Maid From Hell



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This was bad. Very bad. If she knew this would have happened, she would never have started fraterinizing with humans. And not to mention she would be the laughing stock of all demons. Well, she already was, but that wasn't her point. She hated being discriminated upon for dealing with humans. So many other demons did it and they never got into trouble. So why was she any different? She sighed, trying to forget the reason why and instead focus on the life she would have here, on earth...Her new home away from home.

Walking down the street, she gazed up at all the signs and businesses. There was everything from bars to run down Inns. Some said "NOW HIRING!", but nothing appealed to the rogue demoness. She had no interest in boring jobs like that. She needed to find a job where they offered her a place to stay while she worked. It would be hard and it seemed that the only way she would do that is if someone hired her on as a personal maid. She hated lowering herself down to that, but if that is what she had to do to get a place to stay and a decent income, she would do it.

Wet drops fell onto the demoness' cheek. Great....Rain...Just what she wanted. She found shelter under a nearby Inn entrance, but she knew she couldn't stay very long. But what could she do? She couldn't go anywhere until this rain let up, so she decided to wait it out. She leaned against the dry wall of the Inn's entrance, waiting out the fierce storm that had kicked up.
being woken up by his alarm was the worst, especaly when I have to wake up in the middle of the night. The male gets up from the bed and chacks all his baggs just in case he has forgoten something. He gets his cloths ready to leave the Inn but remembers he dosent trust the maids at the inns so he dubble checks his baggs.He is really glad that the merge with anouther company passed becuase he knows that he will end up as the CEO of both companys. He walks into the elevator and finnaly remembers he needs to find a maid as soon as possable. He trys to find a new maid becuase his last maid started to steal from him so he kicked her out and put her on the black list for stealing on the job.

The man walks out the Inn frount door and realizes that is raining. 'god dam it, i didint expet it to rain so soon' he thinks alot so the deamoness girl could hear him. He opens his cell phone can calls his driver. He turns to see the girl standing there and asks "Hey do you have a job right now? becuase if you dont i have one for you, how dose this sound, you live in a nice big house, have a full time job, and you have warm meals every day and nice clean cloths every day, you will work as a maid."
That was fast. Way too fast if you asked her. But what did she have to lose? She was a demoness in need of a place to stay and a good job she could rely on. The demoness nodded, knowing that this might be her only opportunity to grab a job as good as this one.

"Sure, I'll be your maid, but if you ever begin treating me wrong, I will leave. Got it? Now let me hail us a taxi..." She walked out into the pouring rain, waving down the nearest taxi she could find. She knew she was probably jumping the gun and starting her maidly duties a bit early, but she had to show him how good of a maid she could be, because he was the only link she had to a roof over her head, meals to eat and nice clean clothes to wear. A taxi soon showed up and she ushered the man into the dry taxi.

"Excuse me, but what is our destination, My master?" She hated submitting herself to saying that, but she would have to from now on. She had to live with the fact that she was a maid now. The taxi driver looked back at the soaking people in the back of his cab and waited for the man's reply.
The man tells the taxi driver the directions of his home. He calls some one on his phone and tells him to cancel the dive hes comeing home with a new maid. The male finnaly thinks about the girl he just picked up and turns to her and says
"dont call me master ok? i feel like a slave owner when im called that, call me sir, and if you work here long enough you can call me by my name."
He turns the to the windo and looks down to look though his pokect for a note pad. He pulls out a note pad with a pen and tells her
"tell me any thing and every thing you know about your self, tell me what size your clothing is, what kind of clothing do you prefure, what gender are you into and im asking so you dont end up geting pregnat from one of the butlers, also age yad yad yad."
He sure was pushy. The demoness nodded.

"I'm size 8 Clothing wise, I prefer anything comfortable, but not too girly, I'm into men, obviously and you don't have to worry about one of the butlers getting me pregnant...I'd probably kill him if he tried anything funny and I'm 20 years old...Is that all you need to know?"

Why he needed to know some things was obvious, but why did he want to keep me from the butlers? She giggled in her mind at the thought. But she was serious. He didn't have to worry about the butler's getting her pregnant. She would keep her word if one of them tried anything funny. She turned to her new master and bowed.

