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  1. HELLO~

    I love the maid and master paring! Whether is modern, fantasy, historical; I love them all! But I haven't been able to roleplay the paring for awhile...So I would like to start some!

    It would be M X F. I would play the female aka the maid and I am currently looking for a male master. I play two types of characters. The super strong woman; takes no crap, independent, stubborn, and needs no one. And the shy girl; timid, reserve, afraid to speak out, and willing to do anything to make someone happy. It's up to you which one you want to roleplay with.

    I like a little plot. It doesn't need to be world ending or anything just something that causes a bit of drama in the characters' lives. Maybe the master is due to marry to a rich woman and he falls for a maid instead. Or after one wild night at a masquerade ball, the two realize who the other is. They know they shouldn't be together, but they can't stay away from each other. This can be something you and I can work out together. Also, I don't want it to be all smut and no fluffy. Give a little love before to get a little love....

    As for characters, the only thing I really mind is age. I would like them to stay over the age of eighteen, since that is the legal age of consent and I don't like underage mature romances. I prefer to be twenty-one in my roleplays, so the character can drink as well. I would also like to keep the characters close to the same age if the not the male being a little older. A forty year old master having a relationship with an eighteen year old maid weirds me out a little.

    For posting length, I keep it at a paragraph minimum. It a little hard to come up with a lengthy post when you are talking and not much else is going on. But please...please do not speak L33T at me. And also full length sentences and third person style of writing.

    Other than that, feel free to pm me or reply to this thread with questions.

    Thank you and I hope to serve you soon......
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  2. wow now im interested in rping with you :)
  3. Great! Pm me and we can talk details!
  4. just did :)
  5. Still looking!
  6. I'm interested as well, but before i share the details, there are a few things i just have to know. What era would you like to play in, and is magic allowed?
  7. I will do any era but I love medieval/historical the most and magic is most definitely allowed as long as there is no god-modding.....
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  8. I'm interested c:
  9. PM me and we can talk!

    I think this will be the last one I will take for now, but I will keep the thread open just in case.....
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