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  1. Welcome to MAIDS
    Congratulations on taking your first and most difficult step on the road to becoming a maid! All you have to do now is keep reading and follow the rules and you’ll be wearing a frilly uniform in no time!

    Before we begin I think you need an explanation on what this RP and what the MAIDSrpg system is all about. Both of those can be answered in the same sentence: harem anime-esque madcap fun!

    If you’re looking to experience that it’s like to be a maid in real life then this is probably not the place for that (it would be pretty boring if it was) but if you’re looking to experience that same kind of zany action you find in the type of anime where an attack on the mansion by the 1000 ninja clan is beaten back by the butler in an attack helicopter he got from nowhere and no one (in the audience) is surprised then read on!

    In the mansion you will find the Master played by me, the GM. As a maid, head maid, butler, or other (talk to me if you want to play something else) it is your job to tend to the master and make sure he remains pleased, or at least make sure the blame for any failures falls on someone else! Having other staff members taking the blame for your failures (provided it’s in character) is not only allowed but encouraged since the maid at the end of each day with the most Favor (explained below) wins a special prize!

    Another thing different from most RPs is that anything you say, no matter what it is has a chance of being true provided you have the luck for it. For example if you tell another maid that the eggs have gone bad and they need to bake the master a birthday cake then both of you will roll dice to see who luck favors. Oh yes! There are dice in this game!

    Speaking of dice here is a short explanation of what is on the sheet using an example Maid!

    Name: Vay <= Easy enough! HEY! Why am I a maid?
    Maid Types: Lolita (Luck +1, Athletics -1) and Lolita (Luck +1, Athletics -1) <= the basic building blocks of the maid and how they affect the stats! I am not a lolli! T____T

    Athletics: 1 <= How good she is at physical tasks and combat. (Not very.)
    Affection: 5<= A general score for how pleasant and friendly she is. (Very!)
    Skill: 6 <= How good she is at performing her maidly duties! (THE BEST!)
    Cunning: 5 <= How good she is as deceiving and being sneaky. (Watch out!)
    Luck: 5 <= How lucky she is. (I bet she has a four leaf clover hidden somewhere)
    Will: 4 <= How persistent she is. (Pretty average)
    Favor: 10 <= A general measure of how much the master likes her.
    Spirit: 40 <= How much stress she can take before exploding.

    She is composed, expressionless, unflappable, and doll-like. <= A general description of her behavior.

    Uniform: Red. <= Base uniform color!
    Hair: Beige. <= Hair color!
    Eyes: Sky blue. <= Eye color!
    Special Features: <= General features to add depth to the character.

    1: She has suffered a tragic love: her lover died and she is afraid to love again. <=Maybe this is why she stopped being a delinquent?
    2: She has a dark past: she used to be a delinquent. <= Old personality quirks still surface?
    3: She has freckles. <= Cuuute!
    4: She has an existing injury: she is covered in welts from being whipped. <= Reason for becoming a delinquent?
    5: She is a angel/devil. <= Feel free to choose one!
    6: She has an accent: she speaks like a complete foreigner. <= BORK BORK BORK!

    Stress Explosion: She plays tricks on the other maids and the master. <= What she does when her stress is higher than her spirit.

    Roots: She was born into a family that has served the master′s for generations. <= Why she became a maid!
    Weapon: She fights with a revolver. <= Her weapon of choice!
    Maid Power: Lock Picking: She can enter any room whenever you feel like. This works even when someone is using World for Two. <= Her special power! Your highest stat determines which powers are available.

    And that’s an explanation of what the things on the sheet mean but that hardly explains everything.

    You can think of Favor as a currency, it tells you how much the Master likes having you around and you can use it to increase your skills, make random events happen, and more! However if your favor ever reaches 0 you’re fired and have to make a new character (unless you RP as a guest in the mansion and try to get re-hired!) You can also sell skill points for Favor in order to prevent yourself being fired.

    To buy a skill point you multiply the new score by 10 and that is the cost to increase your skill by 1 point. For example if maid!Vay wanted to buy a point of Athletics the cost would be the NEW score (2) times 10 for 20 Favor total, but if she wanted to buy a point of Luck the cost would be 60 Favor!