"And I will definitely watch out on calling you master. I will only call you sir...Sir..." This might be more fun than the demoness first thought. The thought of male humans coming after her and the thought of serving one was exciting. Maybe this world would be tons more interesting than Hell ever was.
"yes yes, write it on the papper please so i wount forget and no there is more questions for you later and last thank you for the sir part"
He checks his pockets for his cell phone and tex's on of his butlers "I have aquired a new female maid, please see to it that there is room for this young laddy"
He sits face forward to the taxi directiting the diver where to go. The taxi drives up to a large fence that has an even bigger mansion behind it. The yellow cab drives past the fence following behind the gate was a large road with many bushes that signafied animals and some even looked like deamons and angels fighting from each side of the road. They reach the frount door and butlers wait for the car to stop. The butlers run up to the car as it stops, the butlers open the back of the cab and takes all the bags. The man walks out the cab with the deamoness and walks her to the frount door, he faces her and says
"you will be my personal maid, and you will follow me unless i tell you not to follow me, you got it?"
Before she can awnser he walks away and a butler walks to her and says
"hello, my name is walker, please follow me to your new room"
He walks her down numerous halls untill they reach a large room that is white with black carpit, a large bed, a large closet, and a few desks and drarws for her clothing.
This was going faster than she had ever thought possible. Was this too good to be true? Did she really just get hired on as a maid? Did she really just get a place to live? She should be counting herself lucky, but luck had its boundaries. She bowed to the butler who showed her to her room and began unpacking her items and stuffing them into drawers. Her room was beautiful and when she looked out the window, besides the rain, it was a beautiful view. This was why she always had a curiousity of the human world. I was so much more beautiful than her own.

She finished packing and tried to hail one of the butlers. She would have to find The Sir's office. She found one and walked up to him.

"Umm...Excuse me. I'm the Sir's new maid. Can you please tell me where I might find his personal study?"
The butler bowed and said
"ahh pleased to meet you madam, i will show you to his office" He walks the deamoness down many halls to the sir's office. while walking down the halls the deamoness notices all the figures on the tables. They were still figures of angels and deamons. Some were hellish themes and some where heavan themes. the butler looks at her and sees that she has noticed the themes. the butler quitely tells her
"i see that you have noticed the themes throughout the house, the sir has a thing for battle bettewn evil and good."
He walks the new maid to the office and butler tells her good night. When the new maid opens the door she finds out that the human likes to collect objects and books. she finds the sir sitting on a desk reading a book about deamons. he looks up and sighs a bit
"hello hello hello, what do you need? cloths yes?"
The Demoness nodded slowly, looking around his study. The room was full of everything demon and angel related. It made her a bit cautious. She walked forward. She wondered if she should ask him why he was obsessed about stuff like this, because it was a dangerous thing to be interested in. It might bring other demons after him. That worried her. She had just gotten this job and she didn't want to be kicked out and left for not just because her master was obsessed with things he shouldn't be.

"Um, I have a question sir, Um...Why is it your so obsessed with angels and demons? That is a very dangerous thing to be interested in Sir...Just my opinion..." She folded her arms, awaiting a reply from her master.

If she could, She wanted him to focus on something else. This was a very dangerous thing he was obsessed with and it was something that could, definitely, get him killed in the future. She couldn't have that. SHe needed this job more than anything else.
He looks at her for a while bewilderd by her question. he had never had a maid or butler ask him did he like the battle of heaven and hell. To be honnest he dosent know why he likes the theme. He started to remember one of the companys pits where they dug for silver had found cave paintings of angels and deamons battleing, the further they went down the pit the more things they found, weapons, fossil feathers, and statues.
After the discovery of all thses items he decided to take them all in his house, he wanted to sell them but he had no time, so they ended up in his house. Now he knew why he had this intrest. Finnaly he told the maid the whole reson why he is into the heaven and hell theme.
"....and that is why i have so many heaven and hell themes in my house. Im not one of those crazy christan people or satanists, im more into the elegant history of it. Maybe i should sell all these items, at night these objects seem strange. good good, thank you for speaking to me about this, it would make me more money. now what did you want?"
He sits there with his hands together and his fingers in bettwen each other.
She sighed. So that was it. He had them because they were discovered. But where were they discovered? She wanted to know. She had to get rid of that cave once and for all so no humans could get mixed up in that business. It wasn't for human eyes anyway. But she figured she could do that later.

"Um, clothes? They only ones I have are on my back right now...." The demoness walked up to the nearest statue. Carved into it's frame was a face that seemed familiar to her. She couldn't place a finger on it, but if she tried to guess at who it was, then that would only be announcing IM A DEMON! Look at me! So she kept it to herself. She turned to her master.

