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I stepped out into the sunlight, shielding my tired eyes from the sun with the back of my hand as I searched the horizon. If I had to solely rely on my memory, it had to have been weeks sheltering in that cave. Even though with each night it got quieter and quieter, I was still growing more terrified that somehow, they'd find me. That even now as I can't see a living soul walking near me, and even now that I know the war is almost or already is over, I still fear that my life can be taken away from me at any second.

Being on alert for weeks with barely a scrap of food or drink of water in my body has drained me far more than I thought now that I'm standing up and walking around. I'd never thought I wanted to live this much. I thought I'd given up much long ago. With my tattered and dusty hood over my face, I continue on in the dead quiet land. The first thing on my mind is to find some clothing to wear so I could ditch my robe, which screams my former status of a Being all over it. This wasn't my war anymore and from the beginning, I don't think it ever has been. If I bump into any 'comrades', I'm sure they won't be too disappointed to take my head and bring it to Xenon's feet. I smell of not only damp musk, but defeat and failure. Amongst all of the dead and rotting bodies, my scent stunk the most.
I know I shouldn't really be moping this much but I can't really help it, I have no one to go to. Not like any of my real friends cared but it still hurt. All I ever did was aim to please those around me. Forfeiting my happiness just for the sake of others. How many times I let people just walk all over me and treat me like shit. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being a push over, I'm tired of my so called friends, but most of all...I'm tired of men. All men ever bring to the table is more hurt and pain. Nothing good ever comes out of being with a man.

Taking in a deep breath, I curl my self into a tighter ball and bask in the sunlight streaming through my open window.

'Not like anyone would care if I just skipped today.'

Pulling the blankets over my head I can literally sense that today is going to end up as shitty as any other day. 'At least I can get a few more hours of sleep before doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day,' I thought lamely closing my eyes hoping to fall into a blissful sleep.
If it hadn't been for how quickly it moved, I wouldn't have noticed the small shadow running at my far left. I pressed my hand against my dagger, feeling the imprint of its blade through my robe. Noticing that the creature wasn't moving towards me, I turned around more to watch it run farther out into the dense forest nearby. My strong hunger overcame my fear as I immediately started running in the direction of the creature. Even as weak as I was, I felt my fangs start to sprout and push through my gums, thirsty for the taste of blood once again.

Running into the forest, I was blind. My sense of smell was terrible, but that was the only thing I could rely on now. I had my dagger out now and by my side with my hand clenched around the handle. I could probably tear the bastard to shreds with my fangs alone but this is to play it safe.

"Who are you!" A high pitched voice shouted from above me.

I spun around and leapt behind a boulder that was nearby, crouching in defense. "You tell me the same." I replied.

"You're after me. I don't know what you are or what side of this war you're in, but you'd better leave me the hell alone!" I was sure this voice belonged to a small boy now. His voice was wavering as he yelled, trying to sound strong and courageous.

"I'm not a part of this war," Sadness overwhelmed me. The war wasn't over after all. "but I'll look like one of the demons that are."

I heard an arrow being pulled against the string of a bow.

"Wait!" I yelled. Panic arose in my voice as I realized I didn't even know where he was. He could be aiming at my head right as we speak. "I'm not going to harm you. I'll be honest though... I was. But I'm hungry. My name is Cherry and I have Being running through my blood but in my heart I'm just as scared as you are. This isn't my war, please believe me."

There was a long silence. My heart pounded in my chest so loudly, I could have sworn he could hear it too. A small drip of blood from my wounded thigh broke the silence and I cursed quietly.
I could tell she was scared; I was hoping she couldn't tell the same. I didn't remember much of my recent past, only that my parents were gone, and my house was gone. My mind wondered back to the night that my parent's had been murdered. I hadn't seen the murderer, I only heard the screams and the sound of flesh being ripped off of bodies. I had taken my bow, and some arrows, and had jumped out of the window. The house had been burnt by the murderer. Now, miles away from where that had taken place, I had found a Being, one of the horrible beasts that I suspected had killed my parents. She seemed different though...
"I-if you don't believe me," I stuttered, trying to save as much time as possible. "I'll show you where I've been hiding for the past couple of weeks. I'll even burn my robe right here if you want. I-I'll even scratch the tattoo that signifies my allegiance to the Beings right off of my very flesh. I'm not a part of them and their ruthless cult any longer. Their leader, Xenon, betrayed me and my loved ones in this bloodshed war. He took the lives of the innocent and mutilated their souls to be one of them. To have their bodies ripped inside out as their human blood gets morphed into theirs. I knew that they weren't Angels by any means but I never knew they were as evil as they are to turn on their own, even in a time of desperation like our own. The words that I'm speaking to you are true to the bone. I despise these fangs, this symbol of lost hope etched into my flesh, this coagulating and disgusting blood in my veins... I've lost all that was human inside of me. My memory should be slipping from me soon also." I found myself starting to cry. The situation that I was in broke through the tough armor that I've been wearing around my heart for so long. I closed my eyes and remembered the faces of the ones I love: Vanessa, Demetri, and Ryan.

