'Mahou Shoujou ☆ Madoka Magica' style RP

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    Make a contract with me and become a magical girl!
    In Amanouoka city, one like any other, a dark and mysterious force is lurking in the shadows. A few select girls are chosen to fight it, and in return have one wish, no matter how impossible granted. But when relationships are put to the test and the truth is revealed, how will you tell who is really your friend, and who is your foe?
    Link to OOC thread: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/mahou-shoujou-☆-madoka-magica-style-rp-ooc.33012/

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    Tachibana Chie
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  2. Chie looked at the sun through her fingers. She was sitting on a bench in a park in the eastern parts of Amanouoka. Surrounding her was nothing but trees and greenery, and the soft sound of birds singing. This was a place she often visited when she wanted to be alone, since it was void of people close to all of the time. She sighed. Her heart had been weighed down by her emotions for quite some time now. She couldn't quite figure out why she had to have fallen in love with someone who couldn't love her back. It was not like Chie was unlikeable or anything, it was just simply impossible for Gabby to love her like she did. "If only there was a way of at least making it possible for her to love me, then it would all be set..." She thought. She sighed again, and closed her eyes.

    "Is there something bothering you?"

    It was as if a voice was speaking right into her head. Surprised, she opened her eyes, and began frantically looking around for the source. Right next to her sat a small, white creature with big, red eyes, looking right at her.

    /人‿‿人\ "Hello, there. I see there is something occupying your mind, Would you mind telling me about it?

    Chie was flabbergasted. She had never seen a creature like this before, she didn't understand how it could talk into her mind, and she didn't know how it knew something was troubling her.

    "Umm, I'm sorry... Who are you?"

    /人‿‿人\ "Oh, I'm sorry for not introducing myself. My name's Kyubey, nice to meet you! I've been watching you for quite some time now, Chie, and I know there is something bothering you. The thing is, I think I can help."

    Chie didn't have any clue what was going on. More and more questions began popping up, like how this creature, kyubey, knew her name. Even stranger was that she felt urged to answer it. "Well, you see, there's this girl I like, her name is Gabby... I actually like her a lot, but there's no way she can like me that way, and that's what makes me sad."

    /人‿‿人\ "Ah, trouble with love. It's quite common among girls your age, but it's nothing I can't help with. The question is whether you are willing to help me or not."

    "Help you?.."

    /人‿‿人\ "Yes, help me. You see, all around the world, there are evil creatures who feed off of humanity's negative emotions. These creatures are called witches, and they are the cause of most unexplained accidents and suicides. They are quite dangerous, and they hide themselves in barriers and labyrinths that makes them impossible to find. To fight these witches, my race has found a way to make ordinary people, just like yourself, into beings we like to call magical girls. Magical girls have the ability to find and exterminate witches with nothing but the strength of the magic in their own souls. But since hunting for witches is, as I said, very dangerous, we would never ask anyone to do it without anything in return. That's why we decided that we will grant any one wish to those who are willing to fight. Apart from having their wish granted, they also gain the perks of using the magic of their soul for anything they want. So, what do you say? Are you willing to fight to have your wish granted?"

    Chie's heart began to race. It felt extremely weird for this thing to be asking her to fight something called witches, but this was what she had been waiting for. She had to take the chance now that it was right in front of her. "O-okay, I'll do it! I'll agree to fight these witches if you make Gabby love me more than just a friend!"

    /人‿‿人\ "The contract has been made. It is time for you to accept your new fate!"

    Chie felt a sudden, stabbing pain in her chest. As it grew and grew, a light began to emit, and she let out a scream. When she looked again, a green orb of light with pink flecks was hovering in front of her. When she grabbed it, a warmth spread throughout her, and she could feel herself changing. She could feel power coursing through her veins, and she could feel knowledge seeping in through her pores, a knowledge she felt like she had had since birth. It was the power to read, and manipulate the unconscious and conscious minds of people. In battle, this allowed her to read the movement of her opponent, and to predict their attacks before hand. As she looked at herself, she could see that her clothes were changed. She wore white ballerina slippers with ribbons reaching her knee. She wore a white dress with a slightly short, poofy skirt, rimmed with green hearts. She wore white, frilly gloves, and in her hands, she held a small, pink, heart-shaped bow. This was the most feminine she had ever looked

    Hovering around her were two circular green ribbons, not attached to her clothes. On one of the ribbons was a small, heart shaped gem, green and pink in colour. On the other ribbon was something else heart shaped, which when she looked at it turned out to have an eye. It swirled around and looked at her, almost as if it had its own mind. This was her third eye, with which she used for her mind manipulative powers. The gem slowly came around in front of her, and as she tapped it, she was enveloped in another light, and when it vanished, her outfit was back to normal. In her hand, she held a gold encrusted egg-shaped gem, with the same colour as the one who had been hovering around her. It was decorated with a small heart on top.

    She looked at kyubey, and smiled. So many things were running through her mind right now.