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  1. New Ideas for anyone looking for something. I've just about always played a guy, and usually work with the ladies.

    1. Demigods and their Chaotic lovemaking

    The ideas is two young cosmic abstract demigods have hooked up. The story begins just as the two have gotten together, and they're just itching to get things on, while getting used to the fact they're soon to be gods.

    On a less plot based note, I imagine some seriously crazy/funny stuff for this one. (Ex. They do it in space, and the sheer power of their thrusts destroy an asteroid or something)

    2. Post-Apocaylptic Bond between two travelers

    Very story heavy. The world has been ravaged by what is known as the Ultra-Disaster, in which the world was beaten like a guy at a bar-fight by a dozen different natural disasters, Our RP focusing on an area mainly affected by flood. Women wear whatever they want, from swimsuits and lingerie, to elaborate and weird dresses, any girl (or anyone that comes off as a girl) would never be wearing something considered 'normal.' Gangs roam the land, and mutants stalk all others from the shadows, waiting to strike.

    In this story, a traveler would come across a lost girl who he takes under his wing. At first, he considers ditching her, but after she makes things worth his while, the two begin to develop a relationship, slowly coming to realize how much they need the other.

    3. Comedy, Genderbending, Confused feelings, and MORE

    This is basically about a dude (not played by me) who has a crush on some other person (whether it be dude or chick). Thing is, this character, through some means, like Magic/Science/Natural Genetics/ETC, turns into the opposite gender.

    The romance aspect could be that he/she's trying to hook up with the girl of his dreams, or maybe falls for his/her best friend, and through everything, has to keep up the secret. There's also a chance for comedy in that through a couple different ways (Ex. Keeping up two identities, wearing the wrong gender clothes at the wrong time, hiding the transformation, etc)

    If the whole transformation aspect doesn't fit your fancy, and maybe your want something more realistic, perhaps it could just be a crossdresser, or something?

    4. Fighting is Hawt.

    This one would center around one general idea: A guy and a girl get into a physical fight, and are suddenly turned on by each other. There are two ways this could work

    - "Roadhouse": The two happen to get caught in a bar room brawl. Their fights would be very chaotic and animalistic.

    - The Martial Arts Dream: Two Martial Artists realize the other is practically their equal, and they become rivals. Once again though: The fact they found someone that keeps them guessing turns them on.

  2. I tried that one. I kind of lost interest after a while.