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  1. Magmus Illuminate takes place in the not so distant future, the year is 2025. Many new technological breakthroughs led scientists into the direction of crossing genes of different animal species. The hope of this breakthrough was to ensure the survival, or revival of endangered and extinct creatures. The government kept a close eye on the development, and developed a program using the same methods but implementing Human genetics into the mix. The goal, to create a weapon that could destroy foreign threats. This plan backfired as the creatures they created came from the most violent animals, and Human prison inmates. The containment program failed miserably. Many of the creatures created, escaped from the holding facility in which they were being kept. The government heads have no choice but to turn to the top secret organization known as Magmus Illuminate. This organization specializes in governmental mess ups and mishaps.
    This is going to be a blood bath, there are going to be posts that piss you off, put you on edge, bring you to the end of your seat, and quite possibly put your fist through the screen. (I highly suggest not doing that) There are going to be suggestive posts, plot twists, and lots and lots of blood. You are not going to want to take part in this role play if you have a weak stomach. I only ask that more experienced players take part. No one liner posts, please. If you have any questions, concerns, ect. please do not hesitate to post them here or sent me a message. Thank you for reading! Happy Roleplaying...

    • Name:Lunita Nesta
    • Alias:None
    • Titles:None
    • Age:Immortal, appears to be 25
    • Date of Birth: Unknown
    • Zodiac: Unknown
    • Bloodtype: B-
    • Gender:Female
    • Sexual Preference:Straight
    • Species/Race: Elven
    • Occupation: Classified
    • Alignment:
    • Languages Spoken: English/Elvish
    • Current Relationship Status: Single
    • Height: 4'11''
    • Weight: 90 lbs
    • Body Type: Athletic
    • Eye Color: Green but has a tendency to change colors depending on the moon cycle.
    • Skin Color: Light Ivory
    • Hair Color and Style: Long, honey brown
    • Distinguishing Marks (tattoos, scars, etc): An Elvish clan tattoo on her back
    • Birth Defects: None
    • Clean Shaven, Stubble, Rugged: N/A
    • Usual Clothing Style: Business, formal
    • Wearing Currently: Business
    • Hobbies: Running or jogging, Aerobics, Yoga, and Reading
    • Strengths: Physically fit, flexible
    • Weaknesses: Can die easily from melee or weapon attacks
    • Quirks/Habits: Drinking coffee has become an addiction
    • Religion/Philosophy: None
    • Political Affiliation: Unable to have an affiliation due to her occupation
    • Outlook: Enjoys her profession but not so confident about her coworkers or how the world will end up.
    • Likes: Puzzles, mysteries, trying to figure out puzzles, and chocolate
    • Dislikes: Being chastised, liars, being interrupted, and liver
    • Usual Demeanor: Clumsy, laid back
    • Quick to Anger or Difficult to Anger: Depending on the situation but always when it comes to Grant
    • Easily Approachable or Not So Much: In between, if she doesn't know the person well, it might be a bit more difficult.
    • Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
    • Describe your characters History/Background. Be sure to include things such as:
    • Hometown: Her family members are nomadic, and never stay in the same place for long
    • Childhood trauma: Kidnapped as a child
    • Parents/Siblings: Her parents and siblings no longer matter
    • How events shaped their outlook on life: Her family urged Lunita to take hold of the magics she was born with. They kept her too close, smothered a bit too much and in the end, Lunita had no use for magic or her family. She traveled alone for a while.

    • Where are they now? Lunita is in the capital of the United States
    • What are their fears? Using magic, cockroaches, and snails
    • What are their goals? To live as Human as possible and keep her distance from the one man she despises, Grant.
    • What purpose do they feel their reason for existing is? She is not sure at the moment
    • What drives them? Curiosity, and danger
    • What are their current beliefs? Lunita believes that no one will look out for her, so she has to look out for herself.
    • Do they know their heritage well? If so, does it resonate with their personality? (Ex. A viking having a brash and impulsive, violent personality)
    • Powers: Light Healing, Light Telepathy,
    • Weapons: 2 9 mm. One on each hip, 1 44 mag holstered on her shoulder
    • Talents: flexibility, speed, use of technological equipment (computers, smart phones, ect. ect.)
    • Social Standing: The only socialization Lunita has at the moment is with her colleagues. She used to have an intimate relationship with Grant, unfortunately the relationship ended on a very bad note. This has not stopped Grant from attempting to win her heart again.
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  2. I see you're editing, interested to see the final product! :3
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  3. I have finished editing. It took me long enough, sorry about that.
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  4. Hey, I have a couple questions, if you have time! So, first one, is that your official CS? If so, how many races are going to be in this RP? Cause I see your race is Elven. Is there going to be more?
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  5. Yes, that is my official character sheet. It is the same character I have played in my other role plays. (before I left for rl reasons) I don't expect as detailed character sheets. I may even add more to mine as she develops in this story, it is just my starting point.

    As for other races, that is up to you. Other races are invited. I think that the creatures in this role play will still need to be stronger than the other races due to the horror factor of the role play and I do not want defeating them to be too easy.

    If there are any other questions, let me know. I don't bite...much
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  6. Question!

    I'd like to base my character off a mythological humanoid, but, I wish to bend the mythology to match my needs. Would that acceptable?
  7. Absolutely. Which faction?
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  8. I was thinking Sirens. There would be the well-known Sirens, the ones that are in the myths, who lured sailors with their voices. And then, there would be the lesser known variety, the Sirens who could still use their voices to affect other beings, but in a more volatile sense. Screaming/shrieking so loud, it hurts.