    To sell it’s exactly the same! The NEW score times 10 is how much favor you get. (Butlers only get times 5.)

    You can also use 1 point of favor to remove 1 point of stress!

    To cause a random event you spend 6 favor and roll 2 6-sided dice and ask me what the result is, or spend 6 favor and make up an event and I’ll tell you if it’s the event is Okay or not, or I will increase the price depending on the event. At the end of each in game day the character with the most favor gets to name one event to happen the next day for free, this can be anything (I mean absolutely anything from the master’s birthday to Godzilla escaping the basement!) but it must still be okayed by the GM.

    To make a roll (you can do this at any time for anything you can thing of) you tell the GM (me! Hiiiii there!) what you want to do and which skill you want to use for it (be creative to try and use your highest skills!) if I agree with your reason for using that skill I’ll give you a number you need to beat, then you just roll a six sided die and MULTIPLY the result by your skill and if you get higher than the number you succeed! For opposed rolls both sides roll and the highest win! It’s really easy!

    There is also need for a special mention for the rules for uniforms. Since maids (but not butlers) rely on their image as professionals to perform their duties damage, removal, or getting too much dirt on certain part of their uniform make them perform worse in everything they do. (This is also a legitimate strategy for sabotaging other characters so long as you remain in character.)

    Headress: -2 (the most important part of a maids’ uniform).
    Apron: -1
    Blouse: -1 (For one piece uniforms the blouse and the skirt are one piece and count as -2)
    Skirt: -1
    Underwear: -1
    Stockings: -1 (This could also be socks.)

    That is all you really need to know for now if you have any questions ask and I’ll do my best to answer! Oh! Before I forget!



    Master: Edwin Valentin (Vay)
    Butler: Jules Himura (Tribs)
    Head Maid: Hibari "Black☆Star" Kuudo (Ozzie)
    Maids: (Looking for about 5. W, Diana, Lstorm, and Alarice have expressed interest; please confirm if you still are. More slots may open up.)
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  2. The Mansion
    The mansion has been home to the Master’s family for many generations but now only houses Edwin Valentin, the reclusive heir to the old family and currently the only occupant of the mansion other than the staff under his employ and he likes it that way.

    Life there follows a steady routine:

    Morning: Wake the Master; Prepare and serve Breakfast; Laundry
    Afternoon: Prepare and serve lunch; cleaning the mansion, Tea.
    Evening: Master takes a walk and likes company, put away laundry.
    Night: Prepare and serve Dinner, Bed.

    This is by far not the only things likely to happen in a day but only the basics that the master expects. To find out what else the life in the mansion holds you’ll have to play the game (and you, yes YOU help decide!)


    The mansion itself sits on a huge 300 acre estate about 2 yours from the nearest town. It is well known in the area though few have ever been there and it is held almost in the sense of hushed awe in the local area, and as an architectural jewel around the world with its lavish hallways and many statues.


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  3. Reserved for misc info.
  4. [MENTION=1775]Lstorm[/MENTION] [MENTION=2124]Ms_Wrong[/MENTION] [MENTION=1061]Ozzie Chanter[/MENTION] [MENTION=8]Diana[/MENTION] [MENTION=877]Tribs[/MENTION] [MENTION=220]Alarice[/MENTION]

    Let's get this started.
  5. Name: Erwin Valentin
    Gender: Male.
    Master Type: Recluse

    image (open)

    Athletics: 2
    Affection: 1
    Skill: 1
    Cunning: 1
    Luck: 2
    Will: 2
    Spirit: 20

    Hair: Blonde.
    Eyes: Green.
    Special Features:

    1: They are extremely attractive to both sexes.
    2: They have dark skin, either pigment or tanned.
    3: They have an incurable disease.
    4: They wear glasses or a monocle.
    5: They frequently get lost in thier own imaginary world.

    Power Source: Blood Ties: Regardless of what real power they might have, thier heritage demands special treatment.
    Stress Explosion: Running away: They run away from the mansion.
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  6. WHOO!

