Magnolia renewal of the flames: a fairy tale rp!

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  1. Sera walked out her guild mark showing proudly she smiled and said well well well i guess im headed out on a job. she walked out with her twin dragon slayer striker who was also her dear cousin. the light covered her in an angel like hew. she smiled. as she slowly walked to the request board hoping to find something interesting and far from the danger of water. as for her cousin far from the danger of ice they were both dragon slayers with the ability to activate the dragon force part but she was not going to activate it unless she meant serious business to the person she was to do harm too.
  2. The normal chatter inside the Fairy Tale guild went along as it usually did. Juvia in the corner fantasizing about Grey. Grey and Natsu in the middle trying not to get killed by Erza because they almost got into a fist fight with each other. The main guild doors opened suddenly as a black haired guy fell forward into the guild. Most of the guild fell silent and stared back at the guy. The guy appeared to have been traveling for a while without rest and collapsed from exhaustion.
  3. striker pulled on sera's sleeve and pointed to the guy who had fallen into the guild hall. striker walked over and picked up the man and brought into the infirmary where wendy helped to heal any injuries he had. he said sera keep him warm im going to get master to help see if he is ok. sera sat next to the man watching wendy heal him she smiled and hoped he would be ok.
  4. It seemed like hours passed, and the guy hadn't woke up yet. Also, for some reason, whatever injuries he sustained weren't going away. It was as if his body was rejecting Wendy's healing. Healing the guy's injuries seemed hopeless.
  5. Sera says not much can stop the healing from this her hands began to glow an angelic white she said white heavenly healing flames of the heavenly flame dragon she pressed her hands slowly against the wound as her power drained her eyes went glossy. Striker walked in just as Sera collapsed to the bed unconscious. her hand still pressed to the mans wound a small red spiral flower was appearing where her hand was her powers stopped because by now she was absolutely and completely out of magic. Striker sat down next to the man after laying Sera in the bed next to this one. he mumbled sir whoever you are please wake up. i know your probably weak right now but you must get better cousin just cant sit around and watch people die. she hates watching those she has tryed to help die. Sera was soundly asleep on the bed next to the mans she would be out for a good couple days wendy said. her healing magic to low to speed up sera's healing process.
  6. A few hours passed with no response from him. His injuries seemed to be healing. However, the guy had yet woke up. That was until later that night. Everyone was either fast asleep or wandering about the guild. Inside the infirmary, everyone was asleep. During that time, someone had found their way inside Fairy Tail. Within minutes, the whole infirmary was set ablaze. It was obvious that this person wanted to kill someone in there. Their plan would have worked, if the guy hadn't woke up shortly after the fire started. It wasn't a natural waking. More like an unknown force was controlling him. He looked at everyone and within moments, transported all of them out of the room. The people in the infirmary were safe. However, some of the fire had spread to the other parts of the guild, before it was stopped. The guy was out again. This time only lasting until the sun rose. "Where. Where am I?"
  7. Sera ran in and ate the flames but they had been flames of darkness she cringed in pain. She screamed as her Dragon force scales that were normally white turned grey. Striker had followed her in and ate the rest of the flames after sera collapsed to the ground. She trembled her whole body shaking. She would not watch this man get hurt after him collapsing in the guild she called home. She stood up and coughed alittle blood ran out the corner of her mouth she yelled dragonslayer secret art: blinding flame of the heavenly flame Dragon. The person who attacked fairy tail was sent flying through the wall.
  8. A figure approached the guild. "Can you guys go one day without burning the place down? Gezz. I leave for a few weeks and this is what happens." A few guild members look back at the figure. He wore a yellow overcoat with yellow and black baggy pants. His blonde hair was spiky, a black headband pressing lightly across a part of it. He leaned against a tree, staring at all of them. It appeared that Joseph had returned. Joseph's eyes fell on the new comer, and sort of appeared next to him. "Who do we have here? I don't believe I have seen you around here before. What's your name kid?"
  9. Sera turned and said joseph you have returned. she went outside and released a breath of black flames torching a few trees and a field of grass she then curled her wings around herself and went to sleep, her powers royally exhausted. Striker says hey joseph how did the job go? tell me later i wanna know all about it! he then walked over and fell asleep in the grass next to his cousin and only true family sera.
  10. He looked up at the boy who just appeared next to him. As much as he wanted to give him an answer to his question, he couldn't. "I. I don't know. I can't remember anything."
  11. Sera gets up and walks over to the guy she was protecting and she just smiled and said hello sir im seraphina Kline. Im the fire and light Dragon slayer it's a pleasure to meet you.
  12. Joseph remained puzzled by what the boy said. "What do you mean you don't remember anything? Do you remember coming here?"
  13. "I-I. I don't know." The boy quickly drew his legs close to his face and clenched them tightly. "I don't remember anything. I know I came here for a reason. I just can't remember why. I don't even remember anything about myself." He sat there for a while, huddled in a fetal position. A piercing ring suddenly echoed through his ears. "Ahhh!" He clenched his ears, trying to muffle this phantom sound. "Make it stop! Make it stop!" He rolled along the ground frantically. The sound seemed to die down and he slowly sat back up, removing his hands from his ears. "Wh-where am I?"
  14. sera says your in fairy tail sir. she then tilted her head showing the mark she beared on the right side of her neck the red fairy tail mark stuck out because of its bright color. she then picked the boy up and says this is out of my hands now. she carried to the master Makarov. set him down in front of him and said master help him please.
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  15. Kestrel
    "Oh my.. what has happened here?" A soft, Russian-accented voice echoed through the busy Guild Hall as Kestrel walked in through the doorway. His dress was slightly ruffled from the trip back, and his large spoon was strapped to his back. The 5'8 teen tilted his head at the boy on the floor, but went past him to greet the Master and get a quick glass of beer. After coming back from a S-class quest, the Dragon Slayer was quite tired, since he had been gone for a couple of months at least.​
  16. Sera says goodbye striker in going on a mission while you sleep on your ass!!! She opened her wings flew grabbed an s class mission then cringed and fell to her knees coughing and she dropped the request and says shit! That dark fire really screwed me up owww this hurts! Sera stands after a couple minutes of fighting for her breath back she then looks over and said hey your back! How did the mission go?!?!
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  17. Kestrel
    Kestrel looked up from his glass and lightly trotted over to Seraphina with a worried look on his pale face. "Seraphina, are you alright? What happened before I got here..?" Kes knelt down besides the Dragon Slayer and sat her up a bit more so she could breathe easier. Kestrel was known as a rather motherly person in the guild, and was also known as a third-generation Dragon Slayer due to how early he was raised with Dae.​
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  18. She said yeah im ok just a dark flame somehow attacked the guy near Joseph an I ate it and it must have extremely messed with my light. But thank you for the help. She coughed an wait for the pain to pass she gritted her teeth from the pain.
  19. Kestrel
    Kestrel tilted his head and watched for a couple of seconds before tilting Seraphina's head back to expose her neck. After moving her scarf, he leaned down and pressed his lips to her throat, spreading the phantom-like powers of his diamond dust in her. They would help trap the excess dark fire and remove it before being cast off somewhere.​
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  20. She gasped lightly then shivered as she felt the darkness begin to be eliminated from her body. She left out a breath of pure relief and her partially black eyes returned to their normal red since she was not in a fight. She smiled from the relief. She smiled at kestrel and said thank you so much. She could almost swear that the relief she felt was physically showing.