The dagger I was clenching dropped to the ground as I held my tear soaked face in my hands. I've lost them all.
"I give up," I mumble quietly. Sleep obviously didn't want to come visit me. Probably the suns fault. Whatever.

'11:30, well, no point in going to my morning classes then. Guess I really am skipping today.' Begrudgingly I slowly ride from the bed, running a hand through my knotted curly hair. 'A hair cut is do anytime now Vanessa.' Stretching, I lazily get out of bed, not really caring that my blankets followed me off the bed. Finally deciding to listen to my bladder, who at the moment was cursing me out in more than one language, I make a bee line straight for the bathroom across the hall from my bedroom.

"At least my bladder feels better then I do," I mumble pulling out my toothbrush from the holder and covering completely with toothpaste. Lazily brushing my teeth I gingerly spit into the sink, then rinsed my mouth quickly. The apartment I live in seems lonelier then usual....great. Exiting the bathroom, I quickly head into the kitchen to get a quick bite to eat.

"You seem more depressed then usual Fledgling."

"Holy shit," I spun around completely caught off guard with that fact the any ones else was occupying my home.

"I see your language is still as vulgar as always Fledgling," came the condescending reply from superior, Ambrose. "I haven't seen in a while and this is the way you treat your direct superior, I suspected more from you Vanessa." I didn't bother to reply. I knew anything I said would be used against me.

Silently he eyed me up and down, sizing me up. Always giving me that scrutinizing stare. How I hated it.

"What do you want Ambrose?" I quietly asked, much quieter then I meant. He quickly turned serious. "The Lords wants to see you, seems one of the Lower Angel caught wind that a-a Being has left Aslum and escaped into the human world," he said, venom dripping at the mention of our enemy race.

"Why am I needed then?" I asked, my curiosity peaking. "Ask The Lord himself then.
I slowly lowered myself down from the tree that I had taken shelter in. "Show me." I demanded quietly. The Girl seemed to ignore the fact that this was not my place to be making demands. She turned slowly on her good leg and gestured for me to follow. We gingerly stepped around the rotting bodies that lay strewn on the battlefield. She led me to the foot of a cliff, part of one of the many small mountains that bordered the battlefield.

"It's up there" she said, pointing upwards. My gaze followed her finger up the cliff-side and to the opening of a small cave. I noticed a small, unobtrusive ledge that ran diagonally up the side of the sheer cliff, right to the mouth of the cave.

"Go ahead." I asked, not quite trusting her to be behind me. She looked at me, and I could tell that she knew I didn't trust her. Shrugging, she slowly began to limp up the small ledge.

When we got to the cave entrance, I backed away; There was a strong smell of feces and urine emanating from inside.
The boy looked frail and sickly as he came up to me from a tree above. I noticed his bloodshot sunken in eyes and worry lines that were etched onto his forehead as he stared at me coldly. I brought the hood down from my face in peace, showing him my own tired and dirty face.

He demanded me to take him to the cave I took shelter in and I complied willingly with no complaints. Even though I could have torn through the thin flesh holding together his throat in seconds and with ease, I fought not to. While we were walking in silence, I could feel his strong gaze on my back. I quietly used the sleeve of my robe to wipe away any tears that haven't yet dried.

I stepped around enemies and friends that were lying in their own dried pool of blood carefully, as he did the same. Once we got to the cave, I instantly noticed his reaction to the smell. Getting flustered I muttered out, "Weeks, boy, weeks. Remember that."

