Mai Child

"Hey kid! Stop spacing out and get into the hospital wing. Come on looks like you have a nasty cut on your head. Come on" Some voice filled the air and then a hand took Remi and lead him into the admiting area of the hospital. Made to sit on a bed and then looked over with bright lights and endless beeping sounds he was given the all clear and sent out with some butterfly stitches to his forehead.

Funny he didnt remember being hit. Maybe it happened in his room. "Here take this key and go lay down, thats your room number okay" Nodding to the voice again he went on his way. The hallways were lined with people crying and kids calling home. It was madness but for Remi it all seemed like a dream. "Hey Remi good to see you made it, boy what a night. Hey nasty cut, come on shrimp you look like shit, lay down." His roommate or a classmate he wasnt sure pulled him into his room and closed the door.

He was undressed and laid in bed with his friend. "Um..." he was tired and confused. "Shhh.. just rest okay. Everything will be fine. The heater is busted so we can lay together alright. And shut up Im not gay, Im really cold." Pulling the blankets up Remi passed out in the arms of his friend that for the life of him he couldnt remember.
"I’m fine, I told you!" Nanoka tried her hardest to wave away the nurse patching up her arm; it had been cut during the battle, and she didn’t even notice it. Now that most of the students had been saved from the ship, the girl’s adrenaline finally wore off and she winced as the nurse cleaned it.

"Y’kno--" Nano was about to protest but the short-haired nurse gave her a flat look after swabbing the gash on the girl’s arm.
"You’re going to need stitches, dear. Now, unless you have any objections, can I get it fixed up?" The nurse looked pleased and gave Nanoka a smile as she nodded, unwillingly.

"Fine..." The girl watched as the nurse left and crossed her arms. She hated hospitals with a vengeance and the last time she was in one, Nanoka had walked out. Strangely enough, she was considering doing the same this time. Looking around the room, she sighed and biting her lip, looked at the clock.

If she left now, she didn’t know where she would go. Dorm rooms weren’t issued yet, so she would be roaming around Fuka like crazy person. She would have to evaluate her choices before making a move.
Morning came to Sae while she was still in the hospital, watching over her sister.

The nurses had given her a spare school uniform to wear while her normal outfit had the vast wads of snake blood washed out of it. As nice as it was to get to Nocturne again, the whole shipwreck was more of a hassle than anything else. Their luggage had been destroyed, and raising money was something she'd hoped to avoid at this new school.

And then, of course, Kaede had that same glowing sign on her body. Sometime soon, sooner than she wanted, she'd have to explain Nocturne to her sister...and hope she didn't hate her for it. Really, she should do it right now, but Kaede deserved some rest before having her world shattered.

So instead she just went out into the hospital to look around for a bit. Kaede was going to make it through okay, so she could go check stuff out, and classes weren't going to start for a while.

There was a fair number of kids staying in the hospital lobby, having fallen asleep after getting patched up or just generally being lost. None of them seemed particularly interesting, but Sae had a vague memory of one of them being one of the other superpowered girls from the ship.

She came up towards Nanoka from behind, leaning forward on the chair back to bring her head past Nanoka's shoulder.
"...Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I have this feeling that you were fighting last night..."
Hotaru stood in the hall neaer her dorm room, smiling to herself as she waited for Shiki, but her mind had wandered back to the fight, she had finally defeated the giant orphan with the help of Aurora. Beams of light flew at the creature as Aurora's shields spun around, protecting her from the creature's tailwhips. It only served to irritate her more, firing even more until the orphan let out a horrid shriek as it coiled in upon itself and slithered off, Hotaru assumed to die.

She shook the thought and walked, and opened the door to her dorm room. "Oh Shiki! There you are! It's about time I found you. Did you not see what happened on the yacht?" She frowned, crossing her arms but a small smile played across her lips, she couldn't be mad at Shiki, she was after all, the only person she truly cared for.
The sun creepig in between the thin blinds found Remi's face and woke him. He was sore all over and really hungry. Feeling someone holding him he jerked and rolled out of bed landing with a hard thud. "Ohh.." Feeling rattled he looked up to see his roommate looking at him with a smirk. "You alright?"

