain this? about this...what I get out of it is life and see if a genie goes too long without making any wishes, they end up fading away into nothingness." He says trying to explain the best he could. "I can still see that you are skeptical about all this. Well if you want you can wish for anything your heart desires, and you don't have to say i wish either. Oh, but there are rules and such. Such as you can't wish to bring someone or something back to life." He says to her. He was hoping that maybe if she wished for something and it appeared in the attic that she would be convinced that he was infact a real genie.
  5. Cat watched him as he explained how things really were. So it wasn't going to be like the Disney movie? She guessed that was a good thing. She didn't know how much she could handle a pun-filled maniac. She smiled internally at her joke, but continued to listen to him. It appeared there was no downside to make the contract. She got to make any wish that her little heart desired, and he just continued to exist. The contract still made her unsure of the how thing. Sure, getting everything you is great in all, but he was never going to be able to give her what she really wanted.....

    When he offered to grant one wish for her to prove he was good for it, she thought about it for a moment. She could ask for something simple like a candy bar. After all, all this work did give her the i. But that wouldn't really prove himself, would it? No, she had to thinking of something that was harder to get. She skimmed her mind for something. Then it hit her. If was really as powerful as he said he was, it would nothing for him right?

    "Alright, if you are willing to do so. Can I get my old sketch book back? It was destroyed not to long ago and I would like it back...." she said, folding her arms across her chest.
  6. Azel smiles, "As you wish." He says. He realized that this was going to be very very hard. He would use his magic, just a little bit and see inside her head. Once he gets the image of the sketch book, He snaps his fingers. As soon as he snapped his fingers, the sketch book appeared in the attic with them at her feet. "Voila! There is your sketch book." He says to her with a smile. "Well now do you believe me?" He asks her. "If not, wish for something else and I can get it." He says to her with a wink. He was hoping now that she saw that he poofed up the sketch book that she would believe him and sign the contract. He could tell that she was still skeptical about him, and this made him very unhappy. "Well I suppose that since you don't believe me and you won't sign the contract, then I shall just go back to sleep in my lamp, waiting for someone else. I suppose." He says with a sad sounding sigh and frown. "And if you do change your mind, just rub the lamp again." He says and then goes over to the lamp. He touches it once and then disappears back into the lamp. This happened for two reasons, 1. Because he didn't have master or mistress and 2. Maybe, just maybe she will believe him and want to sign. But either way, he was stuck back in the lamp until either she rubbed it again or he got someone else as his master or mistress.
  7. Cat felt something land at her feet when the genie snapped. She looked down with a mix of horror and surprise. There sat a large spiral sketch book. The cover was black and beaten up, but still together and intact. She slowly reached down and picked up the book. Her throat went dry as she ran her hand over the cover. It was perfect. It looked exactly like what it looked like before it was lost in the fire. There was only one other way to know for a fact that it was hers. She opened it up slowly. What she say almost stabbed her in the heart. Inside was her artwork. Cat always had a passion for art and this sketch book was practically her dairy. Each picture had been lead to an event or an emotion that would forever effect her. Her first boyfriend, the day she lost a good friend, the time her brother ruined her favorite pen, her sister's dance recital. She had turn to a page full of ballerinas striking different poses when tears weld up in her eyes. It was like they were still here. Her finger traced the lines, smudging them a little.

