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  1. Hello! If you couldn't tell from the title (fair enough its a dumb title) this is a request thread solely for plots involving the genre known as Mahou Shoujo, or magical girls.
    Specifically all these plots will involve female characters who by some means are capable of transformations and may or may not fight some horrific monsters.
    Not all of these plots will be lighthearted, and some could get quite dark depending on what is decided when we brainstorm.
    But first! The boring stuff!

    Writing quality: I like to think I'm fairly easygoing here, one liners should be extremely rare and only ever show up in a fight or conversation.
    And please use third person writing (e.g "No!" She cried in horror at the first person writing)
    I will personally produce a minimum of five to six lines as long as I have something to work with, if you had out a novella worth of describing your character's shoes I can't write much of a reaction... Also I would feel that you really like shoes.

    Sex: Please don't make it the focus! Too many RPs have become pure smut within a couple of pages, if there is going to be smut it's got to make sense within the story, and take time to happen.

    Multiple Characters: Please yes! I love playing multiple characters and even having functional poly relationships, but I of course understand if this isn't your style.

    Now for the plots!

    1920 Alternate Earth
    Its the start of a new decade! Tensions are high as the world prepares for an inevitable war.
    Every country has its weapons of war, some magical, some not, but none are as mighty as the Western Alliance Magical squad! Comprised of young women from around the world this squad uses the barely understood power of magic to fight the evil Grand Compact and their war machines.
    But perhaps the Compact isn't the only ones they should be worrying about?...

    This RP would be a fairly complex one, set in a (highly customizable) alternate world of mine.
    The RP would start with our characters arriving at their new HQ and meeting for the first time.
    Though it would start before the war, we could have the war start during the RP if you so desire.

    1930 Alternate Earth, another story.
    The first world war has passed with what can only be called a draw, no nation managed to make significant gains and the cost in resources and life was massive, what's worse though, is the remnants of the war, alchemical beasts and rogue mecha squadron now roan freely and ravage the countryside, to deal with this threat the Western Alliance Magical Squad has reformed as the United World Magical Squad and have been assigned to fight the threats that the world's shattered armies cannot.

    World of Mirrors
    World (open)
    World of Mirrors: A world that at first glance seems perfectly normal, however, close inspection reveals that everything is not so peaceful... Perhaps that tall security guard who always wears a hat is a actually a demon? Or that young woman in the weird outfit is actually an elite magical warrior? These questions are constantly on the mind of those who know where to look to see past the mirrors that surround them.

    Central Earth: The world where the majority of humanity dwells in ignorance of the world of magic that surrounds them, Central Earth links all the worlds together and is constantly under threat from magical beasts of all kind, most of which are dealt with long before the non-magical publicencounter them.

    Upper Earth: Split into East and West. Upper earth is where powerful magically gifted humans train as witches and warlocks to protect the world from the many less friendly magical beasts that exist, the denizens are born with their abilities and often subdue magical beasts to temporarily borrow their power in later battles.

    Lower Earth: Existing partiallywithin the sewers and slums of the world and mostly in a mirror dimension, Lower earth is commonly a home to creatures such as vampires, ghouls and other creatures of the night, the onlyhumans that dwell here are the magicians, humans born without magic that later stole or were gifted withmagical abilities that they use to protect themselves from the dark.
    Lower Earth is also famous for hosting the ever changing trollmarket, where anything and anyone can be bought for the right price.

    Heaven: Though often idealized as the perfect world, heaven is actually just another mirror world, with a complex social structure amongst the angels, demi gods and grand emperor god that dwell there. Human souls do not actually ascend to heaven and instead become all sorts of undead unless gathered by demons.

    Hell: Another mirror realm that has been grossly misrepresented, hell is actually a fully functional democracy, and has been since the overthrow of Satan during the industrial revolution on Central Earth.
    Demons spend a large amount of time gathering the souls of deceased humans and transporting them to the afterlife in exchange for the lastremnants of their life force, and are quite resentful that angels are given all the credit.

    Bedlam: A chaotic realm that is far more hellish than hell, many strange and dangerous beasts emerge fromthis unexplored land to attack humans and devour their souls, creating hollow shells that eventually become either demons or chimera depending on how damaged the body is andwhether help reaches them quickly.

    Afterlife: The most mysterious ofmirror realms, only the dead can pass further than the entrance portal, and even the demons who ferry souls cannot enter, there are only twoknown portals to the afterlife, one in hell and the other in a train station in Japan.

    Impossible Alliance:
    The two academies of Upper Earth have long refused to work with each other in their mystical duties, and have even fought on occasion however, after two of the magical girls stumble upon and release an ancient demon during a fight, they find their souls bound together and the two academies vote that they must fix the mess they created.

    A New Magical Girl:
    The human world is unique amongst the mirror worlds, in that the denizens have no knowledge of the magical creatures that assault its inhabitants on a daily basis, however one day a normal girl with a normal life sees through the barrier, and after a barely conscious woman turns her into a magical girl, this normal girl's life, will never be normal again.


    Guardians of Arcade:
    It is the year 3050, most of the world has been destroyed when the nano machines responsible for maintaining the environment were taken over by a sentient virus intent on 'upgrading' the world into monstrous beasts.
    However not all is lost, the grand city of Arcade still stands, its mighty force fields keeping out most of the nano machines and monstrous beasts of the world.
    But when nano beasts manage toinfiltrate the city, they are fought off by the Guardians! A group of men and women who survived exposure to the nano machine virus and use a special relic generator implant to control the nano machines and fight back!

    Intergalactic Justice:
    In a galaxy filled with dozens human sub races, each with dozens of colonies and minimal police forces and mass corruption, enforcing the law is an extremely difficult task, far beyond the scope of regular law enforcement.
    That's where the intergalactic bureau of Justice's special division comes in.
    Armed with the almost magicalseeming technology of ancient lost empires, the Special Division or Henshin Squad as many criminals call them, is deployed to combat criminals deemed too dangerous for regular operatives.


    Vulgate: The city of Vulgate is a beacon civilization in a mostly hostile land full of monsters, demons, and cults.
    The city is ruled over by the Guardian, a family of rulers known for their powerful magic abilities and for being able to wield the ancient magical artifacts of the land.
    However, the current guardian has been unable to transform for years and has now begun searching for new magical girls to take up the duties she cannot.

    This RP could have us playing as either two newly recruited magical girls or as the guardian and her favorite of the magical girls.
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  2. Coincidentally, I was going to go look for magical girl RP partners myself, so the least I can do before posting my own thread anyway is drop by to comment. I'd say out of the options presented the 1920s one is most interesting. I'm not sure if any are really quite my style, though.
  3. Well they are really just outlines... What is your style?
  4. A little more magitech-y, like Nanoha or similar.
  5. Well the 1920 one is exclusively magitech, the magical girls use advanced technology to control barely understood artifacts from a long forgotten empire.
  6. Interesting. What would be the general plan for that one, beyond war possibly happening?
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