Maid Cafe, For The Dead

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  1. Welcome!
    You are now dead.
    I deeply mourn for your death.
    But before we can settle down, let me introduce you to your 3 options. Choose carefully, because these will be your permanent decisions, for the rest of eternity.

    1) You can be a customer.

    2) You can be a maid.

    3) You can burn.

    I welcome you, to Hail, the place for monsters after they are deceased.

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    Nakane Rei tried to find a hiding place, but in the entirely black room, his outfit shined brighter than diamonds. How is it possible? I can't be dead, he thought, in obvious denial. All of a sudden, he remembered how just a few hours back, he was screeching in pain, as the razor blade cut his wrist. Of course, it was himself that decided to do it.
    "Fuck!" He mumbled. "I wanted to go to college, and show my mother," Rei felt the tears fall from his eyes, and he used his rough hands to wipe them away. "I can't believe those b-bastards actually were serious!"
    "Those bastards" were just a group of rich kids who didn't have any fatherly love, so they tortured Rei. At one point a few months back, they had even shouted "Rei! We're going to kill you." Many months passed, before Rei was able to recover, but before that happened -- the torture began once again, and this time, it was way worse.
    He fell to his knees, and pulled at his hair. Many pieces of his blonde colored hair fell to the black floor, and it shined. And for the next five minutes, Rei sat on the floor, and sulked. He regretted the existence of razor blades.
    After the five minutes of absolute silence, Rei finally spoke up. The tears were gone from his eyes. "I chose number one," he said, softly. In the next seconds, his existence disappeared from the black room, and he found himself in a room filled with lockers.
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    Karin looked around at her surroundings her face still in a small frown, "Looks like it caught up to me after all" She laughs a bit and looks at all of the small choices. "I get choices when I die how fancy." She walks over to each choice examining the words as though it is her whole life playing back. "Being a maid could be fun I just hope the guys are cute." She gives a slight smirk and walks over to choice 2 "I choose my fate as a maid." She instantly gets transported into a cafe's back entrance. "OK this looks fun" She opens the door to a maid outfit "Wait I actually have to wear this? No no no I I choose customer God Damnit!" She grabs the maid outfit and slips it on "God has a funny sense of humor if there was one that is."
  4. The lockers were exactly alike. Rei used all his strength (if he had much, he would've beaten those bastards, but sadly - that wasn't the case) to try to open one. Fuck this, he mumbled. Using the strength he had left in his feet, he walked around the room. There was a door, and he opened it, using his fragile fingers.
    There were many tables, but nobody sitting at any of them. Is this a cafe? When he lived on earth, he didn't have the luxury of cafes and restaurants. Might as well pretend I can afford this shit, he thought, while I have the chance.
    He sat on a round chair, but it was cold, his ass could even feel it. He laid down, put his foot on the oval table, and closed his eyes.
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  5. Karin Slips out of the back with the maid outfit on and sees a customer "Damn!" She starts to walk over to his table carrying a small platter in her hand. She stands at the table and coughs " What would you like uh Master" She says this nervously holding the platter to her chest and awaiting the mans response. She taps her foot a bit not stopping for even a second and waits anxiously hoping she will be out of here soon.
  6. By the time Rei heard a female voice say something, he jerked awake, trying to capture the reality in front of him.
    'This is?' He thought,' Oh -- I remember this chair!'
    He swore he heard the female voice ask what he wanted. He turned his head, and faced the girl.
    Rei felt thirsty, as if he were going to die if he didn't get a sip of water. "Water?" He shrugged, wondering if the girl was real or not.
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    Rin looked around at her team who was yelling at her but she couldn't hear them. Her eyes were growing heavy. She had entered the building when an enemy tossed a grenade, as it rolled to her feet, she took of her helmet and set it on top of of the grenade, then laid on top of it to protect her team. She closed her eyes and opened them and she was in a small room with writing on the wall. "I guess this is the end of my service." She looked at the writing and decided she would be a maid. In the blink of an eye she need up in the back room of what looked like a cafe. She opened the locker with her name on it and took out the maid out fit. She undressed from her combat uniform and put on the maid outfit. She stepped out of the back room to the main cafe where she saw another maid and what looked like a customer.
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  8. "Water? Really your in a totally free cafe and you order water?!" her mouth is gaping open "And were you asleep?!" She slaps his back rather harshly "You woken up now?". She smirks at the man and looks at his eye "What happened to that eye of yours but the eye-patch does look good o-" She stops mid sentence and dosent say another word. She runs back into the room and grabs a glass and brings it to an ice a water machine filling it with both/
  9. Rin looked at the other maid. "Hi, I'm rin." She held out a hand to the other maid. "Nice to meet you."
  10. The maid bombarded Rei with questions. "Ma'am, I'm not in the mood for that," he sighed, and really didn't want to break down -- in a fancy cafe. "Just get me some water, please." He sniffed, and smelled the cafe. It was a strange smell, like the smell of delicious food, but mixed with throw up. Another woman came into the room, dressed in a maid uniform.
  11. She brings the tray with water and slams it onto the table with an evil grin "Heres your water sirrrrrrrrr" She holds out the sir making it sound malicious and evil. "Hope you enjoyyyyyyy" She laughs a bit and walks off back to the back of the counter.
  12. "What the hell?" Rei was shocked at his sudden outburst. "Don't tell me you poisoned this," he mumbled. "Why'd you die? Because you were an annoying piece of shit?"
    Fuck. Why did I say that?
  13. She turned around with a grin "It simply caught up to me before I could to it good sir for your information I am not to annoying you" She coughs and does a mimic of his voice "Piece of shit." She Looks back and small tears begin to well in her eyes No no Your not annoying dont worry they cant get to ya now your dead after all. She then starts to head towards the employee bathroom and curls up onto the floor sobbing not too loud but just enough so you could hear if you stood at the door. "It just- Caught up to me- I-its ok I cant cry anymore" She wipes her tears and fixes her hair quickly.
  14. There were many things that Reo regretted doing -- he regretted using razor blades to cut himself, but he regretted saying those things to the girl with short length hair. She had ran to some room, and since Rei wasn't a naïve kid, she was probably showing emotion in the room. He looked out the window, and saw that the cafe was located on an island, that was disconnected from everything else. 'Can we escape?'
    He rubbed his sleep deprived eyes, and traces back where the girl had gone. It was a bathroom.
    Rei knocked on the door, and said clearly, "I'm sorry -- I'm kind of caught up in this shit, you know?" He laughed awkwardly, and hovered by the door, the sudden feeling of despair overtaking him.
  15. "Its fine Im fine." She opens the door her face never more serious "It catches up with everyone though.... even if you dont want it." She sighs "Well I think Im gonna get back to work now." She gave a smile to him for a split second and started to run towards the kitchen.
  16. "Bull shit," Rei never believed the lie "I'm fine." He grabbed the girl's wrist, and looked her straight in the eye.
    "Now that I'm really thinking, can I get a cup of tea?"