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    League of Legends-- a massive multiplayer online game that thousands of people spend their free time playing. These summoners, or so the players are called, spend many hours trying to defeat each other using their favorite champions on the battlefield called Summoner's Rift.

    After playing a couple of games with your friends as you blatantly complained about the "broken" champions or blaming the jungler for not helping enough, you tell your friends that you were going to hit the hay. You bid farewell and promise to play with them again tomorrow. You wanted to get enough Influence Points to buy the new champion that was coming out later that week, after all. You turn off the computer, brush your teeth, and tuck yourself into bed.

    The next morning, you feel a little ill. Your torso feels like it's been disconnected from your limbs, and your head aches like someone had kicked it a thousand times over. You go through your day nevertheless; you go to school or work, struggling to keep up with the pace of society.

    Little did you know was that you weren't yourself. An unnatural phenomenon has occurred, and those who play League of Legends have been the powers of the champion that they main. Some may find out sooner than others and some may not find out until it's too late. The point is, their lives will never be the same again...​
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  2. Ah jeez, now the question only remains - Yasuo, Vi, or Lux? Interest indeed.
  3. Let's see if we can get more people.
  4. Alright, I'll pop over on the other site tomorrow afternoon, if that's okay. I'm in Maryland for the weekend, and my computer isn't mobile. I'll do my best to catch up with the OOC on the other site though. If anything important happens, do you mind posting here?
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  5. Slight edit*
  6. That's just the interest check. The OOC will be posted later today and I don't think anything important will happen yet.
  7. Alrighty, good to know.
  8. Oh my lord..... This has my name written all over it.

    Now hm... Will it be Illaoi, Gnar, or Olaf.... So many options.
  9. Top main Huh? Gotta love it in the island.
  10. Yeah. Ever since the ADC rework I kinda just started going top. Then when Illaoi came out and all those buffs happened, I stayed there.
  11. I've been a jungle/mid looking for a crew to help me out of bronze. I used to be silver 2 but they did something to the placement system at the start of s6.
    (There's a sad story but long story short, I lost my old crew and quit the game nearly.)
    Mages and ad mid laners are comfortable to me. Vi is also as comfortable.

    Actual question about the RP - Are the characters and mains supposed to match gender?
  12. Ugh i dont have the patience to do ranked. That's why it takes me like 8 months to finish my promos.
  13. If you think normals are toxic, silver and bronze will prove you terribly wrong. ;~;
    @Luminosity I can't seem to decide who I want to play, it's a rough choice between Yasuo and Lux... Can I reserve those two for now?
    Another question - Do skins come into play at all? Like to change some of the abilities, or the true forms or whatnot? (Specifically PROJECT: Yas)
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  14. Hm. Since someone seems to have snagged Yasuo first, can I reserve Vi and Lux?
  15. You two, you should pronounce your interest and claims in the other thread, not here. :) I'll reserve vi and lux for you.
  16. Where's this other thread you speak of?
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