I tried to lead him inside but he stood his guard on the outside of the cave entrance. "I won't kill you in here if that's what you're worried about. I don't even see the difference between slaughtering you out there amongst the rest of the dead or in here anyway." I turned my back on him and went deeper inside. Reluctantly, he followed suit. The cave was dark and empty except for some rocks and makeshift furniture I made out of branches and leather. I noticed the fireplace that I made and walked up to it, motioning him over to sit beside me.
I didn't have my wings yet, that much was obvious. That's mainly the reason we had to take the scenic route. Not many people know this but the main way to get to Heaven in obviously by flying, for fledgling like myself a secret passage had to be created so flightless Angels can enter heaven. This road or Stairway can be seen only by those on Deaths door and fledglings like myself. The main entrance to the Stairway was through a secret passage in a weeping willow in Liberty Park. That's currently where Ambrose and myself are at the moment.

Sighing I tugged gently on the hem of my pure white dress I changed into. White was obviously a requirement when visiting the Holy Lands. Pure...not so much. Gently resting his hand on the trunk of the tree, it started to unwrap and fold to form the shape of a door. Quickly glancing both ways before entering, silently thanking the fact that the willows limp branches provided a great cover. Holding his arm out for me in a gesture to enter, I giggle internally.

'I suppose chivalry isn't least for Angels."

Skittering inside, I imminently grab onto the safety railing. Sure, the grand and ornate Stairway to Heaven is safe to climb, but knowing full well how unbalance I can be with someone following behind me I just wanted to be extra careful.

"We must hurry, you know how much The Lord dislikes waiting," Ambrose spoke calmly but I can tell there was a slight edge in his tone. I'm sure he knows first hand The Lords wraith when he is displease. Gulping to myself I quickly begin the climb the always never ending staircase.
"Uh, nice place you have here." I muttered sarcastically. The Girl glanced at me quickly, and noticed the sarcasm written on my face.

"I didn't have much of a choice." she retorted sharply, just loud enough to make me jump a few inches.

"I- I'm sorry," I said, feeling like a hypocrite, "I don't have a home anymore either."

"Can you tell me what happened?" She asked, "Tell me everything."

"I was born into a family of angels, my mother and father were both recruited by that time. I was destined to be one of Them as well, but, ever since I was capable of intelligent conversation, I told them I was not going to be one of Them. They thought I would grow out of it, and kept me. I lived the first years of life like any child, I was happy, had friends, but no brothers or sisters. The day I turned eighteen, I was to be initiated into the ranks. I knew that I would have to run away by that time, and had planned where I would go. Well the night before my eighteenth birthday, I heard yelling coming from outside of my room. I ignored it, they fought a lot. It was then that the screaming started, and the sound of growling. I knew it had to be a Being, and my fear overcame my courage. I grabbed what little I could, the clothes on my back, and a bow, and ran. The next morning, I crawled through the bushes towards my house, but there was no house. It had been burned to the ground. And, now, here I am."
I was curious as to why he was running through the plains and into the forest like a madman but decided against asking. On instinct, I had winced when he mentioned the Angels. I was so used to hating them that I never once questioned why I did. They never did anything wrong, as Angels aren't supposed to do, and they never truly wronged us, either. We were just meant to hate each other because it was just meant to happen. We were deemed evil and they were the... well, Angels. Besides us there were hundreds of other races and creatures roaming around. Maybe even more that we don't know about. Earth was just a small planet in a huge universe. Humans became the most mocked race out of all of us for how naive they were and how little they knew.

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked over at him. After hearing his entire life story, I still didn't know his name. "I'm sorry to hear about your parents and what was brought upon you. I'm sure they were wonderful people and even at a time of war didn't deserve to be taken away like that." I started off sympathetically and truly meant it. I saw sadness in his eyes. He probably hasn't slept peacefully for days. "If it's any consolation, I don't remember ever having any parents to care for me like you did. 'Cept for Xenon if you can even call him a parent after all of this. Even before the war, actually, he was a dick to all of us. But how Beings were bred and lived, we needed him like a baby needs their mother to survive. I felt stronger when I stood next to him. And when we spoke to each other, I felt... warm and at home. My definition of home was so fucked up at the time..."

I patted my thighs and stood up. "Thanks for not killing me, kid." I joked, indicating towards how young he looked. "And thanks for keeping me company. I don't really know what I'm going to do now that I've relinquished my bind to their kind. I guess I'll try to find my old friends, maybe try to become human again or I don't know, kill myself from going insane?" I chuckled softly and kicked the ground lightly with the tip of my scuffed boot. I didn't say it out loud, but I favored the latter the most.

