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    Magical Girl, Adventure, Dice



    Mahou Mission is an adventure roleplay set in an alternate world, with players acting as "magical girls" part of a famous academy (no, this is not an academy roleplay!) who have begun to venture outside of their country's current known lands. Your mission: to survey the outside landscape as far as you can, and eventually report back to the monarchy. It is known that the outside world is dangerous, and so only those with the capacity for magic are being sent. You, along with your elders, will be the ones to see what's out there.

    Mahou Mission will involve a heavy use of "behind-the-scenes" dice rolling by me, the GM. While you will be controlling your character, the outcome of dice rolls will determine how well your character performs certain actions including but not limited to battle events, as well as random events, luck, and other aspects. I will notify you of what occurs to your characters (and/or what they achieve) through IC posts. Note that not everything will involve a dice roll, and that ultimately I have jurisdiction over what does and does not get a roll.

    While it will initially start out in a cheerful atmosphere, Mahou Mission has the potential to go south very quickly (explained below), and that you should not join this expecting for everything to maintain this cheerful mood.

    The potential for merciless death is a very real event for your characters.

    The Setting

    For several centuries, the city-state of Banot has lived in isolation from the lands outside, maintaining a steady population and a nearly perfected system of farming and production to supply its peoples. The heavily isolationist monarchy has maintained this lifestyle since time immemorial, continually warning of the horrors that live just outside the borders.

    However, recent leadership has seen a change in this isolating mood, and lords and nobles have begun to find interest in opportunities outside Banot. One in particular, a rich lord, has invested in the exploration of exterior lands, his call being answered by the College of Naeos, an all-girls research and education society formed around the existence of naturally arcane-gifted women, otherwise known as 'witches' (magical girls, for all tends and purposes).

    The college has opted to venture out into the world in various groupings, eager themselves to learn as much as they can. Brought along are the students of this college, guided by more experienced members. Their task is the simple exploration of the lands outside, be they other societies, ruins, flora and fauna, or simple geography.

    But, as the monarchy so often stressed, the world outside is not a safe place, as the explorers will soon realize.

    Character Stats and Skills

    Characters will have a number of stats to them determining (mainly) their combat ability. Combat will be a large part of Mahou Mission, and will have dire consequences on the team depending on the outcome. These stats will be used to roll dice and determine the results of actions your character takes (generally within the realm of combat, but can be used elsewhere).

    You have 20 points to spend on stats as you choose. You automatically have 1 health point regardless of expenditure.

    Skills (below) are particular abilities your character has that adds to their effectiveness in and out of combat. You may choose from 4 at the start.

    • Grievous Wounds - Whenever you land a successful attack on an enemy past their defenses, you will deal 2 health points of damage rather than 1.
      Parrying - If you do not successfully dodge an attack, you will perform a parry action utilizing your attack stat before you utilize your defense stat.
      Assassin - If the enemy fails an awareness test, you may conduct an attack on them that automatically penetrates defenses.
      Pressure - Landing successive damage-dealing strikes on an enemy increases your attack stat (temporarily) until you miss.
      Feint - By declaring you'd like to feint in a post, a failed attack roll will be re-rolled. You may do this once per battle. If the first attack hits, it will not count towards this limit.
      Crushing Blow - Successfully landing a hit on an enemy prevents any chance of parrying.

    • No Openings - If you fail an awareness test, enemies must still attempt to penetrate your defenses.
      Shattering Armor - You have a chance to permanently lower the attack stat of enemies if they strike you and fail to penetrate defenses.
      Redundancy - Once per battle, your armor/defenses have the chance to re-roll against a successful attack upon you.

    • Undying - Upon losing all your health points, you have a chance to immediately regenerate 1 health point and continue living.
      Unwavering - Upon taking 2 damage, you ignore rolls to become incapacitated.
      Berzerker - Upon reaching 1 health, you gain attack points equal to your health lost (not available to characters with only 1 max health).

    • Counter-Strike - Upon dodging an enemy attack, you have an immediate opportunity to attack the enemy, ignoring their agility.
      Double Strike - Landing a successful hit on an enemy grants an immediate chance to attempt another strike again.
      Catlike - Poor terrain modifiers do not affect your character.
      Lightning - You can attempt a combat maneuver that requires the enemy to pass an awareness test. If they fail, you are given a free strike upon the enemy, ignoring their agility.

    • Tracking - Missing an enemy with a magic attack affords a re-roll to strike.

    • Absorb - Upon successfully defending from a magic attack, your magic attack is increased by 1 for the next magic attack you perform.

    • Sixth Sense - Your awareness rolls can be performed on phenomenon otherwise undetectable to humans.
      Danger Sense - You may receive a single "rating" of the danger level of a current area or situation.
      Precognition - Before attempting a dodge roll, you may roll awareness to potentially boost your chances of dodging.

    • Mental Out - You are immune to mind-reading/control effects.
      Meditation - While out of combat you may perform a sort of meditation to decrease Anger and increase Sanity without aid from friends.

    • Note: Normally Luck is a hidden stat that is the same for all players, however you can get skills that increase your luck behind the scenes.