    "You did it, you really did. I guess I can-" she said looking up, noticing that he was already gone. She looked around, seeing if he had floated off somewhere. She noticed the lamp had stopped floating and was sitting up on a box. He must have gone back into his bottle. She closed her sketch book and threw it over with her stuff. Wiping the tears in her eyes, she tried composed herself before talking to the genie again. After a few deep breaths, she returned the lamp. She picked it up and rubbed the side saying "Okay, I believe you. If you come out, I'll sign your contract....."
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  8. When Azel heard this, he came right out of his lamp. He had a huge smile on his face. "Oh, thank you!" He says as his smile gets bigger. A contract appears out of thin air, right in front of her. The quill was floating closer to her, waiting for her to sign the contract. He watches her closely and watches as she signs the contract. Once it was signed, it disappears in a cloud of smoke. "Well now, since I am yours now. What would you like?" He asks. "You could wish for anything or go any where you would like." He adds. "Once a young girl that I had as a mistress, wished that she was a princess and so be it she was." He says to her. He was hoping he was giving her some ideas. "Oh and a young boy once wished that he was a famous singer." He adds. "But those are just examples, you can wish for anything you want, you can take your time." He says with a smile and then leans against his cane in the corner of the room. He then noticed that she had to clean up the room. He then smiles, "How about this, a freebie again." He says and snaps his fingers. Soon the attic was organized and spotless. Everything was neatly put away. "I hope you don't mind that I did the work for you, it seemed like it would take forever." He adds.
  9. Cat jumped at the poof of smoke when the contract disappeared. She watched as the man ranted and rave about his past He sure could talk a lot. Maybe is was a mistake to sign that contract. She didn't want anything special. Being a princess was a bit much for her. Too many responsibilities. Plus, who would believe that little Cat from inner city New York was a princess? Being famous? That was also too much. If she was to become famous, she wanted it to be by her own hands. It would be disrespectful to all those people who worked hard. She was going to ask him to clean the room for her but he already did that. She could see he was eager to please, but she really didn't have much to wish for. She thought about it for a moment. If she could have anything in the world, what would it be? Well, it was very obvious what she would want, but he said he can't bring people back from the dead. She continued to think about it when an idea popped in her head. She always wanted some, but her mother told her if she wanted them, she would have to buy them on her own.

    "Can you get me......Copic markers? They are watercolor pens and I always wanted a set......"
  10. When she asks about the markers, he nods. Good thing one of his previous owners had wished for them. He then snaps his fingers and two boxes of them appear. "Volia." He says with a smile. He watches as she grabs the boxes and inspects the markers inside. To him it seemed that she was making sure that they were really real and there. He was leaning against his cane once again. There was noises coming from the stairs, as if someone was coming up the stairs. It was Cat's Aunt coming up the stairs. With a gasp, Azel then transforms himself into a mouse and he scurries behind some boxes. There was a knock on the attic door and then her Aunt enters the attic. She looks around and then smiles at Cat. "I see that you've been busy up here, well I came up here to tell you that dinner is ready." She says to her. "But you can come down any time to get it. Oh and if you need anything, just let me know or your uncle." She adds and then leaves the attic. Once her aunt was gone, Azel appears back in human form. He noticed that Cat was staring at him, "What? no one, but you, is supposed to know about me. So when others are around I'll either transform into some animal or go back in my lamp." He says floating there.

    Mouse form:
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  11. Cat peered at the markers in awe. This was super cool! Now if she wished for more art supplies, she could get back to doing what she loved. She played the markers, testing the tips, when she heard someone on knocking at the door. She quickly looked around, trying to find a place to hide the box. Not find one in time, she shoved it behind her back. She held her breath as her aunt opened the door. If she were to find out she had a mysterious man in her room, she would be furious for sure. No way to start a relationship then make it seem like some rebellious teenager. When her aunt told her about dinner, she just nodded and smile. She looked around and noticed that Azel was gone. It was a bit of a relief but she was still curious about where he went. Her aunt left and she let out her breath. She looked back at where he was and noticed the small white mouse. When it suddenly transformed back into a human, she jumped, nearly dropping her markers. He explained what happened and she nodded. "I guess that makes sense." she said, walking over to her stuff and setting down her new markers. "Alright, I need to go eat dinner. You can either stay here or, sneak around the house. I don't care. Just....yeah," she said, making her way over to the door, "Just don't cause too much trouble." She opened the door and headed down to go eat with her new family......
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