"Anyway," I started limping towards the opening of the cave, ignoring the throbbing wound on my thigh. "I'll be heading off. Be careful out there."
"My legs feel like jelly," I mumble, finally reaching the top. Briskly Ambrose walked pasted me. The man hasn't even broken a sweat. Damn him. Catching my breath, I stare, albeit hesitatingly at Ambrose. For the past year I have known him the man never once showed signs of compassion. He wasn't afraid to bring someone down if their ego got to big. That's mainly what mad him such a fear man in God's army. It, sadly, became my duty after I joined the Angel's to serve under him. In a sense I was his slave of a sort. The one to get ordered around. All this just so I can gain The Lords favor and gain my wings.

"Hurry up, his patience is wearing thin," he sneered down at me. With that said he walked down the halls of the holy castle most likely ignoring the faces I threw at his back.


Quickly I followed his lead knowing that if I didn't I would surely get lost in this immense building.
Before he could answer me, I had already slipped out of the cave and was starting to run into the forest. I would remember him and his story. His struggles somehow became my own as I grew to hate the race that I belonged to more and more. Their ruthless killings became sporadic and they've completely lost who they were supposed to be fighting against. Murdering families? Is that what we are? Tearing apart villages, stealing what wealth these people have left, and taking families from children?

I opened my robe slightly to pull out the bow and bunch of arrows that I stole from the boy when he had set it down by the fireplace. I felt regret for taking probably the only weapon he had to defend himself, but with my wounded thigh and growing hunger, this is probably what's going to save my life as I finally finish what had to be done.


I stopped in my tracks with my breath caught in my throat. I smelled blood.

The creature stepped closer to me slowly, taking their time as they examined my back with their daggering eyes. "It's you isn't it."

"It is," I answered softly. The voice didn't belong to anyone that I knew, thankfully, but I was still on alert. I held back my fear and replied in a cold tone. "Who are you."

A small figure stepped into my view. Their blood red robe was pulled over their face but I could still make out some slight features. It was a female, no doubt and she had just fed. "I don't think we've fully met each other before. I... saw you in Aslum. When you were getting accepted into our kind."

I scoffed hearing her group me with the heartless fucks. "Right. Where..." My heart sunk in my chest. "...did you feed?"

She wrapped her thin and pale fingers around the hem of her hood to pull it down, revealing her face. Even now that I've seen her, I still can't recall her identity from my memory. Which was weird since Beings have the most exceptional memory of all the races. "Some rabbits that I found in the plains a while back. I thought I smelled a human but... their smell was hard to trace. Something else was blocking it from me." Her eyes narrowed down at my reaction. "What are you doing? You look weak and hungry. And where have you been for nearly this entire war? Xenon has been asking about you a hell of a lot."

"Xenon," His name brought anger back into my body. "doesn't give a shit about anyone, especially me."

"That doesn't answer where you've been." She retorted, snapping at me.

"It's none of your damn business where I've been. I've been fighting this bloody war just like you have."

She chuckled. "No, you haven't. I don't smell a hint of Angel or human blood on you."

"I've decided to go for something much greater than just these petty Angel warriors." This caught her interest as she brought down her arms that were folded over her chest. She ushered me to continue. "God himself. I'm going to go to Heaven and butcher every single one of those wing wearing elitists."

"Oooh," She cooed, bouncing a bit in interest. "God, eh? And the other Lords? Not even Xenon would dare... You're going to kill yourself."

"Probably," I replied, looking down at the bow. "but I'm going to take one of them with me. They'll know true fear once I invade and hopefully bring more of us with me."

The girl bit her lip sheepishly. I sensed the coward in her emerge and I smiled. "I-I don't know. I'm an average fighter at best-"

"Then don't come," I walked past her, bumping into her shoulder softly as I did to push her back. "Tell Xenon that I've got this handled and if he wants to come to watch, he can."

I heard her curse my name from behind me. This was fantastic. For sure word would travel back to Xenon about my ballsy act of revenge and he would love to come and drink every last bit of that. I doubt he'd be willing to fight beside me, but I know he would love to see the outcome. And when he does... I would have already switched sides. Xenon will drop to his knees and I'll be the one to hack his head off.
Sticking close to Ambrose I couldn't help but notice how urgent his steps were. The quicker he walked, the more I dreaded finally being in God presence. It wasn't that he was a frightening man, at least...he didn't seem frighting, though Ambrose could say other wise. It's just, I'm not the most comfortable around authority figures. That obviously evident in my evasion of getting too chatty with Ambrose.