"And Sir, when will I be starting this job? In the morning? Tonight? Just so I can roughly know when to get ready!"
He watches the maid sigh to herself and thinks to her self. she told him that she only has the cloths on her back, that disgusted him becuase wearing the same cloths day after day after day annoyed him. He watches the young maid look at his statues throughly. He notices that she had a secret to hide while looking at the statue. years of trusting his gut helped him with his company. His gut kept telling him that theres more to this girl than he knows, But he shrugged it off for the moment becuase it wasint a dangres feeling. Before he can speak she asked him about when can she start. He wanted to get her cloths before he can start her out. so he decided to go take her cloth shoping and for a maid outfit
"you can start when we get you new clothing and a new maid outfit, becuase the cloths on your back will never do. Back to awnser your first question, you and me will personaly go shopping for your new clothing and i will chose out the maid out fit unless it dose not fit your taste. now please come with me."
He slowly rises up and holds the door open for the girl. As she walks out he quickly walks to the frount door and the butlers open it for him. He calls for his personal car and he never calls for this car unless it is his own bussnes. As the vehical drives up to every ones suprise it wasint an exspensive car, nor a rare car, but it was small one. This time no one touches the car but him and the new maid.
"Now where do you shop?"
The demoness shrugged. This was her first time on earth with humans so, she had no Idea where she shopped.

"I shop anywhere that doesn't have too frilly of clothes...That I can't stand..."

She couldn't tell the man that she was a demoness. Not yet. But she knew that because of her behavior back there, that he probably was suspecting something. If he wasn't, he was a fool. She turned a blind eye to the car. She didn't care about looks or appearance, as long as she had somewhere to stay and something to wear, she would be fine. SHe would also have to watch her monstrous strength. That would make her stick out like a sore thumb and she didn't want that. At least not until he knew the truth about her. When she was going to tell him the truth about her? She didn't know for certain, but she wasn't going to tell him now. She would probably wait just a bit longer, that way she wouldn't have to tell him straight up. She wanted him to figure it out on his own. She stepped into the car that the driver was holding out the door. Shopping, she dreaded the thought, but then excited her.
He sat there waiting for her anwser before he could start the car and as she gave him the anwser he finnaly got to start one his favorte cars. The cars engine was like a yell of a mechanical beeing that was like nouthing the maid herd from hell. As the car spited smog from the rear of the body car, the man could feel the athmophere change in side of his car. It was something he had never felt before. Though out all his years of work this was the first time he felt this, it was the feeling of danger and but it was safe. When car past the gates of the large home everything became a blur. The only thing that could be rememberd of the drive is the classical music that sounded like a battle bettwen two forces. He took her to every store that was within city limits. He bought her everything she asked for but only clothing. Finnaly after visiting every clothing store in city limits he drives to a fancy looking building with a unusal looking frount door. Walking in the store it was a mixture of light themes, dark themes, and an abstract theme. He walks in frount of her quickly and looks at her body walking in circles around the maid. finnaly he stops and explains that he gets a vibe to get her dark clothing. He finnaly says,
"pick out an outfit and ill see if i like it or not, just make sure not alot of skin is showing. Your limit is only arms and legs can show, and wich your legs limit is up to your knees."
She sighed. She wasn't much for being dragged around a lot. That had happened a lot to her in Hell and quite frankly, it pissed the demoness off. She tried to contain her anger, not wanting to allow her anger and strength to get out of hand. She followed him to every shop, picking out every style she liked, making him fork out any and almost ever penny he had in hand for her clothing. When they stopped at the last shop, she looked around for dark themed clothing. His requirements seemed a bit stingy, but it was the reqs for almost every single outfit he had bought her. She didn't mind though. She was happy that she was this fortunate. She picked out a stylish yet fairly modest black skirt with a black blouse. It fit her to a T. She strutted over to him, making him look over the outfit to see if it was "appropriate".

"Well, is it good or not? I think it is just right and fits me well, but it is all up to you. The skirt goes down to my knees and the blouse isn't see through...Does this fit your requirements, Sir?" She sure hoped this was the last shop. She had been shopped out. All she wanted to do was go lay on her bed and relax. She could see his eyes wandering up and down her figure, at her clothing choice. Would he approve? She hoped so, because she was so done shopping.
He looks at her body and at every single detale there is on her body. He nods to her approvingly. Finnaly she was finished with buying her cloths and draging her around the city. He stuffs his old car with all her clothing and wich much of his supprise all the clothing fit iin his car without any problems. As they drove he wanted to ask her more questions about herself but he decided to ask her when they gotten home. They pass the large gate again and stop at the frount door again. This time he allowed the butlers and maids to touch his car as they grab the demoness new cloths. He looks at the new maid and stares into her eyes for a short while and says to her.

"I want to drag you to my room, id wish to ask you some question, more personal ones."
He walks her to the room holding arms becuase at the moment she is a guest, untill the next morning. As they walk into the room he lets go of her arm and pulls a chair out for her and he sits at his desk. Finally he says.