      Favored Fortune - If a random event occurs to your character, there is a greater chance that it will be a good event over a bad one.
      Blessed - Random events have the chance to temporarily increase one of your stats.
      Luck Vampire - Your presence lowers the luck of enemies around you.
      Go Big or Go Home - The magnitude of good or bad effects transpiring out of random event are more drastic.
      Sheer Luck - You may attempt to gain a temporary increase to a stat at the risk of straining yourself, potentially losing health.

    Spells and Elemental Affinity

    As a magical girl, you will have access to arcane spells which you can cast as you please. As the player submitting a character sheet, you will have free reign over what spells your magical girl has, though the explanation to these spells should have clear mention of what they do in terms of dice rolls or skill-like additions. For example, possessing a spell that grants a temporary defense stat bonus (a shield) would be one such spell, though it need not be so simple. I will judge these spells with a particularly cautious eye. Don't be afraid to think big at first. We can work together to ensure they work well and are fair!

    Each magical girl may have an elemental affinity to her that grants bonuses when working against elements that it counters. Possessing an elemental affinity is not required. The available elements are as follows:
    Elements (open)

    The Endless Dungeon and Sanity

    Adventuring outside of your country borders, you will effectively find yourself in what is to be called the "Endless Dungeon" which encompasses absolutely everywhere you travel. There is a constant potential for encountering enemies, loot, and the like. In addition, the outside world seems to "react" actively to the mood of you and your teammates. A bad mood in general amongst the team will cause negative effects on the world around you, especially in the enemies you meet. Enemies will become increasingly more dangerous and aggressive the poorer your mood is. Mood is determined by your character's sanity level.

    Sanity for all character's starts at 100%, and will decrease according to the events they encounter and the amount of constitution they possess. When your sanity reaches 0%, bad things happen.

    Upon reaching 0%, your character will instantly die, succumbing to the soul-tearing effects of a "Psychoburst" attack. Psychobursts are malevolent entities pervading the world that latch onto the minds of those that are going insane. When they finally lose all of their sanity, it is free to take over their body, bursting from it as a wretched abomination hellbent on violence.

    Sanity can be maintained by the help of your teammates, and will return to higher levels the longer you go without experiencing a negative event.

    Anger and Berzerk Mode

    In addition to there being a sanity meter, there is also an Anger meter that measures how calm your character is. The longer they engage in battle, and the more they display characteristics of anger in their thoughts and actions, the higher the meter gets. If the meter reaches 100%, your character will go berzerk and you will lose control over them, effectively turning them into an NPC.

    Upon going berzerk, your character gains a huge stat boost but will attack anything and everything including their own teammates. The berzerk individual will return to normal only under two conditions: their anger meter goes to 0%, or they achieve a sufficient luck roll while berzerk (their luck increases the lower their meter is). While berzerk, teammates can reduce the anger meter by attacking them, which will fortunately not deal genuine damage to the character.

    Upon losing berzerk status, characters will also unfortunately lose a significant portion of their sanity. Anger can be staved by forgoing battle, and maintaining a peaceful relationship with your teammates.

    Character Sheet

    • I prefer anime appearances, as this is after all modeled after a magical girl genre.
    • Personality should honestly just be a series of bullet points. I like those.
    • Banot is pretty freaking huge as a city-state, so there's a lot of room for adventure and history in your biography even before your current venture into outside territory.
    • Note that you're still a student of Naeos, so you'll likely be young. It's still possible to be an adult, however (perhaps you entered late?).
    • Your equipment can contain a special weapon/tool of some sort you use for fighting. Your attack stat will reflect your adeptness with this item. If you go bare-handed in fighting, your attack will be cut in half (if you normally use a weapon).


    • How many actions can we take per IC post?
      Movement is relatively free during your IC post; characters can move about pretty readily. Attacks (either as weapon attacks or spells) will count for one action per post. You won't be able to pull off a melee attack and a spell generally. If the spell is a simple buff to your character, you have the option of using the spell and attacking in the same post.
    • How does combat play out? What's the order of events?
      When combat starts, Agility will be used to determine who gets the first action. If an enemy is faster, I'll have them attack your players first. If your character is faster, I'll simply mention that they're in your presence (your next post will allow you to attack first). During your IC post, you decide what you want your character to do; attack, spells, run, etc, and you will detail it in your post. Once all players have posted, I will roll dice to determine whether or not their actions succeed, and will detail the results in my IC post.

      I will then act out the enemy NPC's, determining if they too are able to succeed in their actions. I will let you know if they manage to hit you/cast a spell/etc. Then it's your turn to act again. This will continue until the enemies (or you!) are dead or incapacitated.

    The Cast

    Sochi Nimel - Water

    Selene Rin - Dark
    Arina Samala - Light
    Homura Kongohki - Space
    Lyriel Usagi - Soul
    Nephenee - Lightning

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  2. ♥Arihata 'Ari-chan' Usami♥

    "I am Arihata Usami-san, it's nice to meet you ru! Please call me Ari-chan!"

    Name: Arihata Usami
    Nickname: Ari-chan
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Demisexual

    "I forgot my height... or how much I weigh. It's not really that important right-ru? Or maybe I'm forgetful!"

