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  1. This is to share our personal hair care routine. Everyone has different methods and THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY. JUST WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! So...

    When you bleach your hair, what do you do?

    I use hair masques and oils like coconut oil and argan oil. It leaves my hair feeling alive again.

    Dying your hair?

    I buy expensive ass hair color care products from TJmaxx like Rusk and some italian shampoo that has argan oil in it.

    Personally i wash my hair once a week or every other week. My hair is naturally curly and water is not always my friend. So it leaves my semi-permanent dyes looking fresher, longer.

    I also give my hair breaks between heat tools and just let it dry into curls! Curls are fun.

    Feel free to list products you use or share pics!
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  2. I have straight/wavy brown hair. I'd like to think it's wavy, but I think that's just from it being braided so often.

    I've only died my hair once with Palty Milk Tea which is a Japanese foaming hair dye with a little bit of bleach in it. Surprisingly, my hair came out of that undamaged! But the color was orange-y red instead of light brown so I definitely picked the wrong shade. At the time, I wasn't really aware of how to pick hair dye colors and what undertones my hair had.

    One summer, I tried lemon juice + chamomile iced tea + peroxide and sat in the sun for a few hours. My hair burnt into this dark red hue which was pretty cool. It also dried out a bit, but I managed to recover it with some coconut oil.

    It's been two years, but I still have streaks of light red/orange brown in my hair. Every summer, it gets a little lighter and people ask if I've dyed it again -__-

    I wash it every other day - but don't always use shampoo/soap unless I need to - and almost always air dry. I received a few different hair lotion sprays through my Birchbox subscription so I've been using those. This month I got this beauty hair spray , it makes my hair a little silky and smells nice. The best hair lotion I've ever sampled would be this neutrogena leave in conditioner for almost tv-commercial like silky hair! ;D

    Overall, I'd say I'm lucky my hair keeps itself well maintained with minimal effort. Occasionally, I do crazy things like DIY dying or curling and it always seems to bounce back healthy. The only thing I could say that bothers me is that it falls out a looot. Despite this, I still have massively thick hair, but it's just annoying to clean it up everywhere.
  3. Since I enjoy getting my hair dyed, it can get super dry a lot. So, I wash it twice a week, never every day because that doesn't help. I shampoo twice then use either a deep conditioner, which I do once or twice a week at the least or just use a leave in conditioner. If I could remember what brand I was using a while ago, I would share but I cannot remember... (it'll come to me later). Anyways. I try to go to the salon to get my ends trimmed maybe once or twice a month and I wait months to get my color touched up because it's expensive and I cannot handle my hair falling out.

    While my hair is wet, I comb it GENTLY. I never yank it through my hair's painful as heck and very damaging. If it gets too hard to comb, I add a little conditioner and take it from there. I stopped putting a whole bunch of heat to my hair because I noticed it does fry my hair. Now, by heat I mean flat-ironing. I blow dry sometimes but not every time. Most of the time, I just towel dry or let it air dry. Saves time.

    I need to start wearing a scarf or bonnet on my head when I sleep (again). I used to and it did help maintain my hair a lot better. Cotton or silk, nothing else.

    Uh...that's all I got..
  4. My hair is a mess 90% of the time tbh. Like, I wash it and MAYBE style it. Otherwise my hair = My avatar, just more curly.
  5. I usually have my hair done professionally due to it being such a dark shade of brown. I also tend to pick out the odd colors, green, blue, purple, most recently a near pink color (it's a light pinkish purple, actually). I always have to have my hair bleached, and honestly it is not fun. But I never knew much about how to help with that afterwards when it leaves my head feeling a bit...not painful, but itchy, ya know? My mom and I have discussed the possibility of it either being something I'm allergic to or just my skin being sensitive (which it is sensitive) so if anyone has some tips on how to help with that, please let me know!

