Maid Roleplay?

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  1. Alright, I'm just going to put down all of the ideas that I have in my head for this. I hope to kind of form them into a decent roleplay with the help of others in this Interest Check. Here we go:
    • Setting Tokyo (or maybe we can make up a place)
    • A maid café that isn't just all girls, but is varied
    • Maid café workers are actually heroes/heroines in disguise
    • They all have a necklace, ring or something that is part of their Transformation (change into their costumes)
    • Say a chant as the other part of their Transformation
    At the moment this is all I have and none of it is concrete. I am open to any and all suggestions. Any questions, comments, concerns will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  2. Like I mentioned before, I'm interested in this idea. I'm picturing like a magical girl/guy rp with their covers as maids/butlers (since you said that it's not all girls), that have certain types of magic for each or a few certain types of magic. Then they would work together since their magic would compliment each other, maybe. It would be super cute.
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  3. I have one question about this- would the heroes/heroines have a enemies to go against or would they just be NPCs only?​
  4. Ah, I was thinking the exact same thing! Though, we need a conflict of create a plot.
  5. That's where enemies would come in. A few small ones but we can have an overall bad guy like what happens on magical girl anime.
  6. That's what I was just referring to with the conflict. I think it would be cool to have people play the villain. Then, we need to figure out the villain's purpose/plan and such.
  7. Maybe you could have another group composed of villains only? There's plenty of possibilities with that option.

    1. Having a different cafe that's composed of villains- maybe making the two cafes rivals?
    2. Some of the villains could be working in the same cafe, unknowingly? The identities of the villains are kept a secret and the fact that the others are magical heroines/heroes isn't known to them. ​
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  8. Either of those two ideas would be pretty interesting.
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  9. This is a nice-sounding roleplay idea. Can I join in?
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  10. I like both of these ideas. Hmm...I'm leaning towards the first one. What does everyone else say?

    And of course @Eight of Diamonds
  11. Sure! It'll give us a chance to expand more on the cafes and the heroes/villains dynamic more.​
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  12. A whole entire other cafe with villains sounds pretty cool, and the owner of that cafe could be the overall bad guy. Perhaps he's looking to take over the world, or even to be kind of funny do something that seems ridiculous yet the hero's still make it serious. (Like, something that specifically has to do with maid cafes that most people wouldn't even pay attention to.)
  13. Haha, it would be interesting to make the Main Villain's goal something hilarious- like becoming the most popular maid/butler cafe or even taking down the businesses of other cafes near them. ​
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  14. I like the idea of this being a funny, light-hearted roleplay that has serious undertones c: So something hilarious as the villain's goal would be pretty great.
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  15. I like this! I am really interested!

    Will there be any age range from how old each character will be? I'll think of some more questions when i have some ;)
  16. Hmm...late teens to late twenties? So, like, 16 toooo twenty something XD
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  17. Oh okay i was thinking like 14-15 but i could probably do 16
  18. Oh, I was thinking of the average age teenagers would go find jobs, if they wanted to work.
  19. So, 16-18?

    Also, mind if I join in?
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  20. Yeah! And not at all c: The more, the merrier~