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 113 lbs.
    Bust size: A30
    Eye Color: Hot pink
    Hair color: Varying shades of pink

    "Ru? I'm just like everyone else! Ok, maybe just a little bit clumsier~"


    | Cheerful | Optimistic | Fun-loving | Stubborn | Loyal | Caring | Forgetful | Patient | Kind | Emotional | Understanding | Good listener | Reckless |


    | Sweets | Cooking | Small animals | Making people smile | Tennis | Poetry | Hard-work | Having a team | Protecting the innocent | TV dramas |


    | Slacking off | Forgetting things | Problems she can't solve | Being alone | A negative mood | Loud noises | Surprises | Abrupt Motion | Darkness |


    | Often lies about being sad | Add's 'Ru' into her speech but doesn't notice it | Believes in destiny and karmic retribution |


    Arihata started off her magical girl career as being very weak. She would recklessly jump into battle to save someone and be nearly killed in the process. She's trained and practiced very hard and trains harder than anyone else to get the results she wants. Her skills have developed into ones that are more meant to help her teammates. She has learned over time to accept help from her team and help them in return. She

    "Sometimes.... I wonder if I'm as capable as everyone else is. Ahaha, sorry! Ignore me!"

    Attack - 3
    Defense - 2
    Health - 4
    Agility - 3
    Magic Attack - 4
    Magic Defense - 3
    Awareness - 1
    Constitution - 1

    "My skills? Well I have a few of them though I'm not sure how good they are or how much use they'll be ru.."

    Magic Spells:
    « »

    Lyrical Defense

    Her defense stat's rise by a point and a soothing piano melody soothes the anger of any nearby magical girls. This spell is used by Arihata's voice, her singing replicates that of a piano. This is a long-range spell.

    Sonata of Destiny

    Through this spell Arihata is able to sing a song that allows her to predict her opponents next move and counter it. The spell works like this: While she's singing her lyrics change to inform her of what her opponents move is. The only setback is that she can't attack while predicting moves. Also this is a short range spell so she'd have to be close.

    Ultimate Concerto

    This is an attack spell. Arihata uses this spell to afflict damage to her opponents via soundwaves. The soundwaves of the song she sings shoves all nearby opponents back and into something rather harshly. This is a short-range spell.

    The Melody Of Eternity

    She can heal her teammates wounds as long as they aren't major. If the wounds are major this spell has less effect. For example if someone was shot she could close and disinfect the wound with her powers but couldn't do anything for the pain and any sharp movements with the area of the wound could result in it re-opening. If someone was cut she could resolve the pain and close/disinfect the wound and it would be just as brand new. For wounds that don't break skin she can resolve the pain. This isn't a short process however and requires lots of concentration so makes them vulnerable for attack.

    Her Skillset

    « »

    Undying - Upon losing all your health points, you have a chance to immediately regenerate 1 health point and continue living.

    Catlike - Poor terrain modifiers do not affect your character

    No Openings - If you fail an awareness test, enemies must still attempt to penetrate your defenses.

    Meditation - While out of combat you may perform a sort of meditation to decrease Anger and increase Sanity without aid from friends.

    Element: Sound
    Equipment: Her weapon is a highly mechanized Crossbow. The bow can also be used as a blade because of the sharp blades on either side. When not in use it can be folded up.​
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  3. >Annoys like 5 times about luck stat/luck element/luck skills
    >Still forgets them
    >Typical Asuras
  4. I'll get a CS up tomorrow. Hi Asuras.
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  5. Ooooh, I would definitely like to join! I'll throw up a CS myself (hopefully today) though I don't know if it'll be as pretty ;~;

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  6. Selene Rin


    • Waist-Length Black Hair
    • Keen Blue Eyes
    • Light, Peachy Skin
    • Lithe Body
    • Perfect Posture
    • Often Dressed Simply and Practical


    • Friendly but Reserved
    • Mature and Independent
    • Determined
    • Sensible and Realistic
    • Tactical and Strategic
    • Meticulous
    • Observant

    Short Biography

    Every female in Selene's family are dark arcane users, her mother being particularly strong and fairly well-known, so it comes to no surprise to hear she has two other sisters but only one brother, though her older sister Wren, the oldest of the four siblings, has long since graduated from the academy. She's both academically focused as well as athletic, dividing her free time between keeping in shape and studying, in hopes of one day surpassing Wren and making a name for herself. Most of her peers assume her to be older than she actually is and her family name alone commands respect, only adding to her popularity with her fellow students.


    • Attack: 3
    • Defense: 3
    • Health: 3
    • Agility: 2
    • Magic Attack: 2
    • Magic Defense: 3
    • Awareness: 3
    • Constitution: 1


    • Grievous Wounds: Whenever you land a successful attack on an enemy past their defenses, you will deal 2 health points of damage rather than 1.
    • Shattering Armor: You have a chance to permanently lower the attack stat of enemies if they strike you and fail to penetrate defenses.
    • Absorb: Upon successfully defending from a magic attack, your magic attack is increased by 1 for the next magic attack you perform.
    • Precognition: Before attempting a dodge roll, you may roll awareness to potentially boost your chances of dodging.