Finally we reached the inner sanctum where The Lords throne room was. At this point I was fidgeting tremendously. It's not that often that God himself calls to see me, other then that time all those years ago when a dear friend of mine was being held prisoner here. Immediately I felt downcast. 'I wonder how she's doing,' I thought sadly. 'Probably better then I am having to deal with all this stress and to top it all off having Ambrose the Douche contact me informing me of a possible mission...lovely.'

"Go ahead, I am not the one he called for," my superior muttered lowly. Nodding, I swiftly walking past him and towards the Zeus-like man ahead. Stopping not a foot from his throne, I knelt down. Careful of my dress, thankful I chose a long one.

"You requested me M'lord?" I asked, curiosity still evident in my voice.

A low grunt came from the Deity. "I assume you heard the news about the Being from Sir Ambrose?" He questioned, stroking his long white beard. His voice was light for a man of his age. His eyes twinkled with knowledge far vaster then any human nor Angel can perceive. I nodded nimbly.

"I'm sure you understand how grave the situation is then my child," he stated in his all knowing tone. "Very few Beings themselves find Earth useful enough for escape into. It's only a source of food where they can come and pick off my beloved creatures like savages. This Being, coming into my land is unacceptable."

I can tell God was perturbed by the thought that these...vile creatures taking refuge on Earth. I can sympathize with him. Just the thought of those beast taking the lives of innocent humans disturbs and angers me but at the same time, I feel sorry for them. It's honestly not there fault that they live off blood. It's probably like a drug to them that they need to replenish their life force. I did have one question though.

"Sir, why are you telling a lowly Fledgling like myself this and don't Being come onto your land already. How can this one Being be so special enough that you have to fret over it?" It was an honest question but the melancholy that passed over The Lords face frightened me a bit.

"This Being is someone you know very well. The reason I requested you here is to have you prove your loyalty to me. I want you to hunt this Being down and exterminate her," he said with more force then necessary. My eyes widen in surprise. He couldn't mean...her...could he?
I dropped to my knees and hunched over with my arms wrapped tightly around my stomach. Hunger pulsed throughout my body as I shivered constantly. I felt another wave coming, forcing me to transform. I dug my palms into the soft soil and fought against the wave. Transforming now would only put me and others in danger. If I came across any Angels, they'd kill me in an instant in my already weakened state. As for others... I'd become one of them again. I couldn't live with myself if I took another innocent life. I'd give up entirely and give into this poison blood running through me.

The wave had passed and my body is now only left with the overpowering feeling of hunger. The urge to transform has been coming and going more rapidly now. I've never experienced it before since I always had access to food, or could get access in a matter of seconds. Every time I try to fight it off, I become weaker. Eventually at this rate I'd give into it and let that beast take over me.

While I was still hunched over, the smell of Angels filled my nostrils. I nearly vomited blood.

"Hah," Its smooth voice chuckled upon seeing me. "I guess I won't have to put much effort into this one."

I didn't move, but I managed to mumble, "Please, just listen to me-"

"You're that Being everyone's been hollering about!" The Angel stepped closer towards me and I tensed my muscles. "Do you understand how many warriors are looking for you right now? Apparently you're on 'high alert' and 'extremely dangerous'. It'll be a hoot when I report back that you already had your head hung for me to slice it off!"

I was on high alert? I sneered to myself, clearly amused. Word did go around quicker than I thought. "What you heard of my intentions are rumors. Rumors that have been passed around so quickly and so far along that they've been twisted beyond truth. I only want to join the Angels' side, to fight alongside you warriors against these vile Beings."

The Angel couldn't believe what he was hearing. He roared with laughter and unsheathed his sword. I saw a large shadow come over my head and a slight glint from the blade reflect onto the ground. "You want me to trust you? While you're here just seconds away from your true death, you would say anything, even throwing your own blood kind under the bus. Have some pride."

"There is no pride left in me for them." I snapped. "If you had even the slightest chance to have a Being join your side, why not take it? You can already tell I'm took weak to even be near you so what's to fear? I know their weaknesses and their secrets. I'm also the closest to their leader, Xenon, who will no doubt come for me. I'll stand before your God and only speak the truth. If I don't... well, I tried. There's my pride."

The shadow disappeared and I heard the sword being sheathed. The Angel tugged at my collar and brought me up on my feet hastily. "Very well."