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    Welcome to Marchen, the world of Fairy tales. It's a magical place, but, despite what you've been told, it's a dark and dangerous world as well, especially for a young maiden like the one you will shortly be creating. Monsters and spiteful rivals live here, and you should do best to play it smart as you are still but a small frog in the ocean of power and politics that is Marchen.

    Each subsequent Maiden you will take control of will start as a newly minted sixteen years old, with a monthly task or event she must solve before the thirtieth day is up or risk the wrath of Fate. Moreover, each day will come with a Chore, that must be completed unless you want your Maiden to degrade with each missed chore. On top of that, each week you will be given ten Exploration Points, or EP for short, that will be available for use. Be aware that they are risky endeavours, however.

    Not all is all work and no play, however, for each successful Event, Chore or Exploration will bring your Maiden its rewards. Plus, each shore takes no more than eight hours at most, so there is time for more leisurely activity and learning.

    The goal, at least the most pressing one, is to better your Maidens' situation,that it may through prowess or advantageous marriages.It's harsh, but you start as a mere servant girl, you need to get out of wretched poverty and non-existent social status somehow.

    Each Maiden will start with the following stats, regardless of further bonuses given by the previous Generation:

    Cunning: 1
    Charm: 10
    Athleticism: 2
    Courage: 5

    Furthermore, you will have the ability to learn skills, transferable to each subsequent generation once learned. At first, you will only know of the following:


    Don't hesitate to try new things, but remember to stay safe!

    Finally, there is currency, at first, you start without any copper to your name, but each Chore will earn you a modest but growing wage as you better your situation, so keep an eye out for employment!

    Finally, to start I will need you to complete this:

    Name of First Maiden:
    Maiden's Personality:
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  2. This sounds kick ASS!

    Name of First Maiden: Akeelah
    Maiden's Personality: She is rowdy and boisterous, she doesn't mind getting down and dirty when it comes to chores, in fact she prefers the dirt to the 'squeaky clean!' When interacting with others who think they are above her and act as such, she stands her ground and remains headstrong against her foes, although sometimes she doesn't know when to back down. The phrase 'pick and choose your battles' does not exist in her mind. To her, every battle should be met head on.
  3. Thank you! Akeelah is accepted.
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  4. Name of First Maiden: Rosalynn
    Maiden's Personality: She is usually calm, cool and collected, with a teasing sense of humor. She hates doing chores, but since its the pretty much the only thing she knows how to do at the time, she puts on a fake smile and gets done whatever needs to be done. She is determined and competitive, often trying to outdo others. She unfortunately has bit of an ego (okay, a lot of an ego). She honestly thinks that she is smarter, faster, more talented, and better looking than 99% of the population of Marchen. She will do whatever it takes to become something more than just a dirt poor servant girl. She believes she was meant for greater things. (And thats not just the ego talkin'. Haha)

    (Sorry Akeelah! I didn't do that just to be that one character you don't like, I just have this weird habit of making my characters believe that the world evolves around them. They reflect my own personality. XP On the bright side, this will add interest to the story, right???)
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  5. Name of First Maiden: Lizbeth
    Maiden's Personality: Lizbeth is an open person, she loves to play around and try out new things, this can be good or bad because she tends to not judge a risk right. She love working even more than exploring though and early she learned that without money she wouldn't be able to fulfill her dreams and she also always wished to more than just a poor seamstress. Furthermore Liz tends to not argue much with others unless the topic is important to herself and she often pulls back from conversations simply because they aren't interested, she does on the other hand always show interest in new things and tries to get her own point of view on everything so she can judge it for herself and give an honest and if she is interested enough precise opinion.

    I have no clue if this is okay or not v.v I just love the idea so ya :)
  6. Both are accepted, congratulations!
    Any of you have questions, so far?
  7. @CommanderAquaria

    It's totally cool. Akeelah will enjoy having a rival.


    Nope, no questions yet. But if I have any, I'll be sure to ask you! ^^
  8. Yay~
    No questiond nope~
  9. Okay~
    Then, I have a question for you guys, do you want your maiden to live in a hovel at the hedge of town or in a small barren room in a noble's manor?
  10. Living in the noble's manor would probably be more convenient for them. :O
  11. Okay!
    I'll start on the first post soon.
  12. Yay :3
    I prefer the manor too!
  13. Good, that means less work for me :)!
  14. Name of First Maiden: Evelyn Nakai
    Maiden's Personality: Evelyn is fatalistic. She believes she has been given a part to play in life and that it may be that of an unknown servant, and she will remain content. But if she were to find she is meant to play another part, she will be content at that too. That is her philosophy. Of course, she is only human and is neither always content nor always correct.
  15. Accepted, expect the IC thread in a few days at most, probably tomorrow.
  16. Hmm, noble manor. Good choice. :) And no questions from me either. Can't wait for the IC thread to be up~!
  17. Name of first maiden: Aurora
    Maiden's personality: Aurora has a big, warm heart, and loves to help others. She often acts the role of older sister, and whenever any of her friends get in trouble, she's there to help them. That being said, if someone is being a runt and needs some schooling, she won't hesitate to do that either. Sometimes she can put too much on her own plate, and end up breaking under the pressure.
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  18. Name of First Maiden: Garen
    Maiden's Personality: Garen is a vixen, under the impeccable guise of chasteness and modesty. She has no intention of being a nobody forever. Garen wants to advance in the world, and she'll do what it takes to get there. A little peek of skin here, a teasing smile and a lingering gaze there, and some brushing of hands thrown in for good measure. She knows how to make men - and women, for that matter - want her. And despite the precarious situations she's gotten herself into, she's still a virgin, and has never even been kissed, for that matter. And even though behind closed doors she's seductive and charming, in her every day life she's friendly, smiles a lot, and is actually on the more reserved and quiet side. The things she does to get ahead are just that: a means to an end. She does what she has to, and she knows this fa├žade she puts on is not who she really is.
  19. I am afraid this member deleted their account. D: This rp is off to the archives!
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