    Magic Spells

    • Shadow Spines: An attack spell that can come from Selene herself or surrounding shadows for an elemental advantage, but also higher energy cost; dark manifestations shaped like needles flung at the chosen adversity.
    • Dark Retribution: Summons spikes of various sizes to spear any given target and decreases chances of dodging. The size, number of spikes that appear, and control she has over them depends on Selene's magic attack. Currently unpredictable.
    • Night's Haven: A flat, oval-shaped magic barrier used as a defense against magic spells and physical attacks. Can only block in one direction.
    • Dark Fortitude: By sacrificing her awareness, Selene is able to raise her defense and ignore any pain or fear inflicted for a limited amount of time by encasing herself in second skin-like dark manifestations.
    • Whispering Shade: A spell she can use to sacrafice agility and increase her awareness to communicate and gather information from the surrounding shadows, but leaves her immobile and open to attack for the duration of the spell.
    • Dark Allegiance: Selene allows herself to be engulfed by shadows, enabling her to escape or go unnoticed while running reconnaissance at the cost of her defense.


    • Small Pack [food, water skin, money, first aid kit, compass, research materials]
    • First Aid Kit [bandages, medical tape, disinfectants, pain relievers]
    • Knife Sheath Garter [holds three to four knives]
    • Knife-Embedded Boots [pressurized knife in the toe of her right and heel of her left]
    • Knife-Embedded Fingerless Gloves [knives extend from back of wrists]
    • Magic Resistant Cloak [not entirely magic proof]
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  7. I'm accepting people indefinitely until I decide I've got enough. :3
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  8. Also to note; firearms are available to you. Think of the Banot city-state as being closer to a Final Fantasy-esque combination of fantasy and technology ideas.
  9. Hotaru Kurosawa


    "Let's see you talk shit with your teeth in your stomach!"

    Name: Hotaru "Firefly" Kurosawa

    Age: 17


    • Collarbones that could open letters and hipbones that could cut glass emphasize Hotaru’s slender physique. She’s lithe, not ridiculously scrawny but not desirably full-figured, either, and she has that tense sort of slouch one adopts after years of acting on the “fight” side of the “fight or flight” instinct. She’s got the posture of someone who’s just trying to get through life; wholly unremarkable and not confident in the slightest, despite an otherwise brash veneer.
    • Long, straight scarlet hair tumbles in layers down her back, falling to just above her waist. A choppy fringe feathers across her forehead, framing the gentle angles of her face. A small section is tied back into a short tuft of a ponytail, leaving the rest hanging loose. Small, delicate lips twist into a cyanide sneer that tries to smother all the hurt and remorse wide, expressive red eyes betray.
    • A flippant, devil-may-care shrug here and a sharp, brash laugh there try their damndest to compensate for nights spent staring at the ceiling, eyes burning and throat tight and lips aching from the weight of unspoken worries. Her voice is low and somewhat husky, elevating into a harsh, aggressive shout when she’s either flustered or angry. (She’s the sort of person who looks grumpy even in the best moods. Genetics were particularly vindictive while deciding her traits.)

    • Brash and cocky and alarmingly blunt, Hotaru won’t hesitate to voice her opinion, be it a creative, vulgar insult (“joyless shitpail” numbers among her favorites) or her own (probably extremely dangerous and not at all efficient) battle strategies.
    • Constantly has something to say, especially when flustered; she literally cannot shut up. She’ll ramble on and on in an endless stream of complaints or wisecracks, especially when she’s trying to mask fear or regret. Scathing remarks and trenchant quips are in no short supply.
    • Tends to lean more towards flippancy than solemnity. As such, she's accidentally offended quite a few people.
    • Crafts inventive nicknames for people to hide the fact she's absolute crap at remembering names.
    • Despite her chattiness, she’s fairly reticent; any information about personal details must be earned, and she’s not particularly forthcoming about certain elements of her life. Her sister is a touchy subject, as is her father, because daddy issues daddy issues daddy issues.
    • On rare occasions, she can be incisively funny, especially when she’s trying to call someone out on their bullshit, or launch into one of her lengthy tirades. Tragedy is Hotaru happening to you, comedy is Hotaru happening to someone else.
    • Irascible, extremely so, especially by her own shortcomings. While she is fairly prickly around others, the person she truly hates the most is herself. She’s actually fairly insecure and has a list of inferiority complexes a mile long. (Among other things. Her nickname is “God Complex” for a reason.)
    • Fully aware that someone like her is not cut out to be a hero, but pretends she could be anyway. She knows she doesn’t deserve that kind of happiness, not with how much of an unrepentant ass she is. She knows she’s not a good person, and she hates herself for not being strong enough to change that.
    • Rushes into battle without thinking, because she truly doesn't care what kind of fate befalls her. Not out of some altruistic sense of self-sacrifice (in fact, self sacrifice makes her want to vomit), but because she doesn't really think she deserves to put herself first.
    • Not used to dealing with sincere compliments. She’s used to dealing with and berating herself over her shortcomings, so when someone offers a genuine compliment, it comes as a total shock; she’s often left floundering and spluttering and honestly at a loss for words.
    • While Hotaru will usually lash out at her teammates after a botched battle, most of the loss is internalized. This is when she’s at her calmest - she may, on rare occasions, be convinced to open up. Cajolery will get you everywhere.