"Ive been geting this strange feeling about you, ive seen the small moments you get lost looking at the statues, I get this vibe that theres more to you, more that you have to hid. Now, explain why i can feel this, tell me most of your life."
She didn't know if she should. She would jepordize the whole demon world. But what did she care? They rejected her, so she should reject them. The only issue was that she didn't want to jepordize her new master. She knew now. She would protect him, no matter the cost.

"Ok, I'm Darcy Dulain...I'm actually a demoness from Hell and I've been kicked out because i've fraterinized with humans once before because of my overwhelming curiousity of them...I was born to Dougal and Daray Dulain. They are the demon overseers. They oversee the demons from west district...They are a step below the ruler of all demons himself. You know who that is, I'm sure...Everyone does..."

Darcy pointed to the statue that she was taken aback by and began to tell it's story. At least on how she knew who it was.

"That is my father...Dougal...Whoever met him and was able to get his image was very lucky, because my father is merciless when it comes to killing humans who interfere with the demon world..." She looked back at the statue again. Despite his merciless nature, she still loved her father and it was hard leaving him and her mom behind, but rules were rules.

"And what i mean by districts is that there are 4 districts. North, South, East, West....They were going to consider moving me to be the overseer of South district, but...that is when I started fraterinizing with humans...It wasn't that big either. I just came to the human world one day, out of curiousity...I guess this is what you humans mean when you say `Curiousity killed the cat' ". I got caught by my "supposed fiancee" and banished up to the human world for 100 years....Let's just say he isn't my fiancee anymore...." She sighed, looking into her master's eyes.

"Does that explain everything to you? That's my life story in a nutshell..."
He sat there waiting for her anwser and he could tell that she started to think about what to say. This is me moment he was waiting for, he could feel it, every thing was about to come out. For every thing she said he had a thought for it.
In his mind he said to him self 'Darcy, i can call her by her frist name. A...A deamon?....i see, she must like humans then. Ah yes, her parents should be demons if she is a full on demon. I wounder if her parents are watching us. yes, yes, old scrath himself.'
When she walked up the statue he knew this would be about something in her past. she explained that it was an image of her father and this supprised him. What shocked him was that she was going to be married, he had though demons just do what they have to do.
finnaly he says "Yes it completly explains, and its more of a dark blooming flower from hell. Now let me explain some things about me and what you will be doing. I am Franklin, only Franklin, as you know i am the ceo and creator of the company that diggs up silver and other ores, after they are dug up they are smelted into jewlrey, personal needs, etc. Now about your job, you will be my personal maid wich means you will be with me at all times. I am not rough with my maids and i will call you by your first name unless otherwise. You will start buy the next morning after the first meal of the day."
Franklin rises from his chair and gives her a cup of green tea and says
"well come to the human world."
Darcy nodded, taking the tea from Franklin's hand. Franklin was his name huh? That sounded odd to her, but maybe it was just her. She wasn't used to human names. Not yet anyway. She also betted he was stumped about the marriage thing. Yes, it was vital that the overseer to be was married to another so that she wouldn't have to do it alone. Doing it alone would only cause more chaos thus to suicide. She didn't want that. She didn't want to be driven that far into chaos so much so it would drive her to that. Maybe she was glad that she had been banished. In fact, this world seemed much better to her right now. Not to mention her master wasn't that bad looking either.

"Thank you Sir...I'm honored that you be the first to welcome me...but what I have told you today must remain a secret. No one must know i'm a demon...I will only use my superhuman strength to protect you, otherwise I must keep it hidden....Do you understand? Sir?"

She knew he wasn't a fool. But she couldn't be too certain. She had to play her cards safely.
"yes, yes, yes darcy im fully aware of the danger i am in now and yes your secret is safe with me. Now that i understand why you where uneassy with the themes though out my house. I am willing to sell the statues, paintings, fossils, etc. But i have a question for you, Do you wish to keep any thing that represents hell or your past, maybe the staute of your father?"

Franklin is thinking about how to prepare for the worst just in case hell decided to check up on darcy. He started to think what would he have to do with his money, his butlers, who would he have to give his company to, and will he burn in hell or flout in the clouds of heaven if he ever dies. This also helped him in the bussness world, over thinking, and planing. There are so many possablitys but he is starting to get prepared. As he drinks his tea he looks and tells darcy it is time for bed. He stood up and open the door for darcy.
"Oh by the way, i have a list for you after you have eaten breakfast."
He hands a pice of papper that says 'After you have eaten get dressed in your maid outfit and report to my office.'