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  1. Of course this isn't only for girls, anyone is free to join. The RP will take place in the universe before Madoka made her final wish, meaning witches are still being born. I will act as sort of a game master, controlling Kyubey, witches, and various other characters. If your character griefs you are free to create your own witch, and then let someone else fight it. I will of course have to approve of it first, to make sure it's not overly powerful or anything

    No god-modeing. I won't make a witch that's impossible to beat as long as you can think of a creative and nifty strategy to fight it.


    Looks (picture and/or description is fine):

    I will decide what clothes and power your character will have in magical mode based on your wish, personality and bio.

    Link to IC thread: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/mahou-shoujou-☆-madoka-magica-style-rp.33013/
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  2. Name: Chie Tachibana
    Age: 14
    Looks: Chie has light brown hair in a pixie cut with bright green eyes. Her skin is light and freckled and she has a slim, athletic frame.
    Personality: Being a tomboy, Chie often behaves like a boy but manages to stay somewhat feminine. Other than that, she has a bright and upbeat personality, often trying to cheer up others with sarcastic comments. She's very insecure about herself and is very shy around people she doesn't know and has a mild case of social anxiety.
    Biography: Chie was born and raised in Japan with her mom, dad, and older brother. Her life was fairly normal up until middle school. While most of the girls were off chasing boys; Chie had to come to terms with the fact that girls were more attractive to her than boys. She was teased a bit and became more and more self-consensus. That was, until Gabby, a transfer student from England, came along. Gabby was nice and pretty and liked Chie for who she was. Chie and Gabby soon became best friends and Chie started to fall in love with her. The only problem, Gabby was straight.
    Wish: "I want Gabby to love me as more than just a friend."
  3. Chie is accepted ^w^ I will make an entry post for her which includes the scene where she makes the wish, I hope you don't mind.
  4. I don't mind at all, thank you.
  5. I finished the post, just FYI.
  6. Name: Nao Miura
    Age: 13
    Looks: A gloomy-looking girl, Nao has a pale complexion and a bored expression. Her hair is dark and tied to the side, and her bangs have become overgrown, somewhat obscuring her face. Her eyes are very dark, and she often looks like she is thinking of other things.

    Personality: Nao comes across as very distant, if not a bit creepy. She has an interest in medicine, especially natural remedies, and is near-constantly frustrated by her school's focus on more conventional subjects. She spends a good portion of her time reading, and has no close friends.
    It is her drive to get a proper career and a successful life that keeps her from trying to make friends, as she feels it would be a distraction from studies. She frets over her future often, and is quite frustrated with her life. Nao tends to think of the worst-case scenario, and follow along that train of thought, overthinking many situations and giving herself unnecessary stress.
    In contrast, she is surprisingly childish when alone. Nao has a picture diary that she draws in daily, and secretly enjoys fairy tales, old plays, stuffed animals, and poofy dresses. This side of her is particularly immature, and so she hides it from her classmates out of shame.
    Biography: Nao was raised by her mother alone, but the lack of a father has never bothered her. She loves her mother quite dearly, and enjoys her home life. Her family lived off of only her mother's income, and this might have been what created Nao's internal drive to have a well-paying career.

    She has always struggled to be the top of her class, thinking that if she could not get good grades, she could not get into academy, and thus would not be able to life a normal life with a proper job. In that way, she has come to think of every test and assignment as a critical step in her future, and pushes herself beyond her limits to ensure a happy future for herself. Because of her interest in natural remedies and the prestige the position carries, her goal is to become a doctor when she grows up.
    Wish: “I wish I didn't have to study!”
  7. ^ Is her wish to get that career and success?
  8. Basically, yes.

    She wants to be comfortable and happy without having to push herself to the extremes that she does. Whether that is having that means she's just given a career, or being so smart she doesn't need to study, or whatever, she wants to be able to take it easy and not stress about it.
  9. Okay then. entry post coming up, but I need to sleep right now :P I won't make yours that long, since you'll probably need more time to develop your character.

    Nice picture, by the way.