    "Short" Backstory (open)

    Born to a father as indifferent as he was affluent and a mother who had opted for a more “hands-off” approach to parenting (except for mooching off benefits, of course), much of Hotaru’s early childhood was spent learning the intricacies of internecine warfare. Passive-aggressive notes, “accidental” misplacement of vital funds, and deploying threats of dismemberment with cheerful grace were the norm. It gave Hotaru a perverse sort of appreciation for the fine art of war - or at least, revealed to her that it was fully possible to operate on a level of treachery yet unbreached by human influence.
    As such, Hotaru and her older sister, Takara, an aspiring magician with a peculiar propensity for following in her manipulative parents’ footsteps, latched onto each other, serving as a solitary anchor in a world rocked by deceit. They had a close bond, the genuine, sincere sort of affection - despite growing up in an extremely emotionally-defunct home, they were both capable of love. Where Hotaru had a guarded smile and a hesitant laugh, rarely showing themselves to the general public, Takara’s grins were loose and easy, and her laugh a constant soundtrack. Her eyes were alive with the glimmer of mischief, and not a day went by where the world wasn’t resplendent with the light of her smile.

    Despite the four-year age gap, they were extraordinarily close. They fought together (not always on the same side, because even the closest bonds fray), helped each other through tight spots, and became the parental figure the other never had. (Nothing quite like a 14-year-old Hotaru trying to shake her completely inebriated sister into sobriety before the parents came home. Family memories, indeed.) When Hotaru would get into fights, Takara was the one bandaging knuckles scraped raw by rough cement. When Takara’s latest concupiscent (she had to work her way up somehow, didn’t she?) conquest tried further feeding the rumor mill, it was Hotaru who would go and see exactly how well said asshole would be able to talk shit with his teeth in his stomach.
    Because of the scandal surrounding the Kurosawa family line, especially with the two current heads’ neverending show of debauchery, the two were almost permanently cemented in the bottom; socially, academically, romantically, etc. Then they began experimenting with magic, and their lives became the cliched, boring underdog story featured in literally every piece of media ever written. While Hotaru, ever the complete and utter history nerd, pursued a more aggressive combat style, incorporating fire magic and swordplay to form a devastating whirlwind of destruction, Takara - for once in her life - leaned more towards the nuanced arts of casting, favoring coercion, manipulation, and the budding talent of mind control to make her adversaries dance like marionettes in the palm of her hand.

    One danced with flames, and the other conquered the dark. One was a loose cannon, her emotions spiking at random intervals, igniting the flames that burned beneath her skin, her grip on her abilities loose and erratic. Giving someone governed solely by emotion a power that does the same is like feeding a gun an unending supply of bullets - you simply can’t stop someone like that from growing strong. The other absorbed the dark with an almost primal sense of greed, privately reveling in the power it brought her, peering into the abyss and not blinking when it stared hungrily back; she met its gaze with a challenge, treated it as an equal.

    One grew brighter, more lively and vivacious. She rose through the ranks, her pyrokinetic prowess enrapturing her peers, drawing their eyes and winning their hearts much like the firefly she was named for. The other receded inside herself, an easy grin replaced by a strained approximation of a smile, and eyes that once glimmered with a gentle, playful sense of mischief were clouded by lust. Lust for power, lust for the darkness beyond and how it was the basis for absolutely everything. Humans have feared the dark since the beginning of darkness itself, Takara decided, so in a sense, didn’t they fear themselves? The one hazy part of their nature which they couldn’t understand? Seize control of one’s greatest secret, one’s darkest motive, and suddenly, one’s entire life is in the palm of your hand. It was captivating, how quickly Takara ascended the ranks. Mediocrity wasn’t enough - she wasn’t going to be the lovable idiot anymore, lounging indifferently at the bottom as all her friends struggled for the top. She dominated the competition, tore down any and all walls looking to impede her, and claimed what she felt was her rightful position at the top: top of her class, top of the social circles, peering down on the little sister who once surpassed her so long ago.

    They say man’s greatest folly is its sense of avarice. How very fitting that the girl named for treasure was the one who succumbed to her greed. Simply ruling her small social circle wasn’t enough - there was an entire world out there, ripe for the plucking, and Takara simply would not allow anyone to beat her to it. With the darkness brewing in her heart and a mind so sharp it could ruin entire lives with one simple assumption of control, she fled [BCOLOR=transparent]Banot alone, deciding she’d rather die feared and remembered than spend the rest of her life grovelling at the feet of those she’d once revered as her superiors.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]If her little sister wanted to play at being a dragon with her stupid little fire magic, that was fine with Takara - she’d simply become a god. [/BCOLOR]


    Attack - 4
    Defense - 2
    Health - 3
    Agility - 4
    Magic Attack - 1
    Magic Defense - 1
    Awareness - 2
    Constitution - 3

    Skills :
    • Counter-Strike
    • Grievous Wounds
    • Catlike
    • Mental Out
    Magic Spells: Fueled by the flames of resentment, Hotaru incinerates her foes in a fury dance of death, ensuring the last thing they see is a glimpse of hell.