Grabbing a pillow he tossed at the naked Remi. "Here and no nothing happened, you almost died last night from the way I hear it. Go have you banadage changed before class." He was nice but it was odd that they had... Shaking the though of his mind he refused to think about. "Oh and help yourself to some clean clothes okay. A bit big but they should work. Some hot chicks go here, some have powers.. Im not sure if its true. They sure have the power to me on" He laughed and dressed himself and walked out. "Later"

Remi found a few things that would work and got dressed. Plain black pants and a layer of shirt and sweater would work. He was still cold. Heading out he found a nurse and was patched up. His growling stomach helped him find the mess hall. Where to being he thought. Rubbing the back of his neck out of more habit than anything else he scanned the room, got a tray and then got in line. He hoped the food was good.
The sun began to slip through the curtains, and met with Kaede's eyelids, causing her to start shifting around in the hospital bed. She was greeted by the sound of her sister inquiring about Nanoka, though she couldn't quite understand what the question was, as her hearing was a bit fuzzy from just waking up. She brought herself up, and scooted over to the edge of the bed. She shivered as she placed her foot on the tile floor, and then the other. Kaede began stretching her arms, but let out a very audible wince as she was swiftly reminded of the injury on her shoulder, almost forcing her to bend down. A small tear began forming in the corner of her eye, but she quickly rubbed it out before she took a few steps forward, following Sae's voice, unaware that she was wrapped in little more than bandages at the moment.


Why was it so cold in here?
Nanoka was tired of being in the hospital. After the nurse left the room, she quickly slipped into her school uniform; the hospital gown discarded on the floor. She had been fixing her tie as Sae entered her room, unaware.

"HOLY SH--" Once she had heard the other girl’s voice she jumped, nearly falling off of the chair. Cheeks slightly red, she fixed her glasses and calmed down enough to clear her throat and speak. "W-what makes you say that?" Nanoka blinked innocently at the girl before giving up the act.

It was well-known with most people who knew her; she was a terrible liar.

"I was...But it was a little unexpected to see others. I am glad that most of the students were safe and wait a minute...How did you know I was fighting?!" The girl’s words finally clicked in Nano’s foggy brain. Slightly cautious, she rose from the chair and backed away.

"Were you fighting too?"
Sae smirked as the other girl nearly jumped out of her skin. It was amusing to see her stammer and stumble. Still, at least she realized how bad of a liar she was.
"Yes, I was out there fighting as well."

Sae took a seat next to this new girl, carefully sitting as properly as she could.
"To be honest, I'm rather suprised that there are other girls with this sort of power...What's your summon creature like? Mine's Nocturne, and she's a bit strange, but I still like her."


Sae peered out the door, and noticed her little sister walking down the hallway in almost nothing.
"...Give me a second."

She walked outside, then turned Kaede around and gently guided her back towards the hospital room she was supposed to be staying in.
"Look, just rest up here for now, alright?"
She tucked Kaede in, and gave her a little kiss on the forehead. "I'll be hanging around here for when you're done waking up."

Sae came back to Nanoka's room, and took her seat again.
"So, where was I...ah, yes. What's your summon creature?"
After he ate Remi set out to find out if his parents had sent him new things. They could arrive overnight he guessed, they had more than enough money for that. I didnt really matter to him. Being back in his own clothes, now that would be nice. It took some doing but he found his way to the main office and asked for some help. A long line was already there of kids calling home and crying over the horrible events. It was going to take forever until he noticed a cellphone on the floor.

No one seemed to notice it and he wasnt about to ask if anyone had dropped it. Casually he made it look like he was tying his shoe and he grabbed it stuffed it into his pocket and left the office. The little light green LG better work and he hoped it wasnt locked. He knew most girls had lame passwords and if he had to mess with it for a few hours he would. He got into his sisters all the time.

Classes had started here and there but he wasnt sure where to go so he went out into the gardens to get some air and to be away from all the noise. Here he got a clear signal and luck was on his side. He was able to call home and put his parents mind at ease. His things were on there way and he would have them by night fall.

Feeling lonely he walked around in the garden and found the Koi pond. It was nice. He watched the fish for a while and spaced out. It was peacful, and for some reason thats what he wanted most. Wishing he had a girl to share this moment wish popped into his head again too. He had struck out over and over and now with everyone so scared and crying all the time, it was pointless. He wondered what class he was missing but then again he didnt care.
Nanoka looked at the girl as she left to handle something; she recalled her last night back home with her best friend, when the weirdness already began to happen. Since then, she had recurring dreams of a creature she still couldn’t identify, bathed in a sea of fire. To Nano, the thing seemed like it had been waiting for something.

Or someone.

Sighing, Nanoka tied her shoes readying to leave before the nurse returned. Just then, Sae came back inside and asked her about her summon. It was apparent to her that she knew more about what they really were, so after a couple more questions, Nano would keep it in mind and continue her research once settled in her dorm.

"All I can say is that he is surrounded by fire." Nano replied, fixing her glasses. She moved closer to the door and glanced around the corner. The nurse who had been working with her had been at her station, fiddling around with bandages and things. The moment to leave would have to be now. Looking to Sae once again, Nano nodded, gave her a quick smile and fished a strangely-dry and intact piece of paper out of her hoodie and handed it to her.

