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    I think we all are intrigued by the concept of Haunted Houses and who dwells in them. I for one find them absolutely creepy but delightfully fun.

    So here's your writing exercise.

    Create your own Haunted House. It can be a place that's only filled with ghosts, or perhaps ghouls and vampires. It can even be inhabited by humans! Where is your Haunted House? Is it in Transylvania? New York or some fantasy world? Describe your Haunted House and all who lives there or haunts there. You can make it as creepy as you'd like.
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    I have never really messed around with a "haunted house" scene before so this sounds fun!!!

    The car slowly pulled up the driveway and the driver leaned out of the car...this was where he was supposed to go right? He stared at the building in shock, it certainly didn't look like a hotel. He put the car in park then opened the door, stepping out onto the gravel. The gravel crunched underneath his feet and the hair on the back of his neck stood as he stared at the building.

    The building towered above the human, making all three stories seem taller than average. The gravel path continued all the way up to the steps of the porch. On the porch was one lone rocking chair, gently rocking back and forth even though there was only a slight breeze. The windows on the lowest floor were boarded up and occasionally a flash of light could be seen from in between the cracks. Tall pillars went all the way around the house, supporting the upper levels. The wood appeared bowed and bent, as if there was a heavy presence inside the house itself. The man shivered, suddenly feeling unwelcome. The house seemed to grow darker and heavier and a flash of lightening lit up the tilted cross on the roof of the building. It appeared that someone had attempted to knock down the cross, and had failed.

    The man turned around only to see that the gate leading up to the house had closed, and now had a lock on it. He stared in shock and shivered as the creaking of the rocking chair suddenly stopped, and he had a feeling that if he turned around, he would see something he had no desire to.....
  3. It was a large building, an old one. That sat at the end of the road, a building no one dared to enter. Paint chipped off the sides of the house and the large pillers supporting the blacony that wraped arounf the hosue, were beginnging to crack and fall down causing parts of the blaocny too colpase. You'd have to be insane to go inside. And, with the money reward for sitting inside the house for a night. Many were. Though, once a person entered they were never seen again. That was when a group of people after the prize money entered. The warning came in the for of a note, written in sloppy handwritting and laying on the flooor before a long hall. The clock was one minuet from stirking 1:35am. It read:

    Dear whoever fond this,

    Once you enter this house, at the second the clock strikes 1:35am. You'll notice, a hall lined with bodies of those who came before you. The door at the end of the hall, will swing slightly. By this point if you haven't run screaming into the hills, a small girl with long, black hair will step out the room. Dressed in a white, blood covered night gown, hand clasped around a pair of rusted silver scissors. Quietly she'll turned and walked towards the oppisite end of the hall. Her tiny pale feet stepping over rotten floor bored, broken light fixtures and dismembered limbs she'll make her way towards you. Humming a ghostly tune and her fingers running across the walls she'll follow you. You can try too run at this point but your deaths inevitable once you've seen her. But my god, run, run and down look back, if you do, she'll be right behind you...scissors raised above her head ready too stab out the white orbs in your head, and you'll end up another body in her hallway.

    Ive seen it happen three times since we entered this god forsaken house. I'm the last one left. It's my turn next, but please, if you've found this, and its not to late. Run, turn back and run out of this house and never look back. The money isn't worth it! Just..

    The note stopped abruptly as blood littered the bottom of the page. And in that instent they heard the door at the end of the hall, sloly creak open.
  4. Screams of terror captured the ears of the new member of the town as he walked around exploring his new home. The street lights flicked above him as he looked towards the old abanded house the screams seemed to be coming from.

    He watched as his neighbors seemed to ignore the increasingly loud screams, most people would be full of fear, some curiousity but for James he looked at the situation as someone in danger. His mind would never rest easy if he let someone innocent get hurt when he could have done something.

    The house was clearly the source of dares especially on Halloween. Being brave he walked up onto the almost full decade porch. Twisting the handle on the door, finding it unlocked was no surprise. He looked into the darkness, seeing nothing. He took a deep breath and walked.

    Hearing the door shut behind him made him turn. Shaking it off he contuined down the trash filled hallway. The walls were covered in webs and cracked wallpaper. He sighed why would anyone come in here?

    Walking further down the hallway he felt a sudden chill in the air. He felt a shiver down his spine. Finally reaching the end of long creepy hallway. He looked for a light switch, figuring it was worth a shot. His eyes couldn't seem to adjust to the darkness of the room.

    Feeling the wall, full of something sticky he finally found the switch. Turning on the light, the room lit up slowly. He saw blood every where, he felt sick. Seeing a girl sitting in a corner with her arms wrapped around her legs and her head resting on her lap. She rocked herself back and forth.

    Clearing his throat he slowly walked closer to her, trying not to frighten her. She didn't move, he felt a knot in his stomach, how could someone harm this little girl. Not seeing her captor he quickly got to her and knelt down. The lights flicked on and off. Looking up at the light then back to the little girl.
    "Hey its okay. Im here to help you. Now quick while the lights still on."
    The girl didnt move she started to giggle, James looked at her in confusion. She continued to laugh. James felt uncomfortable, standing up he backed away. The girls head turned up and her black eyes looked through to his soul.

    James ran almost slipping on the blood covered floor, he never felt terror like this before, hearing a scream like outside, he didn't look back. The light bulb blew and the room was once again in darkness, he didnt care he kept running towards the door.

    He got to the door and was relieved to find it still open. He could feel her breath on his neck. The hallway seemed longer than he remembered. Finally a light switched on. Something made him stop.
    "No one ever escapes."
    She whispered in his ear turning to the demon that had tricked him looking into the dark eyes he seemed to follow her back to the kitchen. The lights went off and his screams filled the street just outside. No one would ever see James again.
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