    • Fire Wall - Hotaru conjures up a wall of flames that will consume and destroy most ranged projectiles. Acts as a makeshift shield.
    • Firefly's Explosion - Channeling all the pent-up frustration and aggression plaguing her, Hotaru unleashes her wrath in a cathartic, if not devastating, eruption. Wreathing herself in roiling tongues of flame, which sprout from her hands and arms in sporadic bursts, she acts as a human projectile, throwing caution to the wayside and leaving rationality in her dust as she tackles her enemies head-on - literally. She doesn't need her sword, she'll beat them up herself. This does wonders for her sanity meter, replenishing what may have been lost during the battle, but leaves her exhausted and weak, barely able to walk. (Added: Upon finishing use, this spell will have a severe chance of exhausting Hotaru. During the effects she will gain a boost in agility and attack, and will have a modifier to all her physical attacks based on her magic attack.)
    • Cherry Bomb - Hotaru pelts her foe with a flurry of fireballs, their large number compensating for their small size. (Added: Decreased chance of enemy dodging this attack due to their large numbers.)
    • Hellfire Inferno - Hotaru summons dark, uncontrollable wildfire in a gigantic pillar of fire to cremate her enemies. The flames burn a disturbing, unholy black, and as they rupture from the ground, decimating the surrounding landscape, one might catch the briefest glimpse of tortured spirits screaming in agony; excessive use will grate at Hotaru's sanity. Serves as an" ultimate attack".
    Element: Fire

    • A wide, bulky, yet deceptively light claymore forged from a special sort of metal. Tailored to suit Hotaru’s tendency to burst into flames, instead of melting upon contact with the fire, it serves as a conductor. When it scrapes free of its sheath, which serves as a sort of tinder, the friction causes it to ignite.
    • Fire-resistant white coat that will not incinerate when Hotaru enters battle. This isn’t some B-list H-game, yo.
    • Pair of gloves through which Hotaru can channel her magic. Used in conjunction with her sword so she doesn’t burn her hands gripping the hot metal.
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  10. @Asuras thank you for warning me! I nearly forgot her skills but they are added now! Also since the city-state is more technologically advanced than I'd pictured it in my head I'll be changing her weapon.
  11. NOTE: Your Health stat in your sheet should reflect the number of points you've put into it, not the points + the free health point you get for free.
    NOTE: Magic spells can be cast "indefinitely" and as many times as you want. Know however that continued repetition of spells may result in exhaustion, determined by your health stat.

    @Brøken_Serenity Looks great! Some additional things I'd like you to know about your spells:
    • Lyrical Defense will have 0.5% effectiveness at decreasing anger during combat.
    • Ultimate Concerto, if it causes an enemy to hit a sturdy object, they will have to roll to defend against the extra damage. :D
    Are these acceptable to you?

    @Noctis the Devious
    • Shadow Spines: Should you choose to use the shadows for this spell, it will get extra magic attack, but will have an increased chance of exhausting Selene.
    • Dark Retribution: Due to its nature, decreases the chances of an enemy dodging this spell
    • Dark Fortitude: Rather than points being used to determine time span in minutes, I'd advise that the sacrificed Awareness points instead become additional defense points indefinitely.
    • Whispering Shades: Again here, instead of thinking of it in terms of time, think of it in terms of additional awareness. Sacrificing agility grants her extra awareness.
    Otherwise looks good.

    @Child of Ire
    • Firefly's Explosion: Upon finishing use, this spell will have a severe chance of exhausting Hotaru. During the effects she will gain a boost in agility and attack, and will have a modifier to all her physical attacks based on her magic attack.
    • Cherry Bomb: Decreased chance of enemy dodging this attack due to their large numbers.
    Sound good to you?
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  12. @Asuras

    Yes, that sounds fine to me.
  13. Name: Minte
    Age: 21

    Appearance: Above average in height and with a full figure, Minte isn’t exactly a dainty woman. Just shy of 6’, she nonetheless doesn’t cut a very intimidating figure. Though her posture is rarely anything but proper, it lacks any kind of stiffness and looks wholly relaxed and natural. Despite looking somewhat “soft”, it’s easy enough to recognize the truth if one were to find records of her weight. It’s questionable what her true eye colors are given the fox eyes are only opened when she dons her mask, making it unclear if the inhuman coloration is natural or a result of the mask.

    Personality: Relaxed yet Spirited, Open and Accepting, Mischievous and Affectionate, Responsible yet Lenient, Irrepressible and Resilient.

    Short Biography: The eldest of three siblings in a family of five, Minte took to her role as an older sibling with great enthusiasm. When she wasn’t busy with doting over her little brother and sister, to their annoyance and her amusement as they grew up, she honed her skills and did her best to maintain her position in the Academy. Her talent at magic was sub-par, but she never let that hang over her head and simply strove to be the best at what she did. She’d say she’s been successful enough, even if she doesn’t have the best of reputations amongst her peers given her far more physical-oriented style.