    Name: Simonè
    Maid Types: Lolita (Luck +1, Athletics -1) and Sexy (Cunning +1, Will -1)

    Athletics: 2
    Affection: 6
    Skill: 5
    Cunning: 7
    Luck: 4
    Will: 6
    Favor: 12
    Spirit: 60

    She is childish, young, innocent, cute, and sweet.

    Uniform: Pink.
    Hair: Black.
    Eyes: Gray.

    Appearance (open)

    1: She has brown skin.
    2: She has freckles.
    3: She has an overactive imagination.
    4: She is a shapeshifter: she is a bunny with ears and a tail.
    5: She is easygoing.
    6: She has a specific accessory: she wears a hair bow

    Power: Fake Crying: She can use fake crying to use her Cunning for what would normally be an Affection roll. (This must be role-played). anywhere on the sheet.
    Stress explosion: Mischief: She starts playing troublesome tricks on the master and the other maids.
    Roots: She feels great loyalty towards the master
    Weapon: She summons some kind of special being to do the attacking for her
    Weapon (open)
    [​IMG]Giant Teddy Bear Army! She summons them with a act of silly poses and with the line "Time for the toys to play!" and also dramatic pointing of her finger!
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  7. ... Wait, why was I even told about this?

    EDIT: ................ >8D
  8. Here's yer furshlugging Maid. >> YOU'RE DOING ALL OF MY MATHS.

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Jeanette Vine
    Maid Types: Pure (Affection +1, Cunning -1) and Lolita (Luck +1, Athletics -1)

    Athletics: 1
    Affection: 5
    Skill: 4
    Cunning: 4
    Luck: 5
    Will: 6
    Favor: 10
    Spirit: 60

    She is childish, young, innocent, cute, and sweet.

    Uniform: Blue.
    Hair: Brown.
    Eyes: Vermillion.

    Special Features:

    1: Something about her is absurd: she is one of the fae folk, a fairy, pixie or something else entirely.
    2: She has an overactive imagination.
    3: She is sickly.
    4: She is a neat freak.

    Stress Explosion: She starts crying.
    Roots: She became a maid to acquire the skills to be an ideal bride one day.
    Weapon: A book. Bludgeoning with it or tearing out pages to attack.
    Maid Power: Absolute Maid: She is the very epitome of a maid, and she takes no penalties when not in full uniform.
  9. Name: Hibari "Black☆Star" Kuudo
    Maid Types: Boyish (Athletics +1, Skill -1). and Cool (Skill +1, Affection -1)

    Athletics: 5
    Affection: 6
    Skill: 4
    Cunning: 5
    Luck: 4
    Will: 5
    Favor: 12
    Spirit: 50

    She is wild, energetic, vigorous, and at first glance looks like a boy.

    Appearance (open)

    Uniform: Navy.
    Hair: Navy.
    Eyes: Red.
    1: She is a princess.
    2: She is a vampire.
    3: She has a dark past: she has lost her memories.

    Stress Explosion: She torments the other maids and the master with teasing.

    Roots: She has been sent by an organisation to spy on and possibly kill the master.
    Weapon: A Bagh nakh, cestus, or something else claw-like. RAWR!
    Maid Power: Maiden's Tears: By taking 2D6 Stress, she can make a request that can't be refused. (This must be role-played).
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  10. Note that there might be an error with her Maid Power. Her original one was Persistence, but I accidentally closed the window before I could copy the description... EDIT: Fixed that problem

    Name: Shalin
    Maid Types: Pure (Affection +1, Cunning -1) and Cool (Skill +1, Affection -1)

    Athletics: 3
    Affection: 5
    Skill: 7
    Cunning: 1
    Luck: 5
    Will: 8
    Favor: 10
    Spirit: 80

    She is composed, expressionless, unflappable, and doll-like.
    Show Spoiler

    Uniform: Black.
    Hair: White.
    Eyes: Silver.
    1: She wears glasses.
    2: She has a specific hairstyle: her hair hides one of her eyes.
    3: She wears a symbol Yin-Yang.
    4: She is unusually quiet.

    Stress Explosion: Using whatever comes to hand she starts destroying things around the mansion.

    Roots: She works because she needs the money. It′s just a job.

    Weapon: Who knew that she had psychic powers?

