Maid of Life

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  1. Rose is one of the few survivors of a fire that destroyed the largest Private School in Victorian London. Now she's signed up for a job as the personal maid of a young heiress. The wish to serve is overwhelming and Rose quickly grows attached to her kind mistress. So when assassins begin targeting the heiress, it's up to brave Rose to protect her mistress from harm, even if it means destroying the expectations of women.

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  2. Name
    Elizabeth Rose Granger
    Personal Maid

    Platinum blonde
    Light brown
    Skin Tone
    5 ft 11 in
    102 lbs.

    Rose is a very calm person, and she would stare fearlessly into the eye of the Devil himself if she needed to. She is very loyal and will follow her mistress to the depths of virtual Hell. Rose's parents raised her to be the perfect daughter, and she is very polite and kind. She is an amazing cook and loves the activity, specializing in cakes and other sweets. Rose is a cunning person and can fool people easily. She is also very charming in nature, and most people fall for her cheap tricks.

    Kind, Loyal, Cunning, Charming, Polite
    Cooking, Cleaning, Reading
    Pretending the flat surfaces near her are pianos when she's bored
    Tidy places, Beautiful buildings, Books, Art
    People who degrade women
    Extreme Pyrophobia

    Rose's parents were both teachers at the Private Academy of London, and therefore she had full funding to attend the school as well as a large family inheritance, being the only heir. She entered the school when she was 6 and was educated there for almost twelve years. When Rose was 18, one of the science classroom experiments exploded, starting a fire. The fire spread quickly because the school was built of strong wood instead of standard bricks, and the building was engulfed in flames. Rose was one of the few survivors, having fallen unconscious moments before she'd have reached the front door, where she was rescued by firemen along with seven other students and staff. Her parents were both lost in the fire.

    Rose spent the next five years in her family home, never spending a cent of her inheritance on anything other than absolute necessities. When she turned 23 she was offered a job as the personal maid for the heiress of a large and wealthy family. She accepted, donating her family home to be turned into an orphanage and packing up what little she still wished to own before moving into her new home to take on the job she'd never thought of having.
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