    Attack - 5
    Defense - 0
    Health - 2
    Agility - 4
    Magic Attack - 0
    Magic Defense - 0
    Awareness - 5
    Constitution - 4

    Meditation: While out of combat you may perform a sort of meditation to decrease Anger and increase Sanity without aid from friends.
    Sixth Sense: Your awareness rolls can be performed on phenomenon otherwise undetectable to humans.
    Precognition: Before attempting a dodge roll, you may roll awareness to potentially boost your chances of dodging.
    Catlike - Poor terrain modifiers do not affect your character.

    Magical Spells Techniques:
    Three Slashes in Two (Passive): Every two attacks made, an enemy must roll Agility against Minte. On failure 1 damage is automatically taken. Only active when Anger is higher than 25%.
    Blurred Assault (Passive): Enemies roll twice for dodging or parrying attacks and take the lowest result. At above 75% Anger, enemies must roll thrice.
    Haste (Buff): Increases the user’s Agility by 1 and grants an additional +1 to dodge. The focus required means a -1 to Awareness and the spell is unusable above 50% anger. The spell can be finished after a successful attack to allow for consecutive attacks until a miss: doing so causes a 10% rise in Anger.
    Blood Stained Psyche (Buff): Increases Attack by 2 and Agility by 1 at the cost of doubling current Anger (Min. 20% increase). While active, kills will decrease Anger by 10%, but also cause a 5% drop in sanity. Can only be ended after at least one enemy is killed or combat ends.
    Blink (Quick): Instantly dodge an attack or force an enemy to roll an Awareness check. If failed, an attack that ignores Agility is made. In both uses causes a 5% drop in Sanity as the mind is strained. Unusable below 50% Sanity. Does not drop Sanity if used outside of combat.
    Kamaitachi: A quick draw technique that sends out a sharp gust of wind that can cut foes. Attack stat is decreased by 1 for the technique, but allows for additional attacks for every 30% Anger. (2 Attacks at 30%, 3 at 60%, 4 at 90%)
    Enraged Massacre: Increase Anger by 10% and make three attacks against any number of enemies. A successful attack that does not kill an enemy will proc an additional attack which must be taken and raises anger by 5%. Successfully killing a foe will result in a 10% drop in anger and restore 1HP, up to a bonus of +3HP. After combat ends, bonus HP vanishes and restore 5% sanity per HP. Requires at least 60% Anger to use.

    Element: None.

    Equipment: Wields an excellent, both in terms of craftsmanship and material, hand and half katana. Its sheath is rather special in that it’s a gunsheath and acts as a short ranged firearm when the weapon is drawn. It’s also capable of launching the weapon out at incredible speeds, just don’t question how it remains undamaged and how Minte isn’t harmed.

    Her mask and “ears” serve purposes aside from simple aesthetics. The mask and “ears” grant her additional protection against any magic directed against her hearing or vision, while also granting a +1 to Awareness Checks for sight and hearing.

    Wears an utility belt. Of note would be the dozen utility and half a dozen lethal explosives. These are small inscribed spheres with a mana crystal that powers the spells. They prime with a surge of mana into the crystals and detonate on sufficient impact. Though varieties are vast, she carries flashbang, smoke screen and stunner varieties for utility purposes and incendiary and hoarfrost for lethal varieties.

    Carries a travel pack with a bunch of supplies in preparation for the expedition. Rations, light sources, first aid supplies, survival gear, the whole shebang. Enchanted with fairly powerful space-based magic so the capacity is greater and the weight of anything stored lesser.
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  14. Everyone's who has posted a completed CS thus far is accepted.
  15. Supervisors will be Naeos-associated seniors that will be guiding the party. Though they will possess more authority, their objective is half research and half training their juniors, and so will be pushing most decision-making steps unto the player-characters.
    Sochi will be your supervisor, and is a WIP for now.

    Name: Sochi Nimel
    Age: 23
    Sochi is noted by a compact, undulating form, well-known for her noble demeanor and obsessively maintained appearance. Her hair is a length of silken, raven strands held up most often in a ponytail, reaching past her waist when let down. Her posture is a perpetually-straight and uptight pose, reflecting a clear intent to remain as proper as possible in the face of public eyes. She possesses a melancholic visage looking somewhat stuck in place, as if unable to switch to anything but listlessness. Regardless, her ability to quickly shift to an appearance of sternness and severity is realized by her underlings.

    • Possesses a stasis-like ability to maintain composure, well trained by her family to uphold a certain level of respectability.
    • She is experienced with words, utilizing a raised voice that seems all too forced and regimented to be anything more than robotic rather than impressive or admirable.
    • An underlying hint of nervousness is seen in her actions and words, hearkening to her status as a recently-appointed authority figure for lower members of her organization.
    • Despite this, she displays a level of worldly ability seen in few individuals, once again strengthening her appearance as a well-to-do and trained nobility.
    • Sochi "suffers" from temporary and infrequent moments of excitability, wholly depending on the situation in question. Those who are especially familiar with her will note a fondness for outdoor games, though more often than not she's seen purposefully avoiding such events.
    • Her position gives her a technically well-deserved sense of authority which she uses rather readily, expecting an obedience that nevertheless often seems out of place for the atmosphere she finds herself within.
    • For all this, Sochi still possesses a sense of humor, though it goes unseen for a majority of her peers. Only the funniest or most abrupt of jokes seem to elicit a response out of her, which often comes out as a surprisingly wild and uncontrollable fit of laughter, likely pent up inside after long periods of seriousness.
    • It is clear to most that she tries very hard to hide a true self, submitting to a family culture demanding solemnity and self-control.