    Maid Power: Persistence: Whenever you take Stress, automatically reduce the amount by 1 point.
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  11. Name: Tweet
    Maid Types: Lolita (Luck +1, Athletics -1) and Heroine (Will +1, Luck -1)

    Athletics: 5
    Affection: 1
    Skill: 6
    Cunning: 2
    Luck: 3
    Will: 4
    Favor is 2
    Spirit is 40

    She is composed, expressionless, unflappable, and doll-like.

    Uniform: Green.
    Hair: Sky blue.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Special Features:

    1: She is an android/gynoid.
    2: She has elf ears.
    3: She has an existing injury: she is covered with burn scars.
    4: She has brown skin.

    Stress Explosion: She torments the other maids and the master with teasing.

    Roots: She feels great loyalty towards the master
    Weapon: A chainsaw... the motor compliments their screams so nicely.
    Maid Power: 4-D Dress: She can produce anything in the mansion from within your maid

    Show Spoiler
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  12. Name: Mifuba Hamabuta

    Maid Types: Pure (Affection +1, Cunning -1) and Sexy (Cunning +1, Will -1)

    Athletics: 5
    Affection: 3
    Skill: 4
    Cunning: 1
    Luck: 8
    Will: 7
    Favor: 6
    Spirit: 70

    Uniform: Metallic.
    Hair: Gold.
    Eyes: Blue.

    Special Features:
    She is charming, coquettish, womanly body, and glamorous.
    1: She has an unusual uniform: a very short miniskirt.
    2: She has an existing injury: she is covered in welts from being whipped.
    3: Something about her is absurd: she uses a black cloak and chalk to draw circles and summon demons.

    Stress Explosion: She prays to heaven for protection.

    Roots: She is a distant relative of the master and has been placed in his care.
    Weapon: A bazooka... it′s better not to ask.
    Maid Power: Karma: She can use her Luck to dodge an attack, and if she rolls a 10 or higher you cause twice as much Stress to the opponent.

    Show Spoiler


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  13. Aaaaand I think that's five, so no more apps unless my co-GM says otherwise. (Other than our Butler, of course.)
  14. Name: Jules Himura

    Butler Types: Shadow (Athletics +1) and Shadow (Athletics +1)

    Athletics: 6
    Affection: 7
    Skill: 8
    Cunning: 2
    Luck: 6
    Will: 4
    Favor: 14
    Spirit: 40

    He is Servant, Austere, Mechanical, Educator, Manager

    Uniform: Sky blue.
    Hair: Black.
    Eyes: Cream.
    Special Features:

    1: His body is like that of a greek statue, godlike an muscular.
    2: He cannot remember his previous life.
    3: He speaks like a knight.
    4: He is a priest with religious magic.
    5: He is a vampire.

    Jules (open)


    Roots: He works under a simple employment contract.

    Weapon: A chainsaw... the motor compliments their screams so nicely.
    Weapon: A whip, any kind. Who‘d dare ask the obvious questions?


    1. Now You See Him...: He doesn‘t need to actually move around the mansion to get where he needs to be, as he can simply appear where he likes within the house.

    1. Surprise Attack: In a flash he can bring out a weapon and deliver an attack. (Add +10 to the result for the first attack during combat, using a weapon).

    I also have a partial 'real' character sheet over on my character catalog; Here.
  15. Mansion information has been added, if anyone has any questions before we start now is the time.
  16. IC is up.

    There are a number of things you need to roll to do right off the bat, but none are too difficult.

    The most important ones are waking the master (Affection OR skill) and preparing breakfast (Skill)

    As always if you can justify using another skill for something let me know!

    All of you need to listen to the head maid on what jobs to do! In fact of Ozzie wants to start everyone off in a meeting as the head maid where she divvies up jobs she should! 8D
  17. So how are we supposed to roll the dice? Or do we have to wait for the head maid to start and give us the orders?
  18. make a post sayign what you're trying to do in the OOC, click edit at the bottom of it, then cligh more options.

    You need to roll 1d6.

    If your maid jumps the gun I'm sure a resolution can be roleplayed.
  19. If someone starts another Maids rp can someone give me a shout please, I'd like to try this out. Thanks.