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  1. Hi! Welcome to the thread of all threads: MY THREAD! 8D
    All questions are welcome! Even answers, statements, and/or quantities. :3
    Ready? Alright.

    My name is Champagne, and heres an itty bitty list about me!​

    • I hate the colors purple, green, yellow, orange.
    • my favorite colors are black white red and blue.
    • my favorite fish is koi fish.
    • I HATE it when others ask me personal questions that make me feel nervous about answering. (Ex: What are you doing Saturday night? --> Which i don't mind asking, but i like my privacy. And i choose weather to give out info or not. And im a nice person, i don't like partial of my info being used aginist me in that sort of manor anyway.)
    • I LOVE egyptians.
    • Corsets are a persons best friend.
    • I think cowboys and girls are cute... >.>
    • MLP
    • Furries
    • Japanese
    • Betty boop
    • Steampunk
    • I make "Small talk" with almost everyone i meet
    • Sing
    • King boo
    • plushies
    • luigi
    • KIRBY IS MAI BOIFRAND. 8D (Human Kirby at least.)

    Beleive it or not, i have ALOT more things to put on here but these are the stuff for now.​
  2. Green, yellow, and orange are my favorites!

    But I do like white, red, and blue as well~

    Hello and welcome to Iwaku! And let me just say that that is a big list but I'm confident that you'll be able to find members here who share at least one, if not several, of those interests. Heck, I nodded my head at quite a few of them!

    Be sure to check out the 101 links in the Help tab found in your navigation bar. I promise that they are quite useful for answering most questions. Anything you're still unsure of that you'd like to ask about, feel free to send me a message.

    As for small talk, why don't you check out the CBOX and come chill with us regulars? I promise we don't bite, though a few of us are definitely a lil nutty. Hope to see you there and have fun roleplaying!
  3. That's quite the intriguing list of likes you have. You're going to have lots of fun here at Iwaku. So welcome and enjoy your stay!
  4. Hello Champagne~
    I hope you are the expensive kind. And oooh boy, that's really a looooong list you have there. No need to list them all! Lol

    Welcome to iwaku~
    Where youn don't just write stories, you live them~
    Said so in the banner.

    If your new to Roleplaying in this forum refer to this: Roleplay 101

    If you want to know all about the community then read this here: Community 101

    If you want to chat with everyone live go here: Chat
    The general chat is usually where you'll be able to find everyone. Don't be shy and just chat away! Everyone is friendly there. ^^

    There is also a very interesting roleplay that roleplays the History of Iwaku where it can be seen/read here: Mythos
    There is a new Mythos open called Crimson Souls. Its open for all roleplayer who'd like to join, so maybe if you are lucky enough you can be able to be a part of a huge adventure!

    Hope you will enjoy your stay here~

    Oh, and by the way, if you are shy to look for a partner then look me up! I can be your first Iwaku roleplay partner. I always enjoy roleplaying with new people. ^^
  5. >< Its not a list... Okai, its a list. Its not long either! nor short! 8D
    Im slowly trying new things. Slowly.
    Mythos seem... historical.
    Crimson souls also seem... demonic. o_o;
    I don't have a partner, nor am I looking for one. So, im good on that! ^.^