    Short Biography:
    Sochi was born the second-hand heir to the powerful Nimel family of Banot, distant relatives of the King himself. While her older brother was made out to be the prime image of their family line and was to become the head, Sochi was resigned to a posh but boorish and ignored lifestyle. Her activities were largely free, allowing her an ability to do as she pleased essentially every day of the week. Short moments of practice in various arts were forced upon her, and due to her unmonitored behavior lent to a frequently aggravating experience for her family.

    Her lavish life and freedom to go practically anywhere and do anything created a breeding ground for selfishness. Her experience as the invisible child swiftly came to an end when her brother's life, too, ended. The elder sibling got into a conflict with another boy of similar age over the issue of a girl whom they both doted after. During a final duel, Sochi's brother was killed by the rival, leaving her as the sole heir to the family name.

    A combination of the shame her family felt in the face of such an embarrassing outcome, and Sochi's already difficult personality pushed her family to instate a rather harsh regiment of lifestyle changes. Little room was offered for her objections, and she found herself unable to escape even when she used lies or simply attempted to flee various events and tasks given to her.

    The unforgiving and hasty training she faced broke her will and changed her into a formless individual with which to mold. The tail end of her childhood saw Sochi become a perfect representation of her family's values, now an obedient and poised young woman. Attending the College of Naeos, her directives to succeed and ascend made for an easily-attained position as a Supervisor for younger women, though she still "strives" to reach loftier goals.

    Attack - 5
    Defense - 4
    Health - 3
    Agility - 4
    Magic Attack - 4
    Magic Defense - 2
    Awareness - 4
    Constitution - 4

    « »

    Landing successive damage-dealing strikes on an enemy increases your attack stat (temporarily) until you miss.

    Double Strike
    Landing a successful hit on an enemy grants an immediate chance to attempt another strike again.

    Upon taking 2 damage, you ignore rolls to become incapacitated.

    Before attempting a dodge roll, you may roll awareness to potentially boost your chances of dodging.

    Magic Spells:
    « »

    Water Clone
    Sochi creates a clone of herself made of water and possessing no stats of its own. Enemies attempting to distinguish between real and fake must pass an awareness test. Enemies deciding to attack her must roll for luck to determine if they strike her or the clone. If they strike the clone it disappears and Sochi gets an automatic attempt to penetrate defenses.
    Moonlight Effect - Sochi creates an additional clone and decreases the chances of enemies succeeding in their luck roll to strike her.

    Aqua Jet
    A long-range armor-piercing magic attack. Ignores 25% (rounded up) of the enemy's defense stat.
    Moonlight Effect - Instead ignores 50% (rounded up) of their armor.

    Tsunami Approach
    Conjuring up a wall of water, Sochi rushes towards a target, obscuring their vision of her. They must pass an awareness test to scry past the wall of water; failure results in an inability to parry or dodge.
    Moonlight Effect - Before allowing her an attack attempt, the water wall strikes the enemy with a magic damage attack.

    Lakes of Thought
    Sochi possesses a passive mental barrier that disrupts the psychic activity of enemies attempting to harm her conscious. Enemies attempting to breach her thoughts or otherwise deal psychic harm will face their own psychic retaliation that hinders progress. A combination of Sochi's Constitution and Magic Defense roll against the enemy's magic attack. Enemy failure in this test completely negates their spell and strains their mind for 1 turn.
    Moonlight Effect - The enemy subsequently takes a magic attack from Sochi if their initial test fails.

    Psionic Torrent
    Sochi summons a rainstorm in the area, drastically increasing the strain actions take on enemies conscious. Attempting any form of movement or spell requires a Constitution test. Failure exhausts the target for a single turn as they are pelted by unseen psychic attacks.
    Moonlight Effect - Total Failure in the roll results in the enemy becoming unconscious.

    Element: Water
    • An extending spear that has the property of attracting nearby water to its tip, adding a light magic attack modifier to all weapon strikes Sochi makes.
    • A family pendant with the miraculous ability of negating a need for life-sustaining water. Sochi can go indefinitely without needing to drink anything, though is still capable of "feeling" parched.
    • A large rucksack with additional rations and money in the form of various rare earth metals to sustain the team for some length of time.
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  16. I'm intrigued by this! Trying to find a decent character image that I like. I'm interested in the Time element, but I know time magic is usually a touchy subject; so, are there any restrictions I should be aware of before 'thinking big'?
  17. Time magic involves stopping or slowing time, so no going to the past or future. Other than that just throw out whatever you can think of and I'll let you know if it's acceptable or not.
  18. I am currently working on a Magical Girl with the death Element but I need to go to school soon so I'd like to reserve that element if possible.
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