Magnolia renewal of the flames: a fairy tail rp

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  1. this is a roleplay where we have a roleplay of right before the grand magic games. so we will be going head to head with raven tail and many other guilds. post your ooc character here.
    Magic type:
    Picture or description:
    Small history:
  2. Name: Joseph

    Age: 16

    Magic type: Blue Lightning


    Brief History: Most of his life is a mystery to Joseph. His parent's disappearance could never be figured out. To most, Joseph was a lone wolf, never really interacting with others.
    Little does he know the power that resides inside him.
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  3. Nice welcome to fairy tail!
  4. Is there still time for me to join??
  5. Name: Ryu (real name is unknown to him)
    Age: 23
    Magic: ??
    Brief History: His memories remain blank, shattered by whatever event took place. He forgot everything. His friends. His family. Even his own name. Everything about him was lost. He hoped that he would find some help somewhere. Someone out there has to know what he has forgotten.
  6. good welcome to fairy tail! also @Melevilant Smile is his magic unknown to him also what potential guild will he be joining if any?
  7. His magic is unknown to him.... and i was planning on having him be found collapsed outside Fairy Tail.... dont know yet if I want him to join them....
  8. alright sorry just trying to get an idea. also glad to have you i will post my character sheet soon and make an ic. that way everyone can do their first post.
  9. you can do your first post for now if you like.
  10. Name: Striker Kline
    Age: 20
    Magic type: dark flame dragonslayer a mix of dark and fire dragon slayer magic.
    Picture or description: 0205151639-01.jpg
    Small history: not much is remembered from his past but his was cryptologia the dark flame dragon. his cousin is seraphina kline they are also twin dragons.

    Name: seraphina kline
    Age: 19
    Magic type: heavenly flame dragonslayer magic light and fire dragon slaying magic.
    Picture or description: 0203152215-00 (1).jpg
    her eyes are normally red and they turn silvery blue during a fight. her hair has red tips.

    Small history:also not much is remembered of her past she is the daughter of aurora the heavenly flame dragon. the twin dragon slayer of striker. and cousin to striker.
  11. thank you im gonna respond to your post using striker.
  12. @Ryuga anytime to jump in is good. i know you dont post very often since you dont get on alot.
  13. Name:
    Kestrel Rae
    FT Mark Location:
    Aqua colored and located on his right inner-hip.
    Magic type:
    Diamond Dragon Slayer Magic with a hint of Cosmic Magic.
    Picture or description:
    Small history:
    Kestrel was raised by Daenerys the Diamond Dragon most of his life. Unlike most Dragon Slayers, Kestrel is aware of Dae's whereabouts, but wants to be independent, so he joined Fairy Tail with the goal of impressing his parent in his mind.

    ((Kestrel's gender is unknown, but all pronouns can be used on him)).​
  14. @Psycho_Proxy welcome to fairy tail dive on in we are glad to have another member to this role play.
  15. Thank you~!
  16. Hope to see you soon.
  17. @Psycho_Proxy would it be alright that our characters knew each other since they are members of the same guild?
  18. Sure~! No issue there~! c: