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  1. A young woman crouched in the corner, holding her knees tightly against her chest. Her face smeared with blood from people she loved. Her breath came in gasps as screams filled the air. Her best friend was torn apart right before her eyes. Entrails still lay at her feet. She couldn't move due to the horrific nightmare she could not awaken from. She was spotted then, the large hideous creature licked it's oblong snout with delight. The beast slowly, teasingly approached the helpless human. His movements fluid, you would almost say elegant. It's form twisted in unbelievable forms as the horrible monster easily made it's way through the maze of mangled bodies. Blood dripping on it's body, stopping every so often to enjoy a taste. The female had not noticed the approach until now. This was it's favorite moment, the look of pure fear, the smell reeked from her. No weapons, just a cornered mouse to play with, and play it would. Whimpers rose from her, sweet sounds that filled the creature with an arousing desire full of lust. He lowered himself to her slumped height, using his long tongue to caress a tear and blood streaked cheek. It shivered with delight, senses fully awakened. She shook with agony, her mind attempting to escape but that would not be allowed. She would be fully aware of what it was going to do to the frail Earth girl. It invaded the mind, her spirit, and now it would invade the body. A claw formed at the end of a tendril swaying over her buttoned blouse like a pendulum, taunting it's victim. She slapped at the beast but that made this so much more enjoyable. Other tendrils wrapped around the slapping wrists, pinning them against the wall. Her struggles filled it with even more arousal, yet control would be best, better enjoyed. The clawed pendulum barely brushed against the warm blouse, over round breasts. Her breathing quickened, her eyes filled with anguish. Her struggles against being restrained became more intense as buttons began popping off one by one. The kicking started, this one was a fighter but to no avail as more tendrils wrapped around the woman’s ankles, stretching her legs out so that she could not move. Bare flesh came into view as the last button was removed. A couple of other creatures appeared, bored from finishing off the other humans. A squabble began, a fight for the last living play toy. The creatures tore at each other viciously, drops of their blood landed on the woman, as she screamed from pain. The scent of burned flesh filling the creatures nostrils. This placed them into a frenzy. The human toy, still connected to the tendrils, was tossed about as the fight continued. The sounds of bones breaking caused a pause but only a brief one as the creature she was connected to let her loose. As the three continued fighting, the girl tried to get away. using every ounce of strength she had left to crawl. She did not get far, the pain from the burning, the broken bones was just too much. The exit was so far and she was so exhausted. No! She grit her teeth unwilling to die this way. She reached for anything to grab onto, dismembered body parts, broken benches, just to pull herself away from this Hell. She struggled inch by inch but the closer she made it to the exit, the more determined she became. That is, until one of the creatures head landed right in front of her. Dead eyes gazing into her own. She froze as she heard a hissing sound. Turning her head to find that the creature that pinned her down was the one that survived. It was coming after her once more. She pushed the head away from her, desperately clinging onto the last bit of hope she had. The last thing she felt was a crack to her head before darkness took her.
    Lunita read over the multiple reports being faxed to her office. Pictures being sent to her via SMS depicted quite a blood bath. Security footage revealed hideous looking beasts invading a small shopping mall. It would take a month or more just to identify the bodies, if they were able to at all. An email arrived requesting her to go to the morgue. For some reason, Lunita had the feeling this would not be a typical day. She grabbed her to go coffee, card key, a doughnut and headed down to the secured area. She passed by a few science labs, when one of the specialists came to greet her. Doctor Lenard Brant, dealt mostly with the top secret projects no one was allowed to know about. Why was he approaching her? “Lunita, come quickly. I have never before encountered anything like this. This shit is amazing!” She rose an eyebrow suspiciously but followed him into the morgue. Dr. Luca Ramsez glanced up from his microscope, standing as the two entered. “Dr. Lenard, Lunita, thank you for coming. Come over here, I have the most fascinating puzzle to solve.” They came to the autopsy table, a blue cloth pulled away to reveal a creatures head.
    Lunita jumped back, “What the fuck?” Her cup of coffee fell to the floor, spilling the hot liquid everywhere. The photos she received were blurry at best so to see it up close and personal took her off guard. “What the Hell is that thing?”