    I've gone over this a few times in my head, but I'm unsure how sound it is. But, that's the idea! Let me know if it required improvement, or if I should take a different direction~
  9. That's perfect! Having a siren would be great for the team
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  10. please note this is a

    • Name: Oriana Blake
    • Alias: Vox
    • Titles:
    • Age: Appears 32
    • Date of Birth: The cold months, many years ago.
    • Zodiac: Scorpio (fair guess by her)
    • Bloodtype: A-
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexual Preference: As most her race, inclined towards women.
    • Species/Race: Siren (Volatile)
    • Occupation: Retired Military Investigator, Currently Small Shop Owner
    • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • Languages Spoken: English/Siren-tongue/Sign-Language
    • Current Relationship Status: Single
    • Height: 5'11"
    • Weight: 155 lbs
    • Body Type: Lithe
    • Eye Color: Dull Red
    • Skin Color: Eerie Porcelain
    • Hair Color and Style: Black, Slick Straight
    • Distinguishing Marks: A circular symbol with eight points, one salad-plate sized tattoo between shoulder blades, two smaller sized tattoos on the back of her hands. (Looking for a reference)
    • Birth Defects: Her voice. She falls into the minority of Sirens, whose power lays in screeching to debilitate, rather than sing to allure.
    • Clean Shaven, Stubble, Rugged: N/A
    • Usual Clothing Style: Stylish, but appropriate-for-work dresses.
    • Wearing Currently: Some stylish dress.
    • Hobbies: Acupuncture, threading, knitting, stitching/improving/fixing clothing, buying high-heeled shoes that never get worn, tarot reading, palm readings.
    • Strengths: Observation of Intention, Investigatory Ability.
    • Weaknesses: Not suited for combat. Voice is volatile, even during regular speech (albeit a fraction of a fraction of when screeching).
    • Quirks/Habits: Hands out cards of the major arcana to those she spends extended time with, giving little or convoluted explanation if asked why. Making some philosophical remark when sad/disheartened. Admiring collection of sewing needles in down time.
    • Religion/Philosophy: Balance/Karma
    • Political Affiliation: None
    • Outlook: Even if things are bad, everything happens how it's meant to happen, all will be balanced in the end.
    • Likes: Positive Tarot Readings, Genuinely Good People, Dressy clothes and shoes, sparkly clothes and shoes, glitter (but is loathe to admit it), making an impact.
    • Dislikes: Handling rude customers, very vocal disbelievers, a rip in newly fixed clothing, not making a difference.
    • Usual Demeanor: Reserved, Attentive
    • Quick to Anger or Difficult to Anger: Difficult to Anger.
    • Easily Approachable or Not So Much: Not So Much, more because of her intense-resting expression.
    • Introvert or Extrovert: Teeters between the two.
    • Describe your characters History/Background: Raised in the community with her sisters, sent to live and learn about society with Siren-allies. She learned quickly that her voice negatively affected anyone but other Sirens (and the occasional deaf or immune to sound affects individual). She resigned to speaking softly, or using sign-language. Growing up, the structure and male-dominated military intrigued her attention, being so different from her hometown and how she was raised. She joined the ranks, and combined with her skills and education, managed to become an investigator. Eventually, the cases burned her out, and she retired, thinking all she wanted was a quiet life. But once the 'quite' of her shop-owner-life began to set on her, she felt as though she was no longer making a difference or impact.
    • Hometown: Community built within the cliffs on the coast.
    • Childhood trauma: Vile treatment received from a group fearful of her race
    • Parents/Siblings: Given the unique way Sirens are 'born', she has only sisters.
    • How events shaped their outlook on life: How the Sirens survive is seen as bad, sometimes even feared or hated, yet it was to survive and thrive. Oriana struggled with the stigma of her kind, after many years slowly accepting that good and evil were relative, and in the grand scheme of the world, there was no true good or evil. Just a balance, that would constantly maintain itself.
    • Where are they now? Coastal City, West Coast, US
    • What are their fears? Losing/damaging her main tarot deck, if there's no real purpose/meaning in the world.
    • What are their goals? To feel as if the work being done is useful again.
    • What purpose do they feel their reason for existing is? For herself, impact. Making an impact/impression on a life, or acting as a catalyst.
    • What drives them? Needing to act useful/ with purpose or meaning.
    • What are their current beliefs? She has a purpose. That purpose just happens to be elusive at the moment.
    • Do they know their heritage well? If so, does it resonate with their personality?: Yes, and yes. Being that Volatile Sirens lack their sisters' ability to shift their physical bodies, and require less essence to survive, they are usually the ones who can easily live in regular society. They, in turn, keep their Alluring Sisters up to date.
    • Powers: Screeching
    • Weapons: None at the moment.
    • Talents: Keen Eyes for Details, forming hypotheses given enough evidence, judging character
    • Social Standing: A more-or-less liked shop owner.

    Consider this a first draft! I'm ready to change, clarify, add or remove anything that needs to be. She's a bit of a challenge to form, as this is the first time I've even thought of this concept. That said, the creativeness is a lot of fun. I'm open to all feedback!

    I do have a question: Does Title refer to a professional Title?
  11. Accepted *smiles*
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  12. anybody else you think might be interested?
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