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  1. MAIDS

    DAY 1!
    Sunday – Laundry day
    Special events – Terrace garden needs tending
    Special rules – no random events


    The sun breaks the horizon and somewhere a rooster no one has managed to catch yet crows in the golden light.

    It is 6:25 AM.

    Before 7 the master must be woken and breakfast must be served, it is a new day in the mansion and time to get to work.

    Edwin is still asleep beneath the covers with his glasses resting on the table next to him. Not much has happened yet for the master but elsewhere in the house the servants would be busy preparing for his arousal.

    The bedroom itself was, of course, large and rectangular, unlike the one next to it reserved for the hypothetical lady of the house. With windows along two sides and most of a third it commanded a stunning view of the front of the estate, or it would if the curtains were not currently closed. It is mostly empty of furnishings to make room for a small collection of medical equipment in place in case the master’s condition takes a turn for the worse though for the moment remain unused as Edwin only needs to take a few pills every morning with breakfast.

    Today is laundry day and that means the all the linens in the house must be changed and cleaned. The master’s clothes, the servants’ uniforms, tablecloths, and even the curtains need to be taken care of over and above the usual chores. Let’s hope the staff and cope!