    I also have a problem of my hair sort of...clinging together when it's wet?'s near impossible to pull a brush through it after I've washed my hair or have gotten it wet just by leaning back in the tub. Any tips on how to avoid having my hair turn into one large tangled knot that may break my hairbrush if I dare to use it in those situations?

    Otherwise, I have taken some tips from my hairdresser in terms of keeping color in and being able to wash your hair a bit more without it turning really greasy. Because my hair is thick, I can't go a week without washing it at least four times, if not daily. After mentioning this to my hair dresser she said washing your hair with cold water (I do not mean lukewarm, you have got to make sure the water is cold. Alright?) it won't strip the color out of your hair as easily as warm water would. While my original vibrant purple did fade (as it's meant to after about four months) it did not completely disappear. I had purple still in my hair and it was still there until I went to get my hair done again. (About six months after getting it done originally?) So, my tip to you, if you need to wash your hair more than most but also color it, the first two or three weeks wash your hair with cold water. It'll help your color stay longer.
  6. Always wash/rinse coloured hair with cold water. That really helps the colours from fading. Do I always do that? Hell naw, but that doesn't change that it's helpful haha.

    Otherwise my hair is long and curly, and I don't have to do much to maintain it. I used to straighten my hair all the damn time, but I haven't touched an iron for at least four years. All I do is wash my hair (coconut shampoo only on scalp, lots of conditioner on the ends), scrunch it with a towel and let it dry. Bam, ringlets. I'm pretty lucky. If I really want my hair to be nice, I 'plop' it with a t-shirt, but shit I ain't got time for that.
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  7. Use a detanglimg comb, start from the bottom and go up. Our hair is easily damaged when wet and brushing will do more harm than good. Although people use wet brushes but honestly, a comb makes life easier.

    Invest in a a jar of raw coconut oil. Because you wash your hair a lot, it can either make your hair/scalp really dry or really oily. Coconut oil on the scalp is great for hydration and dealing with the dryness. Also, it is antibacterial which is always a plus and will probably help with the sensitivit issue you are having. You can use tea tree oil, argan and whatever else you like the smell off. Keep in mind tho, dyinb roots means the bleach is going to touch your scalp and you will get burned no matter what you do. That irritation is usually do to mild chemical burns and with a lot of tender care, it will feel better (hydration!).

    You should also consider going the "no poo" route. Apparently most shampoos can strip your hair of many of it's natural oils which causes a lot of problems (it is highly suggested that people with curly hair go this route) which makes sense. Have you ever noticed how dry your hair feels after usimg shampoo? It can give off a stiff feeling but once you use conditioner, it's like you're in a herbal essence commercial. Just using conditioner will still keep your head clean!

    Try to avoid using 2 n 1 products (shampoo & conditioner) as they can also dry out your hair. I believe they have a high alcohol count. I forget but personally it made my hair a tangled mess. Also, just because it is cheap doesnt mean it is good! Sauve, tessame, lorel, etc aren't that great for your hair. I use to use these brands faithfully but i started looking at the ingredients. Some cause cancer, headaches and even respiratory problems! I use to get really bad headaches and as a chronic asthmatic, i need to be careful with what i use! So i have started to invest in more organic hair products however, i dont pay full price! I go to TJmaxx or Marshalls as they are usally discounted at either 50 or 75%!

    And the reason it is better to wash dyed hair with cold water? It's the same concept as washing your face! Warm water opens your pores (hair folicals) while cold water closes them, thus preventing hair leakage! That is why at the salon, they wash your hair with cold water. It is not to torture you. The cold water keeps your hair shiny and helps keep the frizz down. :)
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  8. I'm very au naturale with my hair. I wash it once a week.


    I used to do the apple cider vinegar thing, but my hair is so long/thick/big now, washing my hair like that, daily, is a pain in my ass.

  9. I have to have my hair dyed professionally because I can't miss the roots (and I'm terrible at dying it) to my born hair colour. My hair is already greying.
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