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    Magical Girl, Adventure, Dice​

    Mahou Mission is an adventure roleplay set in an alternate world, with players acting as "magical girls" part of a famous academy (no, this is not an academy roleplay!) who have begun to venture outside of their country's current known lands. Your mission: to survey the outside landscape as far as you can, and eventually report back to the monarchy. It is known that the outside world is dangerous, and so only those with the capacity for magic are being sent. You, along with your elders, will be the ones to see what's out there.

    Mahou Mission will involve a heavy use of "behind-the-scenes" dice rolling by me, the GM. While you will be controlling your character, the outcome of dice rolls will determine how well your character performs certain actions including but not limited to battle events, as well as random events, luck, and other aspects. I will notify you of what occurs to your characters (and/or what they achieve) through IC posts. Note that not everything will involve a dice roll, and that ultimately I have jurisdiction over what does and does not get a roll.

    While it will initially start out in a cheerful atmosphere, Mahou Mission has the potential to go south very quickly (explained below), and that you should not join this expecting for everything to maintain this cheerful mood.

    The potential for merciless death is a very real event for your characters.

    The Setting

    For several centuries, the city-state of Banot has lived in isolation from the lands outside, maintaining a steady population and a nearly perfected system of farming and production to supply its peoples. The heavily isolationist monarchy has maintained this lifestyle since time immemorial, continually warning of the horrors that live just outside the borders.

    However, recent leadership has seen a change in this isolating mood, and lords and nobles have begun to find interest in opportunities outside Banot. One in particular, a rich lord, has invested in the exploration of exterior lands, his call being answered by the College of Naeos, an all-girls research and education society formed around the existence of naturally arcane-gifted women (magical girls, for all tends and purposes).

    The college has opted to venture out into the world in various groupings, eager themselves to learn as much as they can. Brought along are the students of this college, guided by more experienced members. Their task is the simple exploration of the lands outside, be they other societies, ruins, flora and fauna, or simple geography.

    But, as the monarchy so often stressed, the world outside is not a safe place, as the explorers will soon realize.

    Character Stats and Skills

    Characters will have a number of stats to them determining (mainly) their combat ability. Combat will be a large part of Mahou Mission, and will have dire consequences on the team depending on the outcome. These stats will be used to roll dice and determine the results of actions your character takes (generally within the realm of combat, but can be used elsewhere).

    You have 20 points to spend on stats as you choose. You automatically have 1 health point regardless of expenditure.

    Skills (below) are particular abilities your character has that adds to their effectiveness in and out of combat. You may choose from X at the start.

    • Grievous Wounds - Whenever you land a successful attack on an enemy past their defenses, you will deal 2 health points of damage rather than 1.
      Parrying - If you do not successfully dodge an attack, you will perform a parry action utilizing your attack stat before you utilize your defense stat.
      Assassin - If the enemy fails an awareness test, you may conduct an attack on them that automatically penetrates defenses.
      Pressure - Landing successive damage-dealing strikes on an enemy increases your attack stat (temporarily) until you miss.
      Feint - By declaring you'd like to feint in a post, a failed attack roll will be re-rolled. You may do this once per battle. If the first attack hits, it will not count towards this limit.

    • No Openings - If you fail an awareness test, enemies must still attempt to penetrate your defenses.
      Shattering Armor - You have a chance to permanently lower the attack stat of enemies if they strike you and fail to penetrate defenses.
      Redundancy - Once per battle, your armor/defenses have the chance to re-roll against a successful attack upon you.

    • Undying - Upon losing all your health points, you have a chance to immediately regenerate 1 health point and continue living.
      Unwavering - Upon taking 2 damage, you ignore rolls to become incapacitated.
      Berzerker - Upon reaching 1 health, you gain attack points equal to your health lost (not available to characters with only 1 max health).

    • Counter-Strike - Upon dodging an enemy attack, you have an immediate opportunity to attack the enemy, ignoring their agility.
      Double Strike - Landing a successful hit on an enemy grants an immediate chance to attempt another strike again.
      Catlike - Poor terrain modifiers do not affect your character.
      Lightning - You can attempt a combat maneuver that requires the enemy to pass an awareness test. If they fail, you are given a free strike upon the enemy, ignoring their agility.

    • Tracking - Missing an enemy with a magic attack affords a re-roll to strike.

    • Absorb - Upon successfully defending from a magic attack, your magic attack is increased by 1 for the next magic attack you perform.

    • Sixth Sense - Your awareness rolls can be performed on phenomenon otherwise undetectable to humans.
      Danger Sense - You may receive a single "rating" of the danger level of a current area or situation.
      Precognition - Before attempting a dodge roll, you may roll awareness to potentially boost your chances of dodging.

