Magrathea and the World Builder's Challenge

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  1. For anyone who has ever been interested in creating worlds and settings, we have Magrathea-- World Builders United. We have a wonderful project just getting started where we all work together to build a world and I would love to have more people involved, so if you want to help create an entire world setting that is going to be made an open Iwaku resource, please come over and take a look here. If you have any questions or suggestions for related projects or you have an idea for the group, you can post it there or here.

  2. Though the Collab project is currently on hold, I want to remind everyone that we are always accepting new members to Magrathea-- World Builders United. Come on over and check us out at the link above. If you have anything to teach, to contribute, want to show off, or just want to learn, come check us out! Making a world can be a wonderful summer project!