"I’m Nanoka Bitparkte and the nurse is coming, so I have to leave. We can talk more about this if you like, call me anytime." With that, she disappeared out the door and snuck down the hall; if she had her cellphone on her, she would have called Osamu to see if he had been having a strange time at his school too. Grumbling, she thought of her lost bag; it would be a miracle if someone found and returned the bag with everything still inside. Feeling depressed, she stuffed her hands into her pockets and searched for the elevator.
At this moment Osamu was standing outside the hospital wondering what to do with himself. He had been told to get some rest but in the chaos he hadn't been assigned a dorm room. Nanoka's bag lay on his lap as he fidgeted with his bandages wishing they weren't so itchy. He ran over the events in his head and it seemed strange that the ship would just hit a reef when it made the same trip multiple times a year, surely they had thoroughly charted the waters.... but thinking made his head hurt and his bandages itch so he was trying to keep it to a minimum.

Still, the bag. Why had it been on the ship? or was he seeing things? He HAD hit his head but he has so sure. "Ow." he tried to scratch under the bandages wondering if his friend was closer than he thought.
Several hours later-----

Kaede had fallen asleep shortly after she awoke last, and had been brought back to bed by the nurse on duty. Slowly, she stretched her arms out before repeating the process of getting out of the bed, the floor ice cold to her bare feet. After her vision cleared up, she made her way to the window, and peered over to the forested area, a good distance away from the massive amounts of students rushing to secure their rooms and roommates.

Ren was sitting lazily on the roof of the hospital, staring at the sky with a bored sigh. The grey clouds made a contrast to the pure blue of the oceans around the island, making for what would seem like a melancholy day.

"Mmmmm...I think it's time to let my friends have some fun.... right about..." He snapped his fingers. ""

Kaede's mark began to glow crimson as the slightest hint of dark energy started to materialize in the forest, where Sae was getting a better look at the scenery. She figured she might as well get used to where she and her sister would be living for the year, and this was a nice way to do it. Her mark began to radiate a red glow, as did all the HiME's. Sae had little time to react as a large Orphan charged towards her, missing by a hair's length. This beast stood straight on four legs. its skin purple, with a pale yellow belly. Its joints were pitch black, with intimidating red eyes on them, hard as steel. Its head was something like a helm, but it was definite that it was able to see. Two sickening fleshy tentacles sprouted from its back, moving back and forth wildly. Perhaps the most noticeable feature were the razor-sharp blades protruding from above its claws.

There were four of these creatures in the forest, watching from afar before galloping off elsewhere, hunting their respective targets down. The one that attacked Sae turned around, facing her again, sharpening the blades against each other.

"You know, you don't seem like you're having much fun, stuck up here all by yourself."
Ren was now standing directly on the balcony, in Kaede's sight. She backed up quickly, until her back met with the wall. Ren opened the window, and made himself comfortable in her room, taking a seat on the same bed she had been resting in just moments ago.

"What the hecK?! Wh....Who are you?!", she stuttered at first, before steadying her voice, seeming more confident than she actually was.

He ignored her question completely, yawning lightly, inspecting her room for a few moments before a slight grin graced his face.

"They say the only thing a girl in a hopsital a visitor, you know. And I think you've got one coming now."

He let out a mischevious laugh, as Kaede heard the faint sound of something in the hallway outside, tapping against the tile floors, like nails. The steps seemed to be quite fast.

"What are you even talking ab-Aaah!" A sickly gray creature had begun clawing at the door without warning, startling Kaede. The sound of wood being ripped into was quite audible, and suddenly, the door gave way, the Orphan leaping straight for Kaede, who threw herself to the ground reflexively, as the monster landed near Ren, and stayed there, like a pet.

"Oh, this one's feeling affectionate today, isn't he? Well, go on, have fun!"
Osamu kicked a loose stone on the path as he walked. He though he would be spending today meeting his moor mate, swapping interests and showing off his comics and dvds not on his back in a hospital. At least he was heading for the dorms now though looking at the crowd he didn't really want to be a part of all that pushing and jostling. The bag he had found on the ship was still hitched over his shoulder, his own was held in his hand. He still couldn't believe it he really couldn't. This couldn't be the same bag, he should just return it to lost and found as soon as.....

There was movement in the trees and Osamu turned but all he could see were trees and bushes. Someone wasn't right.

"Hello?" he called out. But there was no answer. Then he glanced at the bag. "Is this yours?" he asked holding it up "I found it on the ship"

There was nothing there. "Hello?" he called again looking around, but still saw nothing. He shrugged, figuring he was shaken from the blow to the head and turned back tot he dorms glancing once more over his shoulder before continuing.
Okay, another monster. Rather, soon, too...Sae had gotten out of the way to avoid any serious injury, but the monster's blades had cut a thin red line across her belly.

Annoying jerk.

She called forth her element, and had a tendril of shadow fling the blade straight at the monster's head. No sense wasting any time, after all, especially not when there were three more of those things to deal with.