    • Mental Out - You are immune to mind-reading/control effects.
      Meditation - While out of combat you may perform a sort of meditation to decrease Anger and increase Sanity without aid from friends.

    Spells and Elemental Affinity

    As a magical girl, you will have access to arcane spells which you can cast as you please. As the player submitting a character sheet, you will have free reign over what spells your magical girl has, though the explanation to these spells should have clear mention of what they do in terms of dice rolls or skill-like additions. For example, possessing a spell that grants a temporary defense stat bonus (a shield) would be one such spell, though it need not be so simple. I will judge these spells with a particularly cautious eye. Don't be afraid to think big at first. We can work together to ensure they work well and are fair!

    Each magical girl may have an elemental affinity to her that grants bonuses when working against elements that it counters. Possessing an elemental affinity is not required. The available elements are as follows:
    Elements (open)

    The Endless Dungeon and Sanity

    Adventuring outside of your country borders, you will effectively find yourself in what is to be called the "Endless Dungeon" which encompasses absolutely everywhere you travel. There is a constant potential for encountering enemies, loot, and the like. In addition, the outside world seems to "react" actively to the mood of you and your teammates. A bad mood in general amongst the team will cause negative effects on the world around you, especially in the enemies you meet. Enemies will become increasingly more dangerous and aggressive the poorer your mood is. Mood is determined by your character's sanity level.

    Sanity for all character's starts at 100%, and will decrease according to the events they encounter and the amount of constitution they possess. When your sanity reaches 0%, bad things happen.

    Upon reaching 0%, your character will instantly die, succumbing to the soul-tearing effects of a "Psychoburst" attack. Psychobursts are malevolent entities pervading the world that latch onto the minds of those that are going insane. When they finally lose all of their sanity, it is free to take over their body, bursting from it as a wretched abomination hellbent on violence.

    Sanity can be maintained by the help of your teammates, and will return to higher levels the longer you go without experiencing a negative event.

    Anger and Berzerk Mode

    In addition to there being a sanity meter, there is also an Anger meter that measures how calm your character is. The longer they engage in battle, and the more they display characteristics of anger in their thoughts and actions, the higher the meter gets. If the meter reaches 100%, your character will go berzerk and you will lose control over them, effectively turning them into an NPC.

    Upon going berzerk, your character gains a huge stat boost but will attack anything and everything including their own teammates. The berzerk individual will return to normal only under two conditions: their anger meter goes to 0%, or they achieve a sufficient luck roll while berzerk (their luck increases the lower their meter is). While berzerk, teammates can reduce the anger meter by attacking them, which will fortunately not deal genuine damage to the character.

    Upon losing berzerk status, characters will also unfortunately lose a significant portion of their sanity. Anger can be staved by forgoing battle, and maintaining a peaceful relationship with your teammates.

    Character Sheet

    • I prefer anime appearances, as this is after all modeled after a magical girl genre.
    • Personality should honestly just be a series of bullet points. I like those.
    • Banot is pretty freaking huge as a city-state, so there's a lot of room for adventure and history in your biography even before your current venture into outside territory.
    • Note that you're still a student of Naeos, so you'll likely be young. It's still possible to be an adult, however (perhaps you entered late?).
    • Your equipment can contain a special weapon/tool of some sort you use for fighting. Your attack stat will reflect your adeptness with this item. If you go bare-handed in fighting, your attack will be cut in half.

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  2. This looks really interesting! I'd love to join. Can I reserve the Sound element?

    Also, what are the posting expectations?
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  3. There's no need for reservations. I won't limit it to one per element.
    Posting expectations will be about weekly, likely adept.
  4. I liked the old one more, but mainly because I had a firmer grasp/idea for that one! This one sounds interesting too though.
  5. Dice rolls or spice rolls? Count me in.
  6. Seems like an interesting idea. I'll keep tabs on this.
  7. I didn't know you are actively roleplaying!
  8. Granted, I haven't been that active recently because of personal reasons, but I wouldn't be sticking around in a roleplaying forum if I wasn't O__O
  9. 4 players is good enough for me! I'll start working on the OOC soon.
  10. Fien, make a female for this. Darkest Dungeon cool.

    Unless yeah, it's closed and the bump wasn't by you. In which case, yeah....
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  11. Are you still accepting players, or have I missed the opportunity to join?
  12. I'm still accepting. Just currently updating the thread to pave way for the OOC.
  13. In that case, I'm rather intrigued by the setting and how you'll meld these genres together; so, that's quite the relief.
  14. OOC is up! Note I'm still trying to come up with additional skills to be available to you, so if you've got any ideas let me know!
  15. Totally interested!
    Does that mean it's open to sign up already?
  16. That it is!
  17. Still looking for more players!
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