    Lenard on the other hand looked quite happy, going in for a closer look. This was quite an extraordinary specimen. “I ran tests on the samples you sent Dr. Ramsez, I must say that I am equally puzzled. So far, there have been multiple DNA strands of several types of species from around the world. Did these samples come from this one creature?” Dr. Ramsez nodded his head. Lenard’s eyebrows came together, “Extraordinary. I have yet to come across anything like this.” He rubbed at his chin. “DNA splicing is illegal as far as I am aware. I can tell you that part of the strands were classified as human.”
    Lunita looked at the head for a few brief moments, “Are you sure about being part human. That does not look anything remotely human.” She shuffled around nervously, this was not her area of expertise. Why would she be assigned to something like this?
    Lenard continued as if not hearing Lunita’s comments or questions, “I placed the human DNA in for identification.” He pulled out his tablet, pressed a few buttons on the screen, then showed the image of a prison inmate. “He was serving two life sentences for murder in San Quentin.” Lunita recognized the inmate, she was the arresting agent that helped put him away. Lenard kept speaking, “Charlie Lumez, grew up in Mexico until his family moved to the states. There is not much of a youth record, just minor crap. He attended a church where apparently the preacher would not marry him and his girlfriend. The girl committed suicide shortly thereafter. Charlie then tortured and killed the preacher along with his family. He then tortured and killed a few more of the families before he was arrested.” He paused to read some more notes, “After being sentenced, he vanished from the system.”
    Lunita turned, almost bumping into someone with a mop to clean up the coffee spill. Lenard asked where she was going, she turned her head around, “I’m smelling bullshit. When I start sniffing it, I go to the person I think is causing it. I’m going to see Grant.” There was a bit of history with Lunita and Grant, not a pleasant one, either. Her heart pounded in her chest, the thought of having to speak to someone like him was unnerving. Grant was head of special operations, the ones that never get spoken of. What sort of fucked up shit did he do this time? His door was closed, but that didn’t matter. Lunita barged in uninvited. Grant sat there with a look of shock until he knew it was her. Lunita did not pussy foot around, tossing her phone with the picture of the creature’s head on his desk. “What the Hell? I know you have the information I need about these things, start talking.”
    Grant took a quick glance at the photo, handing back her phone. “Lunita! What a pleasant surprise.” His grin was more annoying than his need to run from the conversation. “Even if I had information you needed, I couldn’t tell you. All of the projects from this office are classified, you of all people should know that.”
    Lunita grabbed the phone from his hand with a look of pure hatred on her face. “Cut the shit, Grant. Whatever these things you created are just attacked a mall full of innocent people. Should I show you what the site looked like when they were finished? We’re talking about men, women and children. So, don’t sit there with that stupid grin of yours and tell me you can’t discuss this. I need answers, now or I’ll go as far as the capital to get answers.”
    Grant squirmed uneasily in his seat. She was the only person that could get under his skin. He sighed heavily, “Look, I really can not go into too much detail. All I can tell you is there really is nothing that can stop them. Created to fight a terrorist cell but got out of control.”
    Lunita shook her head, “Impossible, there has to be some way of putting a stop to them.”
    Grant shrugged, “We haven’t found a way yet. They were created to be indestructible. We’re talking about acid blood, super human agility, speed, strength, and so many other things.”
    Lunita hissed, “So, they are part human! You sick bastard! You created something that you can’t control and here I am being told to clean up your mess. I better get some kind of ideas.”
    Grant actually looked apologetic, even a lot older in that moment, “Hey, I do not come up with all of these assignments, I have people on top of me, too. Look, these are special creatures, it’s going to take people with special abilities to take them down. I will write a list for you.” Grant quickly scribbled the kind of people Lunita would need. “All I can say is good luck, some of these are a bit rare and hard to find.”
    Lunita took the paper, then left the office, slamming the door. Grant was really over his head and now she had to come to his rescue....again. Lunita called some of the messengers into her office. “Here’s the situation, we are going to need Lycans, Vampires, Empaths, Telepaths, Fae, and whoever else you can find to aid us in this fight.” The messengers then left to search worldwide to find those needed. Lunita ran her fingers through her hair, battle planning was next. Hopefully, the messengers would come back with good news.
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