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  1. About two years ago you could ask me Is Nova Heltia a nice city? And I would say Yes, is a damn nice city. And I wouldn't be lying, no sir, I wouldn't. You could then ask me now Is Nova Heltia a really nice city? And I would answer You damn right Nova Heltia is a nice city. Because it is the same as it ever was. I mean, not entirely the same, but still, you get the whole picture. Small town, you know how it is. A few loosen criminals, a not-so-effective police and everybody's lives works just fine 'round here.

    Nothing special. Hell, you can be a butcher, a security guard at one of the strip clubs, a chef, a banker, I don't care, you're just another one on the sea of small people living their small lives on a small town. Just another average town, isn't it? Well, not entirely... At least not since about two days ago, this guy just moved. I haven't got a clue about him, but he certainly is an odd fellow. He sits at Jane's coffee place and hangs around there all day until it closes. He just stays there, the whole damn day. People are talking about him, they say he has this... Powers. At least he says he does to the people. He talks with them, asks them to make a wish that he'll accomplish it. Anything, you name it. But he always asks for something.

    A price, and you never know what it'll be. But they say the thing works, that the wish always comes true.

    I don't buy this bullshit, and I'm going after this guy. I'm sure I'll get some dirt on him, he gotta have something on him, and I'll find it. You can be sure. That's why I'm putting my money on sending this letter to everyone on Nova Heltia. Y'all know me, so if I vanish for at least three days, this letter will be sent to the whole city so as to clear things up. If I'm gone, it has to be something about that guy.

    Louis Edgeville, City Councilman
    Letter sent a week ago, received today


    (Small sign-up, place it in your first post)

    Appearance: (pictures preferred)
    How long you're in town?:

    (based on the letter, there is a decision to be made
    Do you want to ask for a wish
    To investigate the odd man?
    Suit yourself)​
  2. Name: Sunny Farnum
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Job: Indie (meaning that she is independent) Singer-songwriter
    How long you in town: Undetermined, for her future is currently unknown
    -Wants to make a wish

    Sunny heard the voice of the fat-lady-with-horn-rimmed-glasses, and knew it was time for her to wake up. Truth was, she was in a homeless home right now. You see, a while back, she had become a rebel with a cause, and she left her parents. Deep down inside her, she wanted her parents to admit how they didn't want her to leave, but it never happened.
    Carrying the last stick of eye liner that existed for her, she slowly walked to the bathroom. Like usual, it reeked of use. Sunny quickly rinsed her mouth, and applied the eye liner.
    "Ah," she whispered, "that's better." She glanced around the bathroom, to see if anyone else was doing their business, a bright smile on her face. Sunny made eye contact with Ms. Rye, the kindest lady in the world. She grinned at the lady, who nobody wanted to approach, because she had several mental disorders. But Sunny tried her best to not discriminate on rumors and outer appearances.
    She left the bathroom, and decided it was time to write a new song. 'Whatever,' she thought. 'Damn - why does